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Intro by Majik City

Rap and Hip Hop music is always a good combo when it comes to music. Majik City is a talented and upcoming artist who is from  Toledo, OH. This amazing soul has released his single “Intro” to all the Hip Hop and Rap lovers out there.

Having true passion and dedication towards music, Majik City used to write and record music for over 15 years in total. With time he recognized he is capable of being a good artist and his dreams come true since he was getting a lot of attention with his punchline and bars. This amazing soul always listens to many music genres, but J. Cole, The Game & Big Sean are his influencers in his music career. 

“Small city BIG DREAMS” is his recently released album and “Intro” is one of the amazing and chilling tracks to listen to. Crisp rhythms and multicolored sound design create a blissful basement to this magnificent track and it has the most unique and catchy flow as well. Breathy and melancholy vocals add a different but catchy vibe to the whole track altogether.

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Link Wit Us by Ceo verse

Leading with the song’s hook, Link Wit Us turns its focus towards contemporary hip-hop fans. Still, all the while keeps a certain sense of delicacy and character about the Ceo verse’s vocal style and lyricism.

It’s Verse!!!! Big bag big Verse owner of So Dangerous Ent. This rising Richmond Va artist has his own style, swagger, wordplay, and unique melodies. Recently dropping “I still ain’t fall off yet,” it’s been picking up serious traction. This was not the first time he shook the local music community. Just last year, he arguably had one of the best singles from out of Richmond called “Recession” Now, he is back again with another wave of new videos on the way, and we are excited to see what he has this time.

Underneath the vocal progression, we get a notably impressive beat. Multiple layers of riffs, synths, and programmed strings, back-up a worthy bass line. And a reasonably light, unusual rhythm. A little over three and half minutes long, it’s this general musical aura that takes the lead for the most part. The vocal tone is second, and the lyrics are the last thing to connect.

Fortunately, there’s enough personality in the sound, a recognizable vocal style, to get listeners coming back for more hopefully. At which point the contemporary tones stand out all the more so – modern-day references to making money, succeeding, Link Wit Us. The entire single is an alternative, catchy take on a common topic, and Verse has crafted it well.

Link Wit Us is a savvy gem of hip-hop with an intelligent rap that feels authentic and has an emotional, competent vocal delivery at its heart which is worthy of your attention. And it’s over far too soon.

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Next Up by Don Go$$

Next Up is the new single from the most requested artist on the groove right now, Don Go$$. The soundscape sets the perfect kind of ambiance for the flow and story-telling that follows – complete with sound bites and samples to help build intensity, the music has a classic yet freshly crisp feel and rhythm to it. On top of this, Don Go$$ showcases a mellow approach to performance in order to give these rhymes and these facts the most conscious and meaningful level of weight possible. You listen because it sounds like it has depth, and you learn about the sentiment and the drive behind it all as the track progresses. 

The smooth vibe it gives makes more of us listen to this track and Don Go$$ has a magical ability to keep our focus till the end that makes us fall in love with the song. He is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Kankakee IL. Although he is new to the hip-hop arena his music is far different from others. He always tries to do something new and refreshing to make his own identity among thousands of artists. With his passion and hard work, he has managed to build his own identity and audience who love his music while lifting hip-hop music to new heights. Don Go$$ emerges like a long-lost legend, never questioning his own abilities, which, in turn, gives you confidence in them as you listen. He carries these tracks in a mighty way and makes for a refreshingly considerate and colorful project that takes all the time it needs to express its underlying sentiments and to, ultimately, keep you entranced by the action and the music.

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Pigeon Check by GNY

Intensely captivating, surprisingly focused on its topic visually and conceptually – GNY reignites the mellow, story-telling tone of hip hop’s alternative legends with the wonderfully topical Pigeon Check.

GNY is a versatile Egyptian Rapper located in London, UK. He is a popping star in London who mainly records Hip-hop and Rap. This young artist is inspired by great artists like Eminem, NF, Hopsin, Royce Da 5’9′, Lowkey, Logic, Drake. He aims to release more tracks this year and hopefully stuff that will keep you entertained.

Well-crafted, somehow all at once uplifting and calming – confident, stylish, faultless in vocal rhythm and rhyme. The bass hits with impact; meanwhile, the voice has a certain quietness that manages to captivate for its humble tone; something contrasted cleverly by the very nature of the lyrics.

An impressive introduction is an easy anthem for the summer and injects a little drive and willpower for those looking to progress in life.

Already racking up followers online, GNY meets the sound of the moment while also holding close to a defiant level of character and recognizable style in his music.

Weave in the simple color and uplift of the groove, fragments of piano, guitar, and RnB whispers of melody, and the completed track has the makings of an easily inspiring, heart-warming, and energizing hit.

Pigeon Check is gentle but connects for its sense of drive and realness. A concept beautifully represented by an artist with a defiant level of depth and appeal to both his writing and performance style.

Refreshingly engaging, a style that proves timeless once again, and an artist with an intelligent and uniquely contemplative writing style that genuinely elevates the whole creative approach. I look forward to hearing more.

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This Is a Vibe by ARIE$

ARIE$ is one of the upcoming truly talented artists who is from Durham, NC. This awesome soul is a Hip Hop artist as well as a Songwriter and vocalist for the past few years as well. 

Life can be a hassle sometimes and it will give you many more experiences to grow up and to move on. Having a rough patch in ARIE$’s life he is recovering from alcohol and he is one of the proud single dads for a beautiful 2 years old girl as well. Music will always help you to have a perfect and steady mind and also, it will help you to heal from many things too. 

Having been inspired by NF, Cal Scruby, Eminem, J Cole, ARIE$ always tries to do his maximum when it comes to music. Nicely produced and presented with a great vibe all over the track and we are pretty sure the tunes will rumble around your head all the time. A rightfully energetic performance, and an essentially addictive tune that leaves its mark with ease throughout a colorful journey. Stunning vocals of a breathy and soulful quality of the Rap also will add a true and unique color to this piece of work.

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Midnight Here in Carolina by J. Marc Bailey

J.Marc Bailey who is from Nashville, TN has released his singles “Midnight Here in Carolina” to all the country music lovers all around the world. Unlike other music genres, country music always speaks to your heart and it can heal you within a second, Of course having a deep down, heavy and amazing vocals, J. Marc Bailey could already live in people’s hearts.

Having been inspired by Chris LeDoux, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Chris Young, this talented and amazing soul could achieve two top 40 billboard hits in 2005 and 2006. Not everyone can be a singer with talent, and without a doubt, J. Marc Bailey will prove to you how amazing he knows his field well.

Kick starts with the most amazing guitar chords and it gives a different color for this amazing track “Midnight Here in Carolina.” Beautifully refreshing in detail, Delicate is something of a modern-day country song – with a powerful edge of realism. Blending with the most amazing tunes and tones in a unique manner, J. Marc Bailey is truly adding a different yet melancholy flow to this beautiful track. Music will heal you no matter what. It is time to listen to this amazing piece of work with a positive mind. 

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Woke Up by Lil Dust

Lil Dust climbs higher than ever with his new release Woke Up, impressing from the offset for a song that showcases realness, a true story, detailed and honesty, and proceeding to draw you in closer and closer as each fresh moment and feature slides into the mix.

Coming straight out of the South Island of New Zealand but recently relocating to the capital city Wellington Lil Dust is a highlighted artist rapidly making a name for himself right across the country. Bringing a brand new vision, outlook, and style towards New Zealand’s re-emerging Hip-Hop scene with a very global appeal combining witty wordplay and flows accompanied with a strong delivery. Lil Dust has been collaborating with some of New Zealand’s top producers and artists, bringing an almost unheard-of sound out of NZ with a second to none work rate. Growing up listening to artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, The Game, Big L, Three 6 Mafia gave Lil Dust a very versatile direction with his craft, leading him to make waves throughout the local scene and industry in NZ. Lil Dust has had multiple sold-out shows within NZ and has opened up for big names such as Tom Scott’s Avondale Bowling Club Tour, the shark week in Dunedin, and Raiza Biza in Dunedin on numerous occasions.

Woke Up offers a radiantly nostalgic RnB- hook, impressively performed, and a series of verses that re-ignite the natural fire that is valid hip hop. And to throw further fuel onto that fire, the latter half brings through a fantastic vocal rhyme, followed in brilliant contrast by one of mellow depth and equally new personality.

Woke Up is produced to the highest quality, leading with a smooth and easily memorable hook, anthem-like on the whole.

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Higher by SirenBlue

SirenBlue’s Remastered re-released album, Death of Dreams, makes for the perfect starting point if you’re new to their sound and style. Higher sets the slightly experimental tone of this album beautifully. There’s a trippy, reverb-drenched lead vocal, and loads of space for all of the instrumentation as it floats above a root chord that sizzles quietly – in the perfect sonic backdrop to establish a vibe for the first couple of minutes. It’s a song that can be liked and loved by anyone. 

SirenBlue is a 4 piece indie-pop group based in the UK. Their music gives a smooth vibe which helps you to relax your mind and soul. The chemistry between them makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.  The combination of light music and amazing lyrics helps us go deeper within the song and feel it in an unimaginable way. I Imagined A Window is a bit of a rollercoaster. It feels organic and authentic and thrilling, with a dusting of electronics, and, best of all, autotune has been given the day off. Good shout. Where the paint has peeled, it’s only added character and gravity to the ride – and I, for one, want to go round again. It’s blown the cobwebs away!. This is just the start of more good music on the way.

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Burn by The Skinks

Explosive rock hooks, anthem-like structures and fearless indie purity – The Skinks Band keeps their sound eclectic yet passionate throughout an incredibly versatile collection of originals. Burn kicks off with a likably genuine drum-line, a rising and falling bass, and a shoegaze-style voice that remotely injects a sense of story and intrigue. As things progress, the intensity rises, the weight of the soundscape enveloping its audience all the more so. And meanwhile, you crave connection with the lyrics – the title and indeed each short line draws you in, and the music holds you captive there; hypnotic in its indie-rock rounds. 

The Skinks are an original rock band from the UK. They are a group that entered the rock industry with the hope of doing something new and making their mark permanently. tracks like Burn would certainly help them to be a memorable band among rock fans. The guitar drumming and vocals combine together to give an energetic feeling to the audience. The start is smooth though elsewhere things get heavier and more anthemic than any purely dreamy genre tends to allow. Giants in the industry like Foo Fighters, Green Day-inspired them to form a band and produce authentic and refreshing music for all the rock fans around the world.

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Now by MDMT

MDMT storms through this season with a heavy track designed and ready to re-ignite the passion and captivating entertainment of hard-hitting Trap.

MDMT is an Unsigned versatile artist from Toronto, Canada. He is an outstanding star in Toronto who predominantly records Trap.

Aiming high with precisely the fashionable tones of hip hop and Trap that has been making surfs lately, MDMT arises with a single that speak volumes on behalf of crisp, clean making and easy-going tunes.

Stylishly walking the line between tune and rap, Now is a stand-out track from the young artist, a single that trails a hip hop beat and a mild dance-hall, beach-side riff section, eagle-eyed a story of the complicated sides which purely seeks a little fun.

Coming in at barely past the two and half-minute-mark, Now delicately raises the room’s energy before coming to a quick and dissatisfying finish – likely having the effect of making people skip back to the start almost instantly. It’s an effective way to write, and it’s a trait that shines all over MDMT’s releases to date.

Other than his singing style – his tone undeniably unique, bringing an uncommon style layer of character alongside a steadily varied flow and a brutal hit of Canadian rap – the musical aspects of MDMT’s releases are relatively eclectic.

There’s a delicate balance between bars and confidence here, and all the while, the whole thing grips listeners, energizes them, and enthralls right through to the end.

Brilliant. Hopefully, there’s plenty more to come. Listen loud.

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Soylent Groove by Fin

Delicately uniting dreamy layers of synth, voice, and gentle rhythm, amidst a poetic, equally dreamlike series of lyrics, angelically whispered into the mix like distant fragments of a church choir – Fin creates an immersive, alternative trip-hop experience with Soylent Groove. The track utilizes a barely detectable beat on occasion, and elsewhere follows the breath-like waves of vocal melody as each line rises and falls within the soundscape. 

Fin is an upcoming artist from Austria. He is interested in making cinematic, lofi, emotional electronic music, combined with elements of post-rock and trip-hop. Since he is producing music because of his love for music and just for fun you can bet he isn’t afraid to take risks to create music we have never heard before and elevate the trip-hop genre to new heights. Being a guitarist and writing songs for fellow artists helped him to think in a refreshing way and polish his born talent. Fin was inspired by artists like Tycho, 65 Days of Static, Portishead, Deftones and is already on the correct path to be one of the greats in the industry with his unique music. People who were lucky to enjoy his early shows would know his talent. And many of them are already following his music. 

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Exotic Lifestyle by Kushstar Jupiter

Kushstar Jupiter’s approach to hip hop is one of relentless energy, enthusiasm, and flow. Exotic Lifestyle is an intensely vibrant track that introduces the artist and his sound in a manner that’s impossible to ignore.

Kushstar Jupiter is an Unsigned versatile artist from South Carolina. He is an outstanding artist in South Carolina who predominantly records Hip-hop.

Exotic Lifestyle is a track that utilizes its raw vigor to create an intense and catching piece of music and performance. The only moments where things fall back a little are during the hooks – an unusual way to craft a song, possibly adding further to this sense of identity and cheerful confidence that Kushstar Jupiter certainly offers. Rather than building up towards a massive drop, the entire track is that drop – the whole thing grips you captive, tossing line after line into your head until you finally reach (excuse the pun) this point of calm; where you can take a breath, consider it all, echo on it all.

Exotic Lifestyle is an addictive release, dripping both originality and experience, showcasing a vocalist with exceptional skill levels in lyricism – writing, wordplay – and performance. The worth of it hits an assured peak that makes the quiet that shadows the track feel a little too devastating or dull, and so begin the replays. Things jump over – this operated, circus-like riff, Kushstar Jupiter’s immediately familiar voice, and energy, these thoughtful, provoking, brilliant ideas, all return to sky-rocket you back into the center of the hype. With every new listen, something else stands out and evokes your affection. Hopefully, there’s plenty more music to come as the year progresses.

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Double Dribble by QHop

A carefully wistful feel drags us into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully created, beautifully twisted new single from QHop

QHop is a versatile Upcoming artist from Mobile, Alabama. He is a popping artist in Mobile, Alabama, who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap. The Memphis rap sound and Starlito influence QHop.

In a simple yet effective style, the beat exploits contrast well – balancing higher synths and a touch of jazz with that massive and undisputable bass line. Together with this, QHop makes sure to take a total plus of every second. Whether with melody or rap, his story is told at a powerful and again conflicting degree, and being that his voice is just unique enough to stand out, he manages to hold your attention right the way through.

From the outside, Double Dribble hits like an impressive and smooth-flowing contemporary hip-hop track. Double Dribble is a track that hikes up with each changing section. The varied flow, the switching of the rap-like melody are remarkable. When you pay enough attention, what you also find within is an artist with genuinely refreshing bars.

Barely surpassing almost two and half-minute mark, Double Dribble is over and done within no time, but the anthem-like quality of the music and that title concept helps make it one of the more prominent to arise in the genre of late.

QHop has impressed in this track marks a further climb higher up that ladder. Even the best gifts just enough character and alternative vibes to demand on a broader level – the synths and triad progression appear superbly in Double Dribble.

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Marrakech by Spicy Tempo

Spicy Tempo blends a stunning melody that unites stunningly with the rising passion and fullness of the soundscape. Marrakech has the makings of an EDM classic and veers off into addictive dance realms with absolute power and precision.

Spicy Tempo started his musical journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on his own he performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before deciding to focus on working on his own compositions. The results were two albums ‘Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by a single and video ‘Garland’.

Following the release of ‘Spring Dance’ in February, ‘Mechanical Heart’ in March, ‘Blue Lotus’ in May and ‘Marrakech’ video in June, Spicy Tempo is introducing his best electronic music tracks and videos in 2021. Having accumulated a number of tracks, he is now releasing a new single and video every month.

Marrakech is a beautiful music track with passionate heartfelt sounds of piano, guitar, strings and flute accompanied by soft percussion, drums, and bass. The track has an excellent feel, and it’s addictive; the rhythm is steady, so it keeps you confined, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has a retro and fairly simplistic flora to it, yet notes add to the vibe. They add to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds, notwithstanding the music seemingly remaining on the same plain all over. Marrakech a clever bit of production by Spicy Tempo, and it’s interesting at all times.

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Beyonce by RM201

Smooth vibes and summer brightness unite for a catchy, cool, and rhythmically addictive new single. Featuring infectious vocals that lead with confidence and faultless skill as they meander through various verses, Beyonce is a pop hit waiting to happen. The soundscape has a simple, minimalist arrangement – recognizable in a subtle way. The production is superb, and the first vocal draws you in for its confidence and style. The smooth vibes it gives are good enough to make you calm while keeping your attention till the very end. RM201 is an RnB duo from Hackensack New Jersey. Who are immensely talented and creative. 

The Icon X Mr. R&b. The two began their music careers creating music in the late 2000s. They are originally from Trinidad and Tobago and they carry the sweet Caribbean sounds with their songs. reigning from 90’s r&b, rapping styles from the likes of Maze and LL Cool J inspired  RM201’s musical journey. But with their own identity fans started to get behind and adore their music. With over 13 years of experience and fan favorites like ‘Cause, I Like Ya’ to ‘Can I’ they are ready to hit the mainstream with their new single. As their musical endeavors continue, they look to bring an enchanting feel from the music for people to adopt within the influence of love. Smart RnB done with style, contemporary, and easy to get into the summertime vibes and inherent confidence of the performances. 

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Praise the Glory by Pivotal Awakening

God can calm the storms in you, believe in god. Pivotal Awakening is of a Contemporary Christian band from the United States. With having the greatest faith in God and music.  Pivotal Awakening was the Finalists in the 2020 and 2021 Detroit Music Awards as well. Pivotal Awakening released one of the single “Praise the Glory” to all the music lovers out there and it will show and guide you through the right path too.  

Having a great and unexpected start from the beginning,  Pivotal Awakening decided to come up with good and amazing music for all the audience out there. Having a great and true passion for music so much these amazing and talented souls came a long way. 

Stunning and attractive vocals of a breathy and soulful quality lead us through this softly enveloping soundscape. A unique dreamy ambiance leads us into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully produced, beautifully crafted as well. Stunning, attractive vocals slowing things down to a mellow pace, and soulful music bringing down the most delicate tunes for every listener without a doubt. You all can develop faith towards the god and have faith in him as well. 

Having been inspired by all kinds of music, Pivotal Awakening could participate as the debut artist in the 2020 American Red Cross’ Detroit-area ‘Rock the Red Kettle’ concert series as well. 

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This house is not a home by Amfg

Sweet vocals and clear personality meet with a dreamy production style for this scene-setting, hard-hitting, and somewhat vintage new single from Amfg. This house is not a home, it is a track you won’t get to hear normally. The combinations are so unusual but it actually works pretty well. At first, you might think it’s a rock song given the guitar-based star that rocks the start. Then it turns to a smooth hip-hop song and a rap towards the end.

Amfg is an independent artist from Daytona Beach, FL. he is a creative talent who writes his songs, sings, and rap, and ultimately produces his own music. With that, he gets the freedom to experiment as it fits so he can produce music you never heard of and raise the bar. He keeps things honest and upfront throughout this true-story-based release. That has helped him to be closer with his audience and give his message to society in an efficient way. He gives his 100% to produce something that sticks in the memory of his fans. Though he was inspired by artists like Mac Miller with his own unique work, the sky is his limit to be one of the greats in the hip-hop industry. 

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Weekend by Preztone

Back once again with a brand new project, Preztone’s single weekend offers a fresh creative dance-pop track of all the melodic and engaging groove. Featuring a likable soundscape with plenty of space between colors and beats, Weekend delivers a familiar pop vocal lead that meanders through these personal lyrics in a genuine and stylish way. The track is loved by many who listen to it due to its cool and happy vibe without being too loud. Preztone is a Dj who was born in the ’80s in the beautiful country of Belgium. His dad too was a Dj so his early days were with vinyl and going to record stores to collect new songs. With that experience, he started his music career while being a model. 

The special talent of Preztone was to understand what people wanted. Thanks to his amazing music and that understanding he managed to gather a large audience and perform in many gigs before covid. It changed many lives and his life too was included in that. But he took it as a blessing and composed this amazing song for his audience and everyone else who will love him after checking out this track. The track is all at once recognizable and unpredictable as it makes its way through a short yet satisfying three minutes. 

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CRYPTO by TheGilFactor

Back once again through a brand new track, TheGilFactor’s latest single offers a fresh set of a creative dance-pop song – not least of all the melodic and engaging groove of an emotive Crypto

Amaury Gil, the artist behind TheGilFactor, assures that “CRYPTO” is just the beginning in the music industry with its unique and dynamic mix of hip-hop, trap, and pop. Coming from the Dominican Republic, he trained in the US. More precisely, in the Bronx, immersed in a diversity of musical genres such as Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B, he managed to discover the passion he felt for music from an early age.

Under the support of TheGilFactor, as CEO of GilFactor Records, they released D’MA’s first single, “Tus Amigas,” in 2020. The track was an exploration of a genre full of discoveries endless opportunities. Working since 2006, Amaury has been working on original music and perfecting himself as a DJ. Although he is currently the true artist and music producer, he enjoys and shares his vision in the music industry with its vibrant combination of hip-hop and pop.

Add to this an inventive instrumental that continues to allow the piece to grow – not to stand tall on the strength of the voice merely, as is the pop-dance way for the most part – and the track efficiently relights that TheGilFactor sense of artistic freedom and production personality.

Holding things abstractly relevant, easy-going yet confident, and striking occasionally, the Crypto’s energy and sense of anticipation rise and rise – the instrumental and the hook dropping in with just the right level of addictive and immersive beat to allow for genuine escapism.

Hypnotic and mellow, with some enjoyable synth warping for a solo-like feel towards the end, the track Crypto is all at once recognizable and erratic as it makes its way through a short yet satisfying two minutes and fifty-one seconds.

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Osiris by Skywatcher

Presenting some of the very best guitar-work and melodic story-telling around, with organic rock soundscapes to backing and boost the mood of each track, Spirits proves as nostalgic as it is inspirational and continuously begs for you to turn up the volume.

Skywatcher has crafted a talented progressive metal instrumental with extremely complex guitar playthroughs in this music track, Osiris.

Joey de Punder is the artist under the stage name Skywatcher. He is a 29-year-old performer from The Netherlands, Boxtel. He was a member of a metal band, “Combined Fragments,” and now recording his latest single under the name “Osiris.”  

 Inspired by John Browne of Monuments, Joey makes Instrumental, Progressive Metal, Djent, Arabic Metal type music. This music track is mainly a guitar playthrough to show his skills.

Osiris is a dominant piece of music, and it completely blows you away – so much so that it feels like a lyrically guided song; there’s no doubt as to the heartache at its core, and this is what it attaches to within the listener.

Eccentric, beautifully performed – organic yet crisp and clean enough to let listeners really turn up the volume and escape into the moment. Also, a strong outline to Skywatcher as an inventive performer and artist. Absolutely one to look out for as and when the live scenes return.

Storming over with the unapologetic weight and pace of power metal and hard rock, the aptly titled single hit the scene with an exclusively creative, unpredictable fusion of fashionable sound design and the classic roar of heavy metal.

He is mostly active on Instagram.

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Blue Lotus by Spicy Tempo

“Well known creator and producer Spicy Tempo returns this month with yet another handsomely impressive banger.

Spicy Tempo is a music performer and composer of electronic dance music and chill electronic music from the San Francisco Area. His music features the ‘get up and dance’ driving energy and groove of bass, drums, and percussion mixed with lilting tones of guitars, strings, synth, pan flutes, and piano.

Spicy Tempo started his musical journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on his own, he performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before focusing on his own compositions. The results were two albums, ‘ Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by singles and videos ‘Garland’, Spring Dance’, ‘Mechanical Heart’ and ‘Blue Lotus’.

The opening and title track of ‘Blue Lotus’ have a reasonably familiar feel to it, in terms of what you might imagine from electronica with an innovative edge. Still, almost instantly, it strikes as something exclusive. The synths and chosen sounds are remarkably heavy, as is the beat, and so this outline to the whole Blue Lotus concept is notably renewed. The chunkiness of the sound and the fundamental element of darkness creates a soundscape within which you’re inclined to let both your mind and your mood stroll. The music builds up and breaks away according to its own storyline and wisdom of character, so despite being a fan of electronic music and instrumental escapism, on the whole, it’s pretty challenging to predict the way that things will go. The track leads the way for you, as true escapism should, and it captures and expresses something new.

Listen to Blue Lotus on Spotify”

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Freestyle by Jett

Well-crafted, talented, and bold in a quiet, spacious way. A striking artist, with everything, as needs to be.

Imminent artist Jett has released his debut single Freestyle on Spotify, hoping for a hip hop/rap hit. Freestyle is a laid-back and excellent portion of the music that will thrill the listener in a single play.

Jett is a popping artist based in Hampton, VA. A new face to the music industry with a unique talent for rapping. Jett is a talented artist that can go on a long path in the music career.

The music is beautiful, the performance increasingly fascinating, revealing, and honest, yet focused on hopefulness and personal strength. It is a rousing and increasingly emotive piece, quickly progressing from good to great to quite striking in its genuine take on brighter days, actual values, and self-empowerment.

Above all of this, the soundscape has the familiarity of typical hip hop, but the bloom, clarity, and pace of trap and modern rap.

Boxed In showcases hefty vocals, boldly mixed, upfront, and fearless. The same impression of the track is to rejoice individuality, the freedom to roam through life and between genres and charms, to let creativity wander. The gift of the bars and the faultless rhythm of the delivery all strengthens this central confidence and showing-off.

Jett unites with the beat, naturally fluid through the process, making the whole thing feel genuine and easily crafted.


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Body Language by Chad Rubin

The gears throughout the song are precise. Outside of these – the rest is left to the ability and creatively free mind of the composer.

Chad Rubin is one of the most eminent emerging singers in the music scene, composed to leave an impact. The pop performer, producer, singer, multi-instrumentalist, and songwriter radiates a versatile style that will hook people. From an early age, Chad was engulfed in music
through his family and started formally playing in bands at twelve. The Arizona-bred artist looks to leave an everlasting influence on his audience, as his music arouses raw emotions. Through every creation, Chad seeks to connect with listeners personally, in which they will find his music-related. Inspired by his life involvements, Chad Rubin creates his artistic lane as his sound symbols the genre divide to create a sole pop sound that separates him from many in the scene. With a lot of composition in the works, Chad Rubin is set to leave his footmark in the scene.

This versatile American artist lives in Scottsdale, Az Huntington Beach, Ca. He is inspired by Jack Johnson, John Mayer, and Jon Bellion.

With every few bars of music, there is something new to hug and gain. Yet again, the music is impulsive, but the moments make impeccable sense once they reach. It’s art for the performer, first and foremost. Still, capability, knowledge, and skill of what music is and how it works leads to a wholly fresh yet entirely accessible collection of songs.

The track doesn’t mostly feel like that of a particularly exact genre, but it's very easy to appreciate and get into the vibe and sound – hopefully, this is a strong indication of the quality and creative musicality that can be expected from the upcoming single.

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U by Tru Blaise

Two minutes of ambient, intentionally thoughtful calm. Tru Blaise knows how to craft something that washes over you like a wave of color but impresses and provokes thought in the same instance. U is something of a creative masterpiece for this genre right now. The song is beautiful, incredibly unique, and crafted to a professional and considerate degree. The vibe is soothing and helps you to relax, if you focus on lyrics it will help you to look into your inner self. Tru Blaise is an army veteran who turned into a hip-hop star. He is from Atlanta, Ga. since his early days he is a humble down to earth guy who believes in God. 

As an artist, he blends his spiritual personality with his passion which is music in a good way.  Tru Blaise makes unique music to encourage and empower everyone who listens to his songs and to have a positive impact on their lives. Though he is inspired by the likes of Drake he always has his own identity. Tru Blaise makes this about the listener, a rare and wonderful trait – it’s not outwardly about him. The subject is, sure – the storyline, the emotional ups, and downs – but not the experience on the whole. It’s not overly indulgent or here to show off, it’s music being the true gift that it should be. A brilliant song that impresses more and more so with each revisit. 

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Voices by Rawiri James

Rawiri James brings detailed and striking bars together with a rapidly haunting, subtly catchy hook, highlighting a dreamy soundscape and plenty of space and a heavy trap rhythm.

New Zealand-born singer, songwriter, producer, and rapper Rawiri James launched his solo debut album in 2019, Lost Boy. A love letter to 90s and early 00s hip-hop and R&B, the album’s leading singles Bottle Down and Trip the Alarm made waves on the iTunes chart in the UK, South Africa, and his native homeland.

 The album inspired a novel of the same name, and the lyrics of these songs appear throughout the chapters of this superhero fiction story about a 16-year-old addict in New York.

 His latest song, the rap ballad ‘Voices…’ features Rawiri at his most vulnerable. Against the backdrop of epic Shodown production, James confronts the violent and nihilistic voices that almost took his life and put up a haunting and harmonious vocal on the song’s catchy hook.

Pouring with a high-octane bar of a hook, vocal clearness, and confidence in both the storyline and presentation – Rawiri James’s newest single speaks volumes in aid of his drive and link to the fashionable hip hop scene.

Rawiri James offers a smooth yet creative musicality to care for the rapper’s sheer high-energy and flawless bars. By Taking together surprisingly fantastic, light synth riffs and contrastingly heavy, dirty bass lines and facts.

Regularly resolving back to the peg that is the title concept, relatable and attractive, the track features rhymes in between these seconds that leave you keen to sift back over the lines for the work’s origins.

Freestyle-like and denying to slow down, Rawiri James has a precise level of personality to his style – reigniting the freedom of the NZ sound but lacing in an artistically fresh musical strength at the very same time.

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No Hook (Remix) by Emmanuel Guerrero

The mass and dawn darkness of the trap bonded with a story that refreshingly fascinates.

Emmanuel Guerrero, a blooming rap star, is a determined Hispanic rap/hip-hop artist from Deep East Texas. He is inspired by J. Cole, Lil Baby, and Logic. With creative flows and nifty wordplay, you can feel the upbeat vibes. His desire and dedication to succeed are unmatched with heavy energy.

He grew up listening to a local radio station that had introduced him to hip-hop/rap at an early age. As he got older, the love for Hip Hop/Rap had rapidly grown.

Emmanuel had a deep love for music that he started pursuing his rap career uploading tracks on Soundcloud in 2018 after gaining his music influences from artists such as Lil Baby, Logic, and J. Cole. In 2020, Emmanuel Guerrero finally went live on ALL platforms and is currently paving his way to stardom!

He is an 18-year-old music artist from Lufkin, Texas, who Hopes that he can accomplish his dreams of being a successful rapper.

His singles “My Life” and “No Hook” were racked up to 15k streams on Spotify.

Pouring with high-octane bars, Emmanuel Guerrero shows his capability in Rapping. The vocal transparency and the confidence in both storyline and performance are incredible. Emmanuel Guerrero’s latest single proves his drive and connection to the fashionable hip-hop scene.

The very idea of the track is to reveal individuality, the choice to meander over life and among genres and styles, to let creativity stray. The power of the bars and the flawless rhythm of the delivery all support this central confidence and arrogance. It’s an addictive track, the hook repeating and repeating to the point that it proves unavoidably striking.

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Freestyle by Jett

Keeping things heavy yet crisp, clean-cut, and alternative enough to connect on a genuine level, Jett hits the contemporary hip hop scene with style and unwavering confidence. Featuring an addictive hit of production, complete with a melody that contrasts well with the sheer weight and depth of the beat, the track creates an engaging mood from the offset, and Jett’s flow, varied throughout, fills in the remaining gaps. It’s a song with a vibe that anyone can get behind. The lyrics are simple and clean so that the message is loud and clear. Jett is a Hip hop artist from Hampton VA who is new to the hip hop arena. Yet his creativeness and out-of-the-box thinking have already produced some amazing tracks with his own identity in it. 

Though he is a Hip hop artist he takes inspiration from other genres too which helps him to grow as an artist. With every new song, he is making he tries to give something new to his audience so they won’t have to listen to the same type of tracks twice.

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Catching up to me by Majorkyz

Another superbly created soundscape sets the mood dreamily as the vocal invites the other party to tell me all your problems – to bond, echo, and build something real.

Majorkyz is an aspiring Trap, Hip-Hop artist, and songwriter from Philadelphia. He has started making music two years ago. Every song comes from the bottom of his heart. They all are based on how he feels or how he thinks. He has released many singles, albums and his songs on Spotify count their streams in the thousands. Also, his song “fake” accumulated around 50k streams in one month is impressive. This talented young artist writes, produce, and mix and master his music.

The artist grew up in the hood that someone could go through some hardships that can’t be forgotten. with all these circumstances, Majorkyz has become a famous rapper in his hometown, and his last song reached out to him

He is inspired by artists whose music means something, like Jay z and Eminem, but he is also inspired by artists who can grab audience attention in no time, like Juice Wrld and Polo g.

Majorkyz lays out a brilliantly dreamlike set of vibes on this latest release. The song Catching up to me is amazingly charming, gentle in natural surroundings. The music is very calming and purposeful from an artistic outlook. The opening flashes of SHLEEP pass through almost half of the entire song that feels like indie-pop together with classic jazz-cafe yet with an air of experimental and, as suggested, dreamlike energy.

THAT GAZE passes the short pool to a charming and mellow finish. One more conceptually caring bit of writing develops by means of a pair of corresponding bars – seductive and heartfelt, honest and progressively relatable.

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Pleasure by Courtney Stodden

In the “Pleasure” music video, Stodden seduces a mountain man, ties him to a gas pump, and leaves him behind on a motorcycle.

Courtney Alexis Stodden, well known as Courtney Stodden, is an American media personality, model, singer, and songwriter. After competing in beauty pageants in their home state of Washington and releasing original music, then 16-year-old Stodden came to international attention.

And also, Courtney Stodden is a non-binary pop artist who is inspired by Britney Spears, Lady Gaga. Courtney Stodden is best known as a celebrity personality and Is always in media in the USA.

In Pleasure, the singer  Courtney Stodden mixes things up yet again with a stylish take on fashionable pop- blending and vocal expression, under a unique storytelling pop structure, which is outstanding and shows this brilliant pop star.

Progressing through its various stages in an equally unpredictable way, Two Times builds up and drops in with power, keeping things spacious yet creative and holding close to a concept while throwing in more than a few modern references and language choices efficiently remain rooted ‘amidst today’s sound. 

Check out Pleasure by Courtney Stodden on Spotify. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter.

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Titled Untitled by Riddles

Driving with a melodious infectious hook, vocal clarity, and confidence in both the storyline and performance – Riddles’s latest single, “Titled Untitled,” speaks volumes on behalf of his drive and connection to the contemporary hip hop scene.

Riddles is a rapper from Pontiac, Michigan, who is quickly gaining notice in the local underground. His unique flow and attention-grabbing lyricism set him aside from his peers and make his verses hard not to take notice of. With a methodically crafted style and image, it is clear to see why Riddles’ dedicated fanbase continues to grow.

Inspired and influenced by Jay Z, 2 Chainz, Kevin Gates, and Lil Wayne, Riddles creates Hip Hop / Rap / Trap genre music.

“Titled untitled” showcase freestyle rapping combined with hip hop singing, upfront and unafraid. The mellow tunes and the faultless rhythm of the delivery all emphasize Riddles’s central confidence and swagger. It’s an addictive anthem of a track, the hook repeating and repeating to the point that it proves unavoidably memorable.

Riddles unite with the beat, naturally flowing through the process, making the whole thing feel genuine and easily crafted.

Listen to Titled Untitled on Spotify. Check out Riddles on Youtube and Soundcloud.

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