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Death by AM/WAS

“Death” brings you the chill and the horror of real death inside a music track. For those who like experimental music, this music track will give you a chilling experience you’ve been waiting for.

Perfect for a horror movie theme song, the music track is done via computerized synths and mellow humming voices.  The track also includes harp tones which can touch the heart and make you feel the beat inside it. The humming parts will remind you of death, and you may feel like you are in nowhere all alone. “AM/WAS” has done what he needed in this music track which is to bring you the real feeling of facing “Death.”

AM/WAS is a small experimental artist out of Chicago. He makes Multi-Genre, Post-rock, Industrial Hip hop, Alternative, and Experimental music and has 40 thousand monthly listeners and 100k streams on Spotify.

Inspired and influenced by kid Cudi, Jaden, cest la key/coin locker kid, death grips, Radiohead, and slint, AM/WAS is interested in making soulful music that can catch your heart and keep you in a certain state. This music track is a masterpiece of AM/WAS that can keep you in “Death” for a moment.

Listen to “Death” on Spotify

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Fully Loaded by Kurencey

Fully enthusiastic, surprisingly creative, and energetic music makes this song “Fully Loaded” a perfect choice to kick you out from the lethargy.

Kurencey is a rap and pop artist in Southside of Atlanta, Clayton County, GA. He was Formerly part of Booku Fam, a popular group around the Southside. Kurencey has been recording music for years, and on July 19, 2020, he gave us his first solo EP, “King of POP.” Kurencey was born in Harlem, New York, Raised on the Southside. Affiliates include MDF, Ku Gang, But Everything is 9Way.

Kurencey has Been on the road with 8Ball & MJG, has/had a relationship with Mulatto and a few other artists from the Southside. He says, “My pops are my first inspiration, I’m a fan of other artists as well, but it’s the guys (around me) that keep me motivated and wanting to try new ideas in the booth.”

Rhythmic beats with computerized synths keep this song’s energy throughout the song. Kurenceys strong, confident, and clear vocals give this song an extra shine. The rapping parts are done to a melody which is unique for this song.  Muting beats inside the song highlights the vocals perfectly, and the music makes you fully enthusiastic that you will have the urge to dance.

Listen to Fully Loaded on Spotify. Follow Kurencey on Instagram.

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Dead-end Road by Jozey Jane

One of the most soothing and heart-touching voices will always bond with your soul and heart. Jozey Jane has released her awesome single “Dead-end Road” to all the Contemporary country lovers all over there. 

This amazing soul was gifted with this amazing voice which can heal all your wounds within a second. Jozey Jane is from Houston, Texas and she hopes to move to Nashville soon. Being a member of the Church and the school choir, she always fell in love with music and she was always successful as well. 

Delicate, mind-blowing, attractive lyrics, Creatively explorative in sound design yet comfortingly familiar in vocal clarity and melodic progression. Music always heals you no matter what and this is the most righteous platform for the same.

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Tribal Treble/SuiliSamba

Some people are born with talent and are the same as Sasi Shalom. Having the most unique and delicate taste over the many music genres, Beginning with the beautifully uplifting, and great work with Sax, Driving with equal parts emotional grit & unwavering confidence. 

You all will love the vibe, flow and delicacy of this awesome track. Stay tuned to experience more in future.

Sax: Donny McCaslin, Drums: Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Bass: Kai Eckhardt, Keyboards & vocal Samples: Sasi Shalom

Listen through –


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Good Night Moon By Sasi Shalom

The tune is easily recognisable, the depth of tone and intensity of the delivery feel constantly refreshing your mind with positive vibes. Nicely produced and presented with the awesome sounds of instruments all over the track. 

Simple yet deep, thick rhythms will heal your inner wounds within a short time of period. The most different and unique music that you are listening through “Good night Moon” 

Drums: Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Soprano Sax: Ole Mathisen, Keyboards: Sasi Shalom


Listen through – 


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Destiny Hills By Sasi Shalom

Sasi Shalom is one of the talented artists and he always succeeds to make every track with a great vibe with a unique touch when we compare to each other. “Destiny Hills” is one of the key tracks in the album “Nedyaj” and if you are a true guitar lover, this track is for you. Oz Noy nicely shows his talent through the guitar and every listener will fall for the same when they hear it at once. The whole thing feels a little like a piece of orchestra and you all will love this awesome concept. 

Listen through

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Sasi Shalom Project Monkey band

Monkey By Sasi Shalom

Sasi Shalom brings you this masterpiece for all the music lovers out there with a Jazz touch in it. If you need to feel the true power of the Sax, Ole Mathisen is killing it with a remarkable vibe all over the track. 

As well as the sax, drums, bass and the keyboard make this awesome track more attractive and add a vivid color to the track as well. “Monkey” is another remarkable track by Sasi Shalom and with a melancholy touch. 

Sasi Shalom Project Monkey band

Listen through

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the way I see it band

The Way I See It By Sasi Shalom

Accessing the true music sounds with these awesome talented artists. A Great combine and a true mix of instruments such as Drums, Tenor, Soprano Sax, Bass and the keyboard will make a beautiful melody al together. 

the way I see it band

These amazing and talented souls could bring the best out of everything with a great vibe with soothing music to all the music lovers all around the world. If you want to relax your mind and if you need to find true peace through music, “The way I see it” is the most suitable track for you. 

Check through

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Wasted Afternoon By Out East

Good friends make life beautiful, Jon Allan and Adam Ravalia are a great duo who do quality and great music together. They came up with “Out East” to entertain the audience with true and out sanding music all over the world.

“Out East” is based in Canada and they prefer to make music which is unique, delicate with fine lyrics. “Wasted Afternoon” is one of their awesome tracks with a true passion all of the track. Deep strong vocals, delicate melody and a soothing tune always bring you the most heart touching manner to all the listeners.

Listen to https:

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Break by Tae

Refreshing hip hop style song with RnB music’s touch, that’s what “Break” of Tae is. Dropping his debut single on all platforms hoping to be a well-known artist, Tae has done an excellent job creating this song.

Tae is a beginner hip hop/ RnB artist based in Los Angles, California. Being the second oldest of five with a single mother, Tae had a difficult childhood with his family. He got into music while being homeless fresh out of high school, sleeping in his car. It was his form of medicine at the time; it gave him a way to vent, and over time it just became a part of him.

He came up listening to artists like Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Kendrick drake, and j cole. Tae is a talented beginner with so much potential to become a big player in this industry.

The song’s flaws on a refreshing computerized beat start with some electronic voices and an infectious hook that is smooth but memorable. The vocals of “Break” are smooth, straight, and confident, highlighting the song beautifully. By listening to the music, we can’t even guess a beginner does this. The experience of listening to “Break” was fantastic. This song would definitely touch the hearts of hip hop/RnB lovers.

Listen to “Break” on Spotify. Check out Tae on Instagram and Distrokid.

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Choke Me By Gallaxsy

A delicate voice is always a meditation to your heart and to your ear as well. Gallaxsy is from the United States and has come up with her amazing track “Choke Me” to all the Pop lovers out there.

Leading with emotive yet heart touching vocals, Slowing things down to a seductively mellow pace, Nicely crafted, with a modern touch of Pop music. Gallaxsy nicely uses her awesome vocals to attract the audience out there.
Gallaxsy has a very good bond with music and she knows how to make the things with music in a positive manner. She is a talented and upcoming artist and stays tuned with her to see her future work.

Follow Gallaxsy through Instagram 

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Dial tone By Pryme Sinny

Dial tone By Pryme Sinny

Pryme Sinny is from Pittburgh and he has released “Dial tone” to all the Hip Hop lovers out there.

Presenting one of the most infectiously melodic hip hop alternatives this month,  Pryme Sinny brings together rhythmic bars, a bass-led immersive soundscape, and a varied flow complete with a recognisable vocal tone to really draw listeners in. 

An easily addictive new track, with talent, vibe, vocals at its core but professionalism and clever, likable song-writing alongside of this. Getting the chemistry just right in contemporary hip hop and trap.

Listen to his track through


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Hotmess By Ihateyoujonny

Ihateyoujonny is from Atlanta GA and has released his track “Hotmess” to all the Hip Hop lovers out there. 

Ihateyoujonny is one of the talented artists and an all rounder as in he is a rapper, drummer, guitarist, producer, and engineer while working on any project. All people have to start their journey at an exact point, this talented soul started the same as a drummer for metal and punk bands. Then he started his journey for rapping as well. This huge step helped him to make few and interesting beats for commercials as well. 

Punk music always inspired this talented artist to move forward and concentrate more. “Hotmess” is a huge comeback from Ihateyoujonny, with a great color, deep attractive vocals and melody of the track always add a different vibe to this track. 

Listen to this track through



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Hold My Weight by Arionne

We adore Indie tracks because of their ability to take us to a place that will make us calm, peaceful, and relaxed while motivating us with positive energy.” Hold My Weight “ is a song that will make us love Indie as a genre. The music lays out a fairly specific mood with its ambiance, and the artist’s leading voice and lyricism alongside this fit perfectly into that setting. The simplicity of a smooth touch of strings and synths makes for a beautiful backdrop upon which the delicate, almost whispered vocals can deliver the remaining sentiment and storyline of the song. Arionne is the owner of this magical voice that steals our hearts. He is a talented soul from St.Louis who is inspired by the likes of Russ and Khalid to produce heart-touching music that heals society and makes listeners happy. Enjoy this soothing track.

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Wild And Scrumptious by Suhasini

A fun and cheeky song that is creative and in the groove; that’s what Wild and Scrumptious are. Created in collaboration with an Italian writer Filomena Vicere, Suhasini released this song on Spotify, hoping for a pop hit.

Suhasini is an exciting pop artist from New Delhi, India. She believes music’s healing power bares her soul to the listener, leaving a part of herself in every song and performance. Heavily influenced by Adele Demi Lovato, she engages in the emotional pop genre in her songs.

Wild And Scrumptious is the first single off the upcoming collaborative album. The Puzzles Project by Suhashini and Filomena Vicere. The song is written in playful lyrics and created with lively music that can make you dance. Suhasini and Filomena say The Puzzles Project contains small pieces of life. Each piece is a free expression of thoughts given by the experience of everyday life. We have tried to tell
without filters and with a bit of imagination what happens in the human soul by fitting pieces of songs and strong emotions.

Suhasini was acclaimed for her previous releases and featured in Midday India for her most recent collaborative offering, proving that she is a highly talented artist.

With full of enthusiastic music parts and creative lyrics, Wild and Scrumptious" makes a perfect fit for a dance party. Suhasini’s vocals shine in an energetic, solid, and delightful manner that gives this song an extra dynamism.

Check out Suhasini’s Wild And Scrumptious on Spotify. You can follow Suhasini on Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube for more song releases. At the same time, support. The Puzzle Project on Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Back End by Jhonni Blaze

We don’t usually find rap songs done by female artists, and surprisingly we found this one Back End. Back End is the latest song release by Jhonni Blaze, a female rap artist in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jhonni Blaze is the stage name of Jzapal Jackson, born on a military base in Georgia. She had her musical talent from her childhood. Jhonni grew up in a church where she honed her musical skills. She was impressed and inspired by a woman in the church who would sing while playing the piano. She started by banging on her grandma’s piano, teaching herself Fur Elise by ear. Although her family didn’t have a lot of money, her mother managed to buy a keyboard from Walmart for her to practice more.

Her musically tuned ears helped her learning other instruments like guitar, drums, clarinet, and violin by her self although she doesn’t know how to read music. In her teenage life, she faced many traumatic experiences which led her to be a stripper and a drug addict. After a tragic incident, she decided to get away from her devastating life and focused on her musical career.

Jhonni Blaze is singing since 2015 and has released 23 songs to date, Back End being the most popular one right now. She is also a TV actress and a dancer.

The song flows on an infectious hook and a computerized beat that goes in a slow tempo. Jhonni is both singing and rapping in the song flawlessly. Lyrics are a bit on the dirty side, but it is hardly noticed. Back The end is an excellent piece of music that is unique and powerful.

Listen to Back End on Spotify.

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6 Months by Lindsey Brown

Indie is a wonderful genre of music. This is a song any indie fan will instantly fall in love with. This acoustic performance of ‘6 Months’, by Lindsey Brown, will melt your heart in all the best ways. A beautiful vocal, subtle yet strong musical presence from all involved and gorgeous songwriting really make her stand out from the crowd. She is a musician from Glasgow, Scotland who is inspired by the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Noah Cyrus. She clearly got the ability and the voice to makes us calm and makes us feel peaceful when we listen to this soothing track. You too have a listen to this heart touching song and follow her journey by following her on Instagram.

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Jimi by Sasi Shalom

If you are in search for soulfull instrumental muisc, Sasi Shalom’s Jimi can be a perfect choice for you.

Jimi is an excellent instrumental Jazz music track done by Sasi Shalom and his team. Sasi is a award-winning  composer, producer and performer originally from Israel and now resides in New York City, USA. His previous Jazz records are Modus, Moments of Eternity, The Way I See It, Long Time Coming and Endless Nights. He has toured to the US, Europe and Israel with his group and has worked with many artists. Some of them are Gary Thomas, Teodross Avery, Ole Mathisen, Donny Mccaslin, Matthew Garrison, Richard Hammond, Oz Noy, Arie Volinez, Kai Eckhardt, Horacio “el negro” Hernandez, Antonio Sanchez, Davide Pettirossi, Buster Williams, Al Foster, Jerry Bergonzi, Adam Nussbaum, Abe Laboriel Jr, Ralph McDonald, Ravi Coltrane and Will Downing.

Sasi is inspired by many artists such as Weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, Miles Davis. He makes music in the Jazz/ Fusion/ Jazz-Rock genre.

Jimi is a part of the full-length album “Nedyaj”. It is an instrumental Jazz track created with piano, electric bass guitar, drum and saxophone. Sasi brings you his impressive team Gary thomas on  Saxophone, Matthew garrison on bass, and Horacio “el negro” Hernandez, on Drums with his music creations. As a seasoned pianist, he plays a huge role in the music track bringing you peace and harmony.     

Listen to Jimi on Spotify. Watch Sasi Shalom’s project on Youtube.

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Freestyle by Ronaldo Ca$h

“Freestyle,” a song released by Ronaldo Ca$h on Spotify, is getting more and more streams day by day. This rap-style song is the most popular single released by Ronaldo Ca$h, “Overlooked” being the latest release.

Ronaldo Ca$h is a rapper, singer, and songwriter based in Newburgh, New York. He came to the industry in 2019 with numerous independent singles. His songs caught the attention of mainstream labels, and since then, he has had a successful career in the rap industry. Ca$h is expecting to release the debut EP “Humble Enough To Grow” scheduled for release in 2021.

Ronaldo got the inspiration from Tupac, and 50 cent and RnB hits he jammed to as a youngster in the early 2000’s. Since then, this New York-born singer gradually learned to rap and incorporated a melodic twist to his singing style.

Ca$h established Ca$h Crew MGT, a brand, and label. He is gradually gaining a significant following through word of mouth and independent rap publications.

The song is filled with an infectious hook synth that runs through the ears even after the song finishes and shined with a piano melody to incorporate with the music—a mellow beat and flawless lyrics that are fast, strong, and confident. “Freestyle” reflects actual rap music in a modern song.

Listen to “Freestyle” on Spotify.

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Excalibur By Davey Crockett’s Ghost

Davey Crockett’s Ghost is one of the greatest bands that you all will ever find when it comes to true, deep and amazing music. Jake Harris and Gabe P are two amazing souls who walk together to achieve their goals in the music industry. The both of them have found their true love towards music when they were young and that awesome feeling brought them this far. They proudly released the Album “Excalibur” with the touch of tales of Old England. 

Excalibur is a heavy production with most beautiful melodies, heart touching tunes, Literary complexity, intelligent framing of ideas and conscious writing. You will be speechless when you listen to each and every track in Excalibur, since you will find the most unique and awesome colors in each track. Every song has a splendid touch and that will take you to another world. This every song is bringing you the utmost peace inside you and it will be like a meditation at the same time. 

You all can check these awesome tracks below

Follow Davey Crockett’s Ghost through

Have a look



A creative collaboration, with a unique touch of music, explendid vocals with marvelous rhythm, Davey Crockett’s Ghost is proudly giving a massive outcome for all the music lovers around the world by releasing the track “Revolution.” You all will be speechless, when you hear the first tone of this awesome track and will rumble up inside your head all the time. You will feel so much energy in every bit of the vocals with a soothing touch as well. 

Listen to Revolution through

Do you wanna be mine?

Do you wanna be mine is also an amazing track which you can find out in Excalibur. Davey Crockett’s Ghost kicks off the track with a great energy with beautiful and attractive guitar chords. You all will feel the same energy and the great passion throughout the song. As usual these amazing souls made it a blast with a unique vibe. Delicate ambient production haunts behind a gritty and cleanly mixed vocal for a level of immediate intensity and conceptual focus.

Listen to Do you wanna be mine? through

Name Redacted

Music always heals you. The whole thing feels a little like a piece of theatre, stage-ready with your imagination to fill in the visuals. Name Redacted is a fine example for the same. And then, a sort of lullaby-like finish, from a title that politely and intriguingly nudges you towards the appropriate feelings. You will feel the powerful chords of the piano throughout this magnificent track and we are pretty sure you all will fall in love with every bit of it. 


Listen to Name Redacted through 



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Life in the Wrong Lane by Conor Buckley

Rich with acoustic guitar and electric guitar parts, this indie song, Life in the Wrong Lane is the next upcoming hit of Conor Buckley.

Conor Buckley is a singer, songwriter, and English teacher based in Ireland. He is a graduate in Music and technology and creates Indie style music. Conor has produced Music for American television and has performed on Old Town Square in Prague for St.Patricks Day.

Conor uses acoustic guitar for some of his songs and electric guitar for the others. In Life in the Wrong Lane used a blend of both guitars to give this song a fresh melody. He also collaborated with a female singer to freshen up the song.

Many singers struggle when it comes to songwriting. But, to Conor, songwriting comes naturally. They are not glossy and smooth, but they do their job perfectly in the song. Conor shows his feelings, ideas, and emotion in Words and Music, but they are raw and visceral. The vocals are not masked up with any shiny persona or a sonic embellishment, which opens up his true voice in the song.

Conor is been singing since the 2000s and has worked with talented engineers and studios since then. As he is both an educated and experienced artist, we can expect more fantastic songs from him coming years.

Listen to Life in the Wrong Lane on Spotify. Conor Buckley’s official website.

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Without You by Alex Costova

Alex Costova brings you his single release Without You on Spotify. Alex is hoping to hit the pop charts on Spotify with Without You.

Alex Costova is an upcoming Singer, Songwriter, Artist Composer Pianist based in Boston, Massachusetts. This 25-year-old singer is a self-taught musician and artist.

He creates his songs partnered with talented engineers  Shane Violette of Loud House Audio and Alex Novick of AP Music.

Alex ranked 3rd place during the 2018/2019 Talent America Talent Competition For Other Alternative Performance. He has released six songs on Spotify, Without You is the most popular track. What The special about this song is that this is his first-ever studio song release to the public.

The song flows in progressive electronic melodies that can lift your spirits. Strong, straight and confident vocals are backed up by floating piano melodies. Without You expresses a person’s feelings when he is in love. It inspires the lovers to move forward with their love and accomplish all that they dream of.

Alex plans to release his newest six-song EP incoming fall working with Loud House Audio Recording. By listening to his songs, we can expect more exciting and inspiring music tracks from Alex in the future.

Listen to Without You by Alex Costova on Spotify.

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Flame Out by 10 Flames

Sticking on a little more than one minute mark, this small track, “Flame Out”, will catch a short attention span to make you suddenly realize that you are on a new track.

“Flame Out” is a short song project by 10 Flames, from Marrero, Louisiana , west of New Orleans. 10 Flames is an up and coming hip hop and rock artist that has been in this industry since 2019. 10 Flames has released three singles and 3 albums on Spotify so far, “Flame out” is the latest single release.

It starts with an electronic guitar part; the song runs on a rock guitar tone all along the time. The vocals immediately catch the listeners’ attention by repeating the “flame out” loop for a few seconds. A drumbeat runs throughout the song to keep the rhythm, and the vocals are modified with electronic modifiers.

There’s not much about the lyrics part as the song basically flows through a “flame out” loop most of the time. The song suits to break the boringness of a typical full-length song structure and take a breath while listening to soulful songs.

Listen to “Flame Out” on Spotify. Follow “10 Flames” on Instagram, Twitter.

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Freedom by The Guv

The Guv is bringing you his latest song release, “Freedom,” on Spotify. He hopes to hit the charts of Rock, Funk, and Pop charts on Spotify with this song.

The Guv is a musician based in London, UK. He is making songs in Rock, Funk, and Pop genres. So far, he has released four songs on Spotify, and most of them have significant streams on Spotify.

Starting with a mellow guitar tone, the singer enters into the song after 7 seconds, “I never understand why, and you never failed to explain to me.” Then, the music gets tougher with violin parts, and the sound gets tougher too.

The song “Freedom” is about a person that is still searching for freedom even after growing older. Most of us know that we find freedom in our golden age, but some people will never find their freedom in their lifetime. This song is for those who are still searching for their freedom.

The quality of the song is quite good. The music is good enough to keep you in a calm mood, and the melody is excellent. For an artist who has released just a few songs, he has done a fantastic job.

We look forward to listening to more inspiring songs from The Guv.

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Rock Star by Aydan Emoji

A teenage hip-hop artist Aydan Emoji has released his latest single, “Rock Star,” on Spotify.

Aydan Emoji is a 16-year-old talented hip-hop artist from DFW, United States. He likes to experiment with various music styles but stick with hip hop style more. Aydan Emoji has released 23 singles on Spotify, and “Rock Star” is his latest single released on Spotify. His vocal is passionate, mellow and soulful because he put his pain into songs.

“Rock Star” is a hip hop and rap style song that already got more than 16k streams on Spotify. The track goes on a mellow hip hop tune and strings and synths to shine the background tune. The vocal is mellow, soulful and confident that you can feel the love and pain listening to Aydan’s voice.

Aydan is the most talented young hip hop artist we’ve seen in a while. His voice, beats and melodies can create a mood in anyone. For his age, he has done an excellent job in all of his songs. We definitely see a hip hop superstar in Aydan because of his incredible vocal talent and a niche for finding a melody. His versatility alone can compete with any artist out there.

Listen to Ayden’s “Rock Star” on Spotify.

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Jealousy by KB

“Jealousy” by an emerging artist KB was released on Spotify not so long ago. This beginner artist expects
to hit the charts in Hip Hop genre with his unique style of singing.

KB is a beginner Hip Hop artist based in South Africa. Born and raised in Pretoria Gauteng, this beginner artist is inspired and influenced by Drake. He wishes to be a better singer than Drake someday. KB is still 16 years old but has the capacity of being a great musician. Singing is his passion and being a hip hop celebrity is his dream.

“Jealousy” is created for the adult audience with adultery language. So, it may not be suitable for your children to listen to this song.

The song is about a girl who broke up her love with a boy. And the subject of this song is the boy. The boy is desperate without her. He says, “I know you said that we should move on”, but he doesn’t want to leave her.

“Jealousy” has both hip hop and rap parts which make it falls into both categories. The lyrics of this song has some dirty words, which make it not suitable for children. Although KB is new to this industry, his works are interesting enough that his two songs already got more than 10k streams. We can expect more enthralling songs from KB in the future.

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Being You by Io

The newly released pop song Being You by Io brings you his first ever song release on Spotify.

Io is the stage name of Andrea, who is a Pop, musicals, and ballad artist based in the UK.

Andrea is an emerging songwriter coming from a small place in Italy. He then moved to London, where he currently works as a software engineer. Inheriting the love for music from his mum, who a pianist, he learned how to play when he was very young, but he stopped quite early for then developing his passion after his youth by attending a songwriting school.

Singer songwriting is his main hobby, and he wants to make an impact on people life touching sensitive topics in his songs.

As a member of the LGBT+ community, he always wanted to help people living difficult times because of discrimination, even inside their own families.

Inspired by Ed Sheeran, Adele, Sam Smith, Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Lewis Capaldi, Harry Styles, Tom Odell, Alessandra Amoroso, Tiziano Ferro, and Michele Bravi, Andrea released his debut single in 2021, hoping for a pop hit.

The track opens with mellow ambient synths and ethereal backing vocals. Being you" is backed by piano chords and enhance by violin parts. I changed my life, I changed my self, and I changed myself of seeing things, he starts with a soft voice. As the song flows, the music gets deep and complex but still on a slow tempo. The song is about love, and the quality is top-notch for a debut single. We are certainly looking forward to more songs from Io.

You can hear the song Being You on Spotify.

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Crypto By TheGilFactor

TheGilFactor brings you his new song release “Crypto” on Spotify.

TheGillFactor is the CEO of GillFactor Records, a music company founded in 2018 and based in New York City. They are specialized in Latin, Reggaeton, and dance style music. GilFactor record is a music publishing company, a record label, and an advertisement agency. They also have two subsidiaries; GilFactor Records Concerts and GilFactor Records Promo. Gillfactor records concerts organize events to promote featuring artists from New York City and abroad while Gillfactor Records Promo is an agency that promotes projects not directly linked GilFactor Records.

TheGillFactor is the stage name of the CEO of GillFactor Records, and “Crypto” is his official album cover song.

The song is flowing through a strong beat and is remixed with various synths and tones. It got an infectious loop that will run through your ears even after the song finishes. The rhythm of the music makes the listener dance subconsciously, and the vocals are in the Latin language.

GilFactor Records accepts advertisements, promotions, and music recording orders from artists around New York City. You can contact them on their website

They have 3 Instagram accounts: @TheGilFactorTv @GilFactorRecords @TheGilFactor

Check out TheGillFactor on Facebook @GilFactorRecords

You can listen to “Crypto” on Spotify.

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Black Hole by Just A Jester

“Just a Jester” is Timothy Daniel Whitaker’s stadium name, a solo artist residing in London, U.K. Timothy is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist that creates Alternative/Rock music. He was a host of some of London’s earliest open mic nights, namely, “Acoustic Revolution”. He was also a songwriter for Ty-Lor, a duo with brother Simon Whitaker, who featured on BBC 1’s program, “What’s That Noise,” a live composition written by Tim to over 8 million viewers. Ty-Lor supported Van Morrison at the Ivor Novello song awards and Roy Harper at the Town and Country club folk festival twice. They played Glastonbury acoustic festival seven times and featured in Sonja Kristina’s band, and recorded her albums.

The two brothers, Tim and Simon, later reformed as “The Whitaker Brothers” and played in festivals and pub gigs for over 10 years together. “The Whitaker Brothers” concluded, and album named “Animated”. One song of that album called “Good Love,” written by Tim, was played on radio stations worldwide, including Planet Rock, where it featured for four months, four times a day. “Good Love” is still played on that station to date.

Tim has recorded at Peter Gabriel’s studio “Real World,” where some of Peter’s band asked to assist with bass, sax, and drums. He has been offered three major deals in the past, which only failed due to inexperienced management.

Timothy has released more than 20 singles so far, and all of them have been played on radio stations worldwide, 7 of which have reached the top 10 in various independent chart shows.

Listen to his latest song release, “Black Hole,” on Spotify. Follow Timothy on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Guinevere by Davey Crocketts Ghost

Guinevere from the Excalibur album of Davey Crocketts Ghost has been released on Spotify recently.

This Euphoric, Eclectic, and Message-Heavy Indie Rock Album ‘Excalibur’ play on a total of 41 minutes and 16 seconds, delivering catchy, ear gracing, nostalgic sounds, and melodies. The release will prove their versatility as musicians and their innate talent. The album is made with high-quality sounds that support these indie rock album’s overall quality with a flare of pop.

Davey Crocketts Ghost is a musical band of 2 artists; Jake Harris and Gabe Perry. Jake Harris is the lead singer and guitarist of this team. He grew up in South Florida with Asperger’s Syndrome. His medical condition made him difficult to make friends; hence he fell in love with music at the age of 13. With his Aunt’s help, he learned how to ignore  the bullies and shine his life to stay true to himself. She encouraged him to continue his musical passion as music is the universal language that one can communicate with others. His Aunt passed away in 2013, and now he plays and sings in honor of her.

Gabe Perry is a guitarist and singer of Davey Crocketts Ghost. He is from Westerville, Ohio. Gabe started playing the guitar when his parents bought him one when he was 13 years old. In his teenage life, he struggled with anxiety, and music was the relief for his struggles. He wants to make music that people can turn to no matter what they are dealing with.

The music band is been in this industry since 2017, making music suitable for parties, breakup songs, and love songs.

Listen to Guinevere of the Excalibur album on Spotify. Follow Davey Crocketts Ghost on Instagram.

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