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Continoom’s New Rage Against The War Machine

Continoom is a melodic Metal band from Budapest, Hungary with badass energy and a message for the world. The hard-hitting rockers deliver a unique fusion of groove Metal and Industrial electronic music. Their sound is defined by virtuosic musicianship and thought-provoking lyrics. They rock heavy, hard and have something to say. The “never-resting innovator,” Peter…

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Aliyah Marie’s Radiant Golden Soul

Aliyah Marie is a multi-faceted R&B artist from Detroit, Michigan. The free-spirited singer, songwriter, model and dancer makes soulful and spiritual music that reflects her values as a self-described, “plant-based flexitarian, chakra healing wombman and a culturally sun-charged being.” Growing up in Michigan she taught herself to write, perform and produce her own music. After…

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Boaty Blanco – Randy Savage

Boaty Blanco is an aspiring Hip-Hop artist from the city of Hazleton in Eastern Pennsylvania. He got his start in 2018 with the debut EP, “Chaos.” The record’s title and its subject matter reflected the difficult road the artist had traveled to get to that point. Life, chance and questionable choices nearly halted his career…

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If you are in the mood to be in the vibe and feel some nice beats this is the track you should check out now. It's trap music with heavy attention on beat and instruments. This is an awesome creation by Beat by James. He has an amazing talent to pass the energy to his listeners by producing marvels soundtracks. He is a pro in the industry with over 20 years of experience in producing over 36 albums that motivate and inspires people to have a good time. You too will love thee vibe it gives to you for sure.