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Envy by BigHomie Chosen

BigHomie Chosen starts off with a heavy dose of simplicity on his new single Envy, serving as exposure to his capabilities as a composer and, more significantly, as an artist in a humble but shockingly aggressive style.

BigHomie Chosen” is a Montgomery, Alabama-based self-taught independent artist. He makes songs with an Ambient Soundscape, Southern Base with a Global Sound, Inspiring Vibe and Energy, and accessible content, among many other things, in addition to Hip-hop/Rap/RnB. Envy is the title of his most recent track.

Envy whizzes by in two and forty-five short minutes, leaving you wondering whether you blinked and missed it. The mix itself is massive, with vast slabs of sound compressed such that everything feels louder than everything else, and there’s a lovely sense of swirling excess to the whole thing, lending an almost psychedelic flavor to the listening experience.

The soundtrack Envy shines brilliantly for its now-familiar warmth as well as the special touches that provide color and personality. Amid this is the artist’s own variety and thematically fascinating performance — the moments vary and change, there’s a back and forth balance at work. There’s a complex tale to follow.

There’s a superb finish to the whole thing. It streams through with equal parts dynamic and instant familiarity – the hook sets in, as does the artist’s style, and artistically there’s a fair amount to admire, which distinguishes this from the majority of recent releases. 

Lightness is a massive part of that; things may be peppy without falling heavy or pushing for speedy tempos, and BigHomie Chosen is a performer who expertly pays attention to that.

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Thinking About by BigHomie Chosen

Bringing together soulful Hip Hop melodies and hard-hitting bars with a clear sense of identity of Rap music – BigHomie Chosen draws focus to his lyricism and inspiring energy with Hood Famous. BigHomie Chosen is a well-talented young soul who is from Montgomery Alabama. This amazing soul is an Independent Artist With An Atmospheric Soundscape Southern Background With A Global Sound and Inspirational Vibe And Energy Also Relatable Content as well. He has recently released another single “Thinking About” to all the audience out there with a great vibe on it.

An outstanding Rap always can attract your soul no matter what and when you listen to the track “Thinking About” you will love the flow, and the vibe of this awesome track as well.  BigHomie Chosen is nicely blending the catchy qualities of Hip Hop music with a rap vocal outpouring, a clean mix, and a colorful bounce of a soundscape.

Heavy and engaging, you might need to increase the volume to listen to this amazing track with a great and chilling vibe. As the audience, you can see Incredible musicianship, and a genuinely original manner of composition that runs through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, structure, and clear emotion highlighted every step of the way.

It is time to listen to this piece of work through the links below. Stay tuned with BigHomie Chosen to witness his more awesome work in near future.

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Spend Forever With You by VB

Love is amazing and people need love to find the real meaning of life as well. “Spend Forever With You” is another magnificent track by VB. Fantastic, unpredictable in hindsight, and a pleasure to listen to thanks to this creative freedom and the rising, reflective emotion and heart of the poetry and performance.

VB is the recording alias of Victor Williams. An R&B singer/songwriter whose sounds can be compared with a mix of established artists of our generation such as Jason Derulo, Chris Brown, and Ty Dolla $ign while also having a peculiar vibe/sound of his own. VB was born in Winston Salem, North Carolina. 

At just twenty-four years old he began to express his creativity through music, which jump-started an early career & the stage name, VB. He credits the start of his music career to playing football. At the time he was hopeful for a promising career within sports. 

Having a true passion for music, VB has done an amazing job in the music industry, even though it is a shorter period of time. He has reached over 40,000 streams on Spotify alone and features done with artist names PMGDIA and MOBINO KNOCKS as well.

He plans to release new music once every month with occasional early releases as well. 

“Spend Forever With You” is a heart-touching track with an awesome video and this whole thing will give you a nice, unique and positive vibe till the end. VB is truly clever enough to introduce a beautifully artistic, refreshingly interesting soulful melody to all the audience out there and we are pretty sure people are going to embrace this piece of work within a second. Stay tuned with VB to see his amazing work in the future and follow him through the links below.

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Hard 2 Love by Zay Capone ft. Ryan Whyte Maloney

With their delightfully hypnotic track Hard 2 Love, Zay Capone and Ryan Whyte Maloney offer up impassioned performances and poetic, catchy composition in the shape of silky music backdrops and soulfully meandering vocals.

Hard 2 Love is a single that stays consistently focused on its subject matter and delivers a realistic yet specific story – you can feel the reality, the familiarity – throughout the song. While it is precise enough to appear authentic, the tone of the music and the general atmosphere and intensity of the finished piece demonstrates that this is the case.

Hard 2 Love features a tremendous vocal depth and a classic pop structure, with short lines laying the way for a brilliantly rhythmic shift to inspire and revitalize things. The voice fits precisely at the top of the mix, contrasting with the jazz-pop lightness of the music and engaging the listener with real swagger and tenderness.

Sheer Element is brilliantly motivating, overflowing with talent, passion, and musical accuracy. It sheds new light on what it is to be a singer, a performer, with the immaculate ability and an unwavering commitment to the moment.

Their skill, along with the beautiful confluence of vocal tones, results in a breath-taking return to the roots of what works and what appeals in music.

Great production, pleasant and appropriately emotional, crisp and clean while being warm and engaging. The lyrics do an excellent job of delving into the specifics of the relationship at hand, and the hook concludes with a comfortable, familiar yet suitable, and quietly soulful praise to the ending. Beautifully crafted.

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No Pressure by Rellz MBM ft. Droppo MBM

Rellz MBM and Droppo MBM team up to deliver a legendary rap song that will bring high achievers and hip-hop enthusiasts together in a considerable manner. No Pressure is a massive track that begins with a vocal hook – yelling this rhythm and concept at you in an appealing and immersive style. Already, the live component appeals to and piques one interest.

Rellz MBM is a multi-talented musician that works in a variety of genres. He is a rising star in the hip hop and rap music scenes who primarily records in that genre. No Pressure is his latest collaborative track with Droppo MBM, and it is already released by now. Director Nate Schibeci was in charge of the film, which was produced by TMAC The Producer.

The driving forces that give this track by Rellz MBM it’s feeling of identity are a striking beat, fantastic vibes, and a rap vocal laden with personality. No Pressure is a piece of music that is both forceful and lively.

The backdrop is delicate and uplifting, with the majority of the music seeming based on invigorating hip hop — hard-hitting and does not take any time to advance. In contrast, there is a dependably impressive and surprisingly dynamic rap flow.

Rellz MBMs voice is exceptionally unique right now — his tone and this rapid yet rough delivery style are dripping with personality. In addition, his ability to meet and sustain the natural flow and rhythm of the music is steady – even faultless. The entire song flows with the
the right amount of bounce and power to give it natural weight among its colleagues in this genre.

No Pressure is an excellent example of ambient and striking music with a brilliantly rhythmic vocal performance and plot running alongside—a stunning release that is well worth your time to listen to.

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Mess With My Cool by Rawiri James

Rawiri James from New Zealand drives this current Song with a silky sound and a thematically self-aware lyrical approach. At the same time, there’s a straightforward and approachable sentiment in Mess With My Cool, with the hook serving as the key takeaway. A significantly deeper underlying storyline concerns the artist’s personal road to success in the music industry.

Addict. Advocate Author and artist. Rawiri James, that’s him!

He has worked as a musician, actor, and writer over the past few years. He had been a big drinker and drug addict in the past. He was raised listening to R&B and 1990s and 2000s soundtracks in New Zealand and London. His debut solo album, Lost Boy, is the culmination of all of this.

Rawiri James was impressed with how well things went for a first-time independent artist. He released the solemn mid-tempo ‘Bottle Down’ as the first single, followed by his own personalized theme song, ‘Trip The Alarm,’ which went on to top R&B iTunes charts worldwide, including #1 in South Africa.

Everything about this release, Mess With My Cool is of high quality, from the production to the vocal flow. The background combines a very classical hip hop/RnB approach – the kind of mildly low riff loops that made up some of the legendary hits of the 1990s and 2000s – with a bit more soul-pop, peaceful beat, and appealing mood. 

There’s a fluidity to it all, and Rawiri James’ voice complements it well. That vocal line, the varying flow of the verses, and many of the lines have personality.

The rhythm is easy to enjoy, humble, and honest, and Rawiri James demonstrates an evident passion for singing and performance. He is spilling personality and love into the process at every step, resulting in singing that is effortlessly captivating, pleasingly simple, and evocative of a composer with a strong correlation to the music he makes.

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Voices by Rawiri James

Rawiri James’ work ethic is difficult to compare to anyone else in independent hip hop/RnB right now. His latest release is a single that hits hard and with remarkable effect, displaying Rawiri James at his peak passionately and engaged inside a tale that stays true to the music’s extreme and gritty mood.

Addict. Advocate. Author. Artist. That’s him, Rawiri James!

For the previous few years, he has worked as a music artist, actor, and writer. He had previously been a heavy drinker and addict. Before that, he grew up in New Zealand and London to the soundtracks of the 1990s and 2000s and R&B. The sum of all of this is his debut solo album, Lost Boy.

Rawiri James was impressed with how things turned out for an independent artist on his first try. As the first single, he released the somber mid-tempo ‘Bottle Down,’ which was followed by his own personal theme song, ‘Trip The Alarm,’ which eventually hit a slew of R&B iTunes charts, including #1 in South Africa.

Voices,” a standout track off Rawiri James’ new album, is a song that gets off to a strong start and continues to build in a refreshing way throughout the song’s duration. It goes on for a little longer than four minutes. 

A variety of melody and beat repetitions are used to produce something that is structurally intentional while also remaining rhythmically mesmerizing and connected enough to captivate the listener completely.

The creative life takes paths as erratic as the artist’s own storytelling ability, and the track Voices perfectly depicts that unpredictable nature. Rawiri James performs with assurance and determination, infusing the track with pace and grit, but never to the point where it reduces the overall fluidity of the music.

Actually, there’s a great deal of interest in that process – the art that appears to emerge out of nowhere, unexpected and unintentional; spontaneity lends the work an appealing level of genuineness that, in this case, helps the underlying subject connect more genuinely and memorably.

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Bottle Down by Rawiri James

Smooth composition and a genuine, thoughtful lyrical approach lead the way with silent meditation for New Zealand Rawiri James’ new single Bottle Down.

Addict. Advocate. Author. Artist. That him, Rawiri James!

For the previous few years, he has worked as a music artist, actor, and writer. He had previously been a heavy drinker and addict. Prior to that, he grew up in New Zealand and London to the soundtracks of the 1990s and 2000s, as well as R&B. The sum of all of this is his debut solo album, Lost Boy.

Rawiri James was impressed with how things turned out for an independent artist on his first try. As the first single, he released the somber midtempo Bottle Down, which was followed by his own personal theme song, Trip The Alarm, which eventually hit a slew of R&B iTunes charts, including #1 in South Africa.

Bottle Down whizzes by in three and eight minutes short, leaving you wondering if you blinked missed it. Bottle Down is incredibly captivating. The mix itself is massive, consisting of vast slabs of sound that have been compressed to the point where everything feels louder than everything else.

Despite the fact that Bottle Down does not contain a big beat, it is a powerful song with an excellent soundscape – there is an element of novelty to the harmonic nature of the melody, and the crisp quality of the composition means that the whole thing generates immersive mayhem when played loud.

There is a beautiful sense of swirling overflow to the whole thing, which lends the whole thing an almost psychedelic flavor to the listening experience.

Worthy production is combined with subtle innovation and a clear awareness of today’s hip hop/RnB world, as well as the ambient selections that isolated music lovers and deep thinkers prefer to connect with on a subconscious level.



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Little Girl by Milena Pfeiler

Milena Pfeiler offers a heartbreakingly outstanding performance throughout a poetic, spiritual, and emotional Little Girl, making waves with her tremendous voice and faultlessly sincere connection to her subject matter.

Milena Pfeiler Weston, a London-based singer, and multi-instrumentalist has spent her entire immersed in music, unconstrained by genre or commercial expectation. This comprehensive and endlessly fertile journey shines with full brightness on her original works.

The young flutist, who was born and raised in Slovenia, was inspired and attracted by jazz and classical music. Growing up in a family of aspiring musicians, Milena’s biography is peppered with traditional Slovenian melodies that evoke nostalgia and recollections of family gatherings, assuring that music would always come naturally to her.

A long-standing love with musicians, music history, and growing on her own education and abilities have all played a significant role in delivering an enormously remarkable sound. The future looks brighter than ever as she already released two new tracks, ‘Little Girl‘ and ‘Tonight You’re Mine.’

Smooth jazz-pop melodies and soulfully meandering vocals abound in Milena Pfeiler’s gorgeously captivating single Little Girl, which features passionate performances and poetic, catchy songwriting from the London-based singer-songwriter.

Little Girl has the makings of a timeless soul classic, lyrically blending metaphor and personal outpouring in a way that fits the natural authenticity and emotion of the voice – sounding like a vast arrangement but actually retaining just a piano and voice relationship every step of the way.

Throughout the process, Milena Pfeiler pours her heart and soul into it, which is further emphasized by the equally fascinating yet straightforward accompanying video, which shows the artist wholly immersed at the moment while performing while also reflecting on the profound and powerful nature of the lyrics.

Without question, a musician at the top of her game and the ideal performer to deliver such a timely and sincere blast of songwriting. Finally, brilliant — a song well worth hearing in its entirety for the depths of its setup and intelligent, poetic, and emotional theme.

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Making Of The Debut Album #1 by Hei’An

Not just one of the best bands to come out of Slovenia, Hei’An is up there with the very best rock bands we’ve heard this year. From anywhere. I saw their performance before I even knew who they were, and that’s a great place to start; flawless musicianship, and a wonderfully compelling presence from all four band members. 

Progressive metal music is far from dead. Hei’An is up there with the best of them. Great songwriting; really intriguing concepts, lyrically something I value very highly. It’s a fairly heavy sound, distorted and loud in all the right places, but with captivating and memorable melodies; a winning combination you won’t find everywhere. They are a band that gives you the right energy with their music and helps you to get away from your day-to-day life and lose yourself in modern post progressive metal goodness. 

Alcest, Lantlos, Deafheaven, Tesseract, Leprous, Periphery, Gaerea, Architects, Northlane, Bring Me The Horizon are some of the artists who inspired them to form the Hei’An band and make mind-blowing music. Currently, Hei’An is working with the producers Matej Gobec and Randy Slaugh who have worked with many famous artists.

Check out this little montage of behind the scenes of the making of their debut album “imago”. You will feel the energy and the passion of Hei’An and you will love the vibe of modern-day progressive metal. Once you watch that you will be wanting to follow them. 

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Älä jätä meitä by Ooh my Ann

The music adventure that is Ooh my Ann is a sophisticated blend of classic rock theatrics and goth-inspired Industrial metal fuzz. The song ” Älä jätä meitä,” complete with a complicated and captivating storyline, grows ever more interesting as it progresses—dashes of anthem-like unity flash in and out of view. 

Moreover, the lead vocalist puts everything into the art of performance – a multi-layered, wandering melody-line perfectly complements the process’s constantly emerging intricacies and growing enthusiasm.

Though oddity permeates everything he does, the music on this song is marvelously contagious – diversified, continually surprising, and especially rewarding at every turn. 

The work put into creating the piece effectively portrays the artist as passionate and naturally attached to this art form; this is what he has to do, and he will do it from the bottom of his heart. You get the distinct impression that live performance is where everything would really come to life.

What is important is that the moment is presented in an artistic and authentically fresh way, whether it’s through lengthy, drawn-out notes for an impassioned calling or faster riffs and smashing percussion alongside storytelling details. 

Consequently, while the setup is familiar, the evolution is different, and the artist has perfected the skill of striking an appropriate balance.

Stunning in its own wonderfully original, profoundly tragic manner — refreshingly unusual, and a pleasure to lose yourself in for a while in the midst of.

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An ever-expressive and thoughtful Sunzoom releases perhaps his most immersive and beautiful single yet with the faultlessly crafted, heartfelt, and catchy THE GARDEN BIRDS OF INDIA. Sunzoom is from Liverpool, England, UK and 

Discovered by Andy Crofts (Paul Weller/The Moons) in 2021, Sunzoom recorded an entire album during lockdown through a single microphone in the kitchen of his house. Sunzoom signed to Colorama Records in 2021.

The album was completed at Ark recording studios with Michael Head producer Steve Powell. The culmination will be the first full album release in 2021. Every Friday during the 2020 lockdowns, Sunzoom recorded and released a favorite track as a cover version with accompanying video – a selection of these tracks have been released as the EP The Other Side of The Sun.

THE GARDEN BIRDS OF INDIA ” is obviously giving you a different yet interesting vibe and if you have gone through the video, you all will figure out how differently Sunzoom has pictured and brought the whole thing into a perfect level. THE GARDEN BIRDS OF INDIA will show you the different sides of Indian culture, norms, and beautiful tradition with amazing music all over the track. 

Simple good vibes meet with impressively creative, intricate yet immersive production throughout an imaginative instrumental that is “THE GARDEN BIRDS OF INDIA”. This whole track will be a different and attractive experience for you all and you all will love the flow, bright vocals, amazing tunes, and the setup of the track as well. 

We hope Sunzoom will come back with amazing tracks in the future and stay tuned with him to witness the same.

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T I C ” drives with style and passion. The single is a significant step forward for the artist, providing music lovers with the addictive energy and escapism of a well-crafted and thoughtful banger that is easy to get swept away by.

A rising star in the music industry, ” G Ξ R M Λ N I S T I C ” is a Beats-Producer and Songwriter who has worked in various genres. He was born in Germany and grew up there. He is a dynamic young musician who has spent the last fifteen years mostly recording HipHop, Electronic Music, Movie & Games Music, and other popular music genres. He played all of the instruments on his most recent Blend, ” SUNSHINE,” which he produced alone.

What begins as a really chilled-out hip-hop slice quickly grows into more of a dance floor smash. The soundtrack itself is full of vibrant riffs and memorable moments that stick with you long after you’ve finished listening. It’s subtle but quite effective – you walk away with the entire thing running through your head.

It’s a modest yet effective earworm of a track, with the kind of beat that anyone can connect with – regardless of musical tastes. Even the bass progression has a distinctive quality to it. “G Ξ R M Λ N I S T I C” does well to go his own way and let the beat flow naturally.

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Morchella by Killerteddybear

Killerteddybear combines with Maztacharlezz on this track, and before we get into the details, if you’re a lover of honest, passionate, intelligent, and intuitive hip hop, you must hear Killerteddybear’s latest single, “Morchella.”

The beat and the passion and power with which Killerteddybear delivers his verses have an energetic yet loving character to them. A few fantastic melodic passages appear simultaneously, which really light up the outside edges and add a touch of robotic accent that helps distinguish the sound as a whole.

All of this is superficial observation, but it gives the track a tremendous mood — it feels proud, purposeful, self-aware, yet weighted with truth and possibilities. Killerteddybear provides a unique exposure that is extremely enticing to a wide audience.

It takes a few listens to get a comprehensive picture of this track and what it’s about, but the sound is really enticing from a musical standpoint. Killerteddybear’s style is easy to like – confident, characterful, poetic, and hardcore. 

The creation is sharp and colorful in a completely unique way – some elements appear to be inspired by classic playing. There’s also a lot of melody in the background, considerably more than in most recent hip-hop releases.

This level of creative freedom is uncommon today, particularly in hip hop. Several aspects distinguish this tune, and when all is said and done, you’re likely to recognize it when the music begins. Everything about the song screams artistry: the musicality, the various phases, the emotion in the vocal, and the lyrics. The delivery is also theatrical, as are the second vocal fragments that echo vital phrases.

Killerteddybear and Maztacharlezz’sMorchella” is a work that is easy to listen to on repeat because each time you listen to it, you hear something new. You feel a bit more attached to both characters, and the music always fills the space in a quiet and collected manner. It’s definitely worth listening to; it’s one of the greatest songs of the year.

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The young Pharisee and the Apprentice by Painters of Ether

The aptly-named artist and single “Painters of Ether” with “The young Pharisee and the Apprentice” stormed onto the scene with an unapologetic weight and pace reminiscent of intense metal and hard rock. The song is a distinctively creative and erratic fusion of modern sound design and the legendary roar of heavy/ Symphonic metal.

The “Painters of Ether” project is a symphonic metal album written by Luciano Launius, an Italian-American artist, and guitarist who lives in the United States. The author’s desire to see his musical project through to completion prompted him to enlist the help of various artists, some of whom were of high caliber and renown on a national and international level, in order to accomplish this. Eight songs were written for this album, and the goal was to “paint” each piece with a variety of shades and styles, making each piece unique while remaining faithful to the metal canons at all times.

The track’s structure, which operates through a few significant portions, works hard to keep you engaged and things going all the way through. This has many vocalists and a powerful transition from the heavy-metal roar to a more harmonious, almost 80’s rock sort of passionate outpouring.

A complex song, there are more than a few surprising moments throughout the arrangement: some with a little more lyrical clarity, some with space, and some with weight, grit, and intensity.

The young Pharisee and the Apprentice” is effectively re-routed down an inventive metal pathway with this track. It is simply choosing for a unique unity of sub-genres and trying to introduce a mighty vocal and musicianship that is at once captivating and amazingly impressive, rather than urging you to take into account similarities with artists or bands from the past.

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In The Life Episode 7: Motherland Man by DRE!

Life is a journey, not a destination. Travelling will give you more experiences, memories and travelling is a rightful medicine for almost every human being to release their stress and to live in a positive manner as well. DRE! is a hip hop artist who is also a trader and travel vlogger as well. This amazing soul always saw a different yet unique side of travelling and “In The Life Episode 7: Motherland Man” is one of the journeys and recent trips to Accra Ghana, and Zanzibar, Tanzania.

DRE! is one of the magnificent Hip Hop artists and yet he is very passionate about travelling as well. He already has over 100k streams on three independent EP’s. If you are a travel freak and if you are enjoying every bit of new things and new destinations, DRE! has done an amazing job to entertain and to have a glance at the people in Accra Ghana, and Zanzibar, Tanzania. 

This whole thing is unique and different but as a seeker, you all will find something useful and interesting at the same time. The beauty of true Tanzanian music and how people are enjoying their nightlife without any sorrows can be clearly visible in this video. You can have an idea of how people are spending their day today. Crowded fairs, Happy faces, lots of animals, different kinds of music, food and so many things add a true and a different, beautiful colour to this whole episode.

“In The Life Episode 7: Motherland Man” is a magnificent piece of work and you all should watch this and find out the true, amazing experiences of another destination. This whole thing is a wide range of activities and experiences and we should be grateful to DRE!, because he has done amazing work inside and out. 

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Siiri ta Gelbi by Sweet J

Siiri ta Gelbi” is a current smash song that combines the talents of Sweet J, raining down with instantly happy and vivid energy, swiftly grabbing the listener and keeping that hook looping through their mind endlessly.

Mbaraza Joy Enosa Baburu, often known as Sweet J, is a South Sudanese singer and songwriter. She is also known as the “Queen of Azande Music” and is from South Sudan. She is a Zande by tribe from Gbudue state in Yambio and grew up in a family of singers. She currently resides in Kampala, Uganda, where she is earning a bachelor’s degree in social work and social administration. 

Her enthusiasm for music began as a child in church as a Sunday school teacher, and she started a professional career in 2007. Sweet J has performed in major cities around South Sudan, including Yambio, Tambura, Juba, and Kampala, Uganda. She creates global music, Zuku, and traditional South Sudanese music, which is popular in the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Uganda. Her song promotes national unity in her country and gender-based violence, and the abolition of child marriage.

Rather than overwhelming listeners with the brightness and excessive bounce so common in afrobeat and dancehall, this piece maintains a modest level of sincerity all through – even the songwriting tackles on an inspiring topic while downloading through simple, artistic observations that quickly suit the feeling of the music.

From a distance, “Siiri ta Gelbi” is an excellent alternative track; the ambiance can be either peaceful or uplifting, based on whatever you need from it at the time, and these are likable traits in and of themselves. However, as the song goes, the title’s initial allure grows a little stronger. You’re following these lines along carefully by the final stanza, and there appears to be a level of creative thought to Sweet J’s writing style and the way she conveys her personality.

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Freight Train Hobo by Them Damned Ol´Hillbillies

Classic Americana energy and the long missed live sound drive things with a certain air of brightness for this latest single from Them Damned Ol´Hillbillies. Throw in a brilliantly accessible vocal lead, and we’re getting closer and closer to that festival sound and experience of yesteryear. Simple yet compelling song-writing sees easy melodies and short, repeated phrases tell a detailed, scene-setting story, with each segment resolving sweetly for an Americana-style hook. Freight Train Hobo is a song that can be enjoyed by a wide range of fans.

Them Damned Ol´Hillbillies are a band that makes amazing Americana Blue music which is also known as Mountain music. They are a four-piece online band. Tom Benz is their main vocalist. He has a smooth voice that can attract an audience. He is from Germany. Other than vocals he takes care of bass side things and the lyrics. Brian Emerton is the guitarist and Tom Callahan is the drummer of the band. Both of them are from North America.  Chattawan is on Banjo, Dobro, and Violin They are a band that likes to experiment with different genres and produce new exciting music.  Apart from Americana Blue music they make country and folk music too.

The whole thing stands tall on the strength of this intriguing lyrical backbone. The style is also familiar enough to allow this to connect, and the musicianship is subtle yet effective as the band unites to carry us through the stages of the track. Offering a somewhat nostalgic, Brit-pop and anthem-rock aura, as well as a likable level of softness, on the whole, Freight Train Hobo introduces the band Them Damned Ol´Hillbillies in a way that quickly lets you know what they’re about. Great songwriting, good vibes musically, a pleasure to listen through. 

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Calling For Me by Wouzek

Are you ready to listen to an impressive energetic track? Well, “Calling For Me” is one of the best options for you. Wouzek is a young, well-talented artist who is from Poland and living in the Netherlands. This amazing soul is a producer and he has been bonding with music for quite a long time. Wouzek always sees a different vibe in EDM, House, and Future House genres, and also he loves to present the same to the audience out there. 

“Calling For Me” is another amazing single by Wouzek and this track will give you a chilling vibe as well. Uniquely expressive, emotive & recognizable all tunes start things up, lyrics taking the wheel from the outset as a subtle musical build-up slowly but surely accompanies this immersive & powerful release. Wouzek already has a +5000 play on Spotify and this feedback always keeps him alive and gives him positive vibes too. 

Having been inspired by STMPD Records, Martin Garrix, this talented soul always believes in good music and different beats which can color a track in a different manner. Even though it is a short period “Calling For Me” is a great hit among most of the listeners all around the world. This whole thing is unique and fresh, without a doubt Wouzek is nicely delivering the best set of music to the audience. Keep calm and listen to this amazing track through the links below.

Stay tuned with Wouzek to see his amazing future work as well.

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Exit Life by LiL Moke

Rapper and artist LiL Moke introduces a new perspective on contemporary rap in this single that is uniquely poetic, emotive, and musically appealing.

Lil Moke is an emerging rap artist based in San Fransisco, USA. Even though he’s been singing since four years ago, this talented artist has shared only a handful of songs on Youtube. Exit life is the latest addition of Lil Moke with a pro-level video production along with it.

Exit Life, which debuts with an instantly pleasant and stylish soundscape, speaks volumes on behalf of the artist’s personal life while remaining cool and collected throughout the process.

In addition to being distinct, the style has an alternative vibe to it that is more suggestive of a sub-culture influence than anything fully popular. The industrial soundscapes, the vocal clarity, the biting words, and the smart rhymes are all part of the package. All of these elements are present in the track, which begins with an attention-grabbing, unrelenting delivery that instantly draws you in.

A distinctive vocal tone, clever rhymes, and a fresh musicality all contribute to propelling this quiet yet powerful anthem forward in a fascinating manner. Rap fans from the past and the present will surely enjoy this album.

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Love and Pain by J Hat ft. Ubeez

Offering up a brilliant sense of love and pain, J Hat and Ubeez collaborate on this new single, “Love and Pain,” to give listeners a heartfelt and refreshingly optimistic piece of music and writing that inspires and energizes in the same quick swoop.

J Hat is a rapper from Staines-upon-Thames, 18 miles southwest of London. His music is melodic Trap Wave with UK Drill influences. J Hat, like most people, grew up loving music. He grew up loving music of all genres and styles. Besides rap, he likes music from the 50s, R&B, and Jazz. J Hat began making music as a hobby during the Covid-19 pandemic in the year 2020. Jan 2021, J Hat released his first single ‘Drowning In My Thoughts’ feat. However, his first solo track, ‘Emotions’, received a lot of attention from listeners. J Hat’s music is influenced by D-Block Europe, Just Banco, and M Huncho.

There is a light pulse to “Love and Pain,” The many synths and layers that make up the soundscape add a lot of color to the music. “Love and Pain” is a smooth track that combines hip hop, RnB, and pop elements. The whole piece has an upbeat and joyous atmosphere to it, with certain sections even seeming like a jazz café influenced them on occasion.

The song’s premise is quite evident throughout; the primary thread is this storyline – and whoever takes the mic rightly adheres to the issue at hand to help keep things relevant. “Love and Pain” delivers just what the title promises: a soothing R&B sound to suit evenings spent at home with a loved other.

Over three and a half minutes of moderate theatrics, keep your attention from start to end as the music advances. The details, as well as the enthusiasm with which he delivers all of this work, work nicely together. The gloomy feeling makes you want to listen. It intrigues. While their performance has a laid-back attitude, there’s still something noticeably passionate about it; depending on what each moment requires.

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Rise And Carry On by Mikey Hamptons & The Meows

A brand new single from Mikey Hamptons and his band The Meows brings through a beautifully complex, smooth beat and subtle strings, alongside which Benjamin’s uniquely raspy, recognizable voice provides short lines for a poetically honest single. Rising up from humble, quiet beginnings, Rise And Carry On soon kicks in with a mighty hook section offering a pop-rock ballad that quickly connects and begs for audience participation.

Raw vocals make for an accessible delivery, and the lyrics feel genuinely fresh yet still relevant in their access to this topic. The very idea of Rise And Carry On is positive in this case, not dismissive but inspiring – keep dreaming, dream big, and hold on for your time to shine. The song builds and builds to represent this concept, progressing from simplicity to fullness and bright energy – your moment coming into view, the instrumentation enveloping you as the passion rises and the guitar solos run wild. It’s an easy song to recommend to every soft rock fan.

While there’s plenty of character to the style and sound, there’s also a cinematic feel to the track almost as if this is the family film outro or support for a life-changing scene. Mikey Hamptons revels at the moment beautifully, and this gives the song the authenticity it needs to really move an audience. With songs like these, he has managed to be on the radar of everyone who is looking for some soothing soft rock music. We can expect more great things from Mikey Hamptons and his band. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them soon. 

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CockCoCaine by Lonestar Syx

A rightfully energetic performance, and an essentially addictive tune that leaves its mark with ease throughout a sub-two-minute explosive and colorful journey. Lonestar Syx is an amazing, well-talented soul who always believes in music and has one of the greatest passions towards the same. “CockCoCaine” is his freshly released single and already it is on fire. 

Without a doubt, this is an easily addictive new track, with talent at its core but professionalism and clever, likable song-writing alongside of this. Getting the chemistry just right in contemporary hip hop and Pop. The track is delicate then heavy, projecting its underlying intentions as well. 

As we know, we do have a deep bond with music and we need the same to express our inner feelings sometimes. Lonestar Syx is nicely delivering this amazing track to the audience with a catchy vibe all over the track. Superb vocals guide us through the twists and turns of this musically immersive track as well. Undoubtedly an artist with a fine ear for melody and a willingness to keep things genuine & open lyrically – not to mention a singer with a superb, powerful & memorable vocal style.

Introducing a quickly impressive, colorful beat and backdrop, and this track will be your next favorite one for sure. Listen to the track and stay tuned with Lonestar Syx to witness his more future work. 

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FASTER by On.Feyr

Fast flows and double-layered vocals are mixed with a multi-layered EDM soundtrack for “On.Feyr’s” bright, exhilarating new single “FASTER,” which has a colorful, energetic EDM backdrop.

On.Feyr is a professional musician and producer from northern Germany who specializes in electronic dance music (EDM) and hip hop music (hip hop). His newest single, FASTER, is his most recent release. Artists such as Diplo, Skrillex, Dillon Francis, OZ, Drake, and Timbaland serve as inspirations for the producer.

On.Feyr, without a doubt, offers a degree of inventiveness to the scene with this single that is gradually becoming a refreshing change. FASTER sets the tone for what is to come with vocal theatre and elaborate sound design: a genuinely fantastic hip hop and RnB realm with a distinctly hefty, bass-driven soundtrack. FASTER is out now on all media.

Over the course of a traditional verse and contemporary hook, Germany’s On.Feyr propels the track forward with intention and tenderness, fusing the sound of the past with an array of modern effects for a true hit of versatility and relevancy.

In order to keep things conceptually current, easy-going yet also confident and striking on occasion, the track’s intensity and sense of anticipation grow and rise – with the instrumental and hook dropping in with precisely the appropriate level of addictive and immersive groove to allow for genuine escapism.

The entire experience encourages you to turn up the volume, allowing you to appreciate the different complexities of the soundscape while also losing yourself in the energy of the music and dance.

Excellent production, continually innovative sound design, and an artist that is unrestrained by expectations or industry standards are all characteristics of this song. This is a quick but compelling single. It’s well worth your time to listen.

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Alena by Spicy Tempo


Spicy Tempo developed this fantastic electronic dance music tune and accompanying video after being inspired by the name ‘Alena,’ which means ‘beautiful,’ “bright, and joyful,” like a ray of light shining through the darkness.

Spicy Tempo began his musical career playing guitar with the band “Thunders” appearing on TV and at various locations such as concerts, clubs, and vacation resorts.

Spicy Tempo’s musical adventure extended after the Thunders dissolved. In 2013, he created and released his first studio album, “Cool Spice,” followed by another album, “Mirror of Dreams,” in 2014.

Spicy Tempo took off for several years to explore while still working on his music compositions. He is now actively returning to the music market, and after accumulating a large number of tracks, he aims to release a new single and video every month beginning in January 2021.

Spicy Tempo has combined lyrical oboe, staccato violin, guitar, synth, and strings with the pace of taiko drumming and thumping electric bass to compose ‘Alena,’ which is now open for you.

Spicy Tempo demonstrates a fine ear for original compositions, evident confidence to articulate the switching energy and feelings of a musical journey – the softer sequences, the quicker, more electrified ones – and a deep sense of artistic personality by following the notes of the evolution in a mesmerizingly smooth and wave-like manner.

Spicy Tempo’s inventive usage of instruments has something extremely distinct; sometimes nostalgic – old school game-like – occasionally seemingly fresh. It produces a distinctive sound and intensity that is incomparable to anything else.

On the one hand, there’s this lovely, dreamlike melody; delicate, simple in its note use, and distinctive in the way that any atmospheric piece should be—and ultimately producing something wholly unique and intriguing to listen to.

The tune ‘Alena‘ retains your attention throughout, which is a fantastic accomplishment, especially in such a bright and maybe mainstream-ready release. Uniqueness provides a touch of authenticity, yet the melody has the professional buildup and polish to work its magic truly.

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Emotions by J Hat

Emotions” is an addictively rhythmic vocal track with a likable ambiance to all the audience out there. J Hat is a rapper from the UK, Currently residing 18 miles South-West of Central London in Staines-upon-Thames. His music consists of melodic Trap Wave with elements of UK Drill. This talented soul could release another single to his beloved fans all over the world. 

Like most people, at an early age, J Hat developed a deep love and passion for music. Growing up there wasn’t a genre or style of music he couldn’t listen to or appreciate. He enjoys listening to music from the ’50s, R&B, and Jazz and Rap music took a special place within himself as well. In the year 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, J Hat began creating music as a means to pass time and since then it has become a cemented hobby for the artist. J Hat released his first single ‘Drowning In My Thoughts’ ft. ‘Ubeez’ in January 2021.

The whole thing urges you to turn up the volume, appreciating the various intricacies of the soundscape and losing yourself in the energy at the very same time. Without a doubt “Emotions” is a unique track and it will bring you one of the amazing chilling vibes for sure. J Hat’s music is inspired by the likes of; D-Block Europe, Just Banco, and M Huncho, and J Hat always believed in good music, because he can entertain people in a good manner.

You all can listen and follow J Hat’s awesome music through the links below and stay tuned with him to witness more of his future work soon. 

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Siiri ta Gelbi by Sweet J

If you are the sort of person who is searching for new music around the world this is a perfect match for you. Directly addressing the process of building up a career as an artist, Sweet J reflects on the success of her previous releases and simultaneously offers another easy banger of a pop song with the newly released Siiri ta Gelbi. Blending pop sensibilities with creative production and an almost afro style beat and vocal meander and effect, Siiri ta Gelbi sees long-form melodies light up a whole new side to Sweet J ’s artistic catalog.

Sweet J or many formerly known as Mbaraza Joy Enosa Baburu is a talented singer and songwriter from South Sudan. She is the queen of Azande music in Sudan. She belongs to the Zande tribe and her family is from Gbudue State in Yambio. Currently, she is based in Kampala Uganda where she is doing her higher studies. Sweet J always had a deep love and was passionate about music. 

First, she started singing at church when she was a child. In 2007 she began her music career professionally. Quickly people started to take notice of her sweet voice and followed her which helped her to perform in many cities in her home country and neighboring countries as well. Through her music, she talks about social issues in her country such as gender-based violence, child marriage, and building unity and peace in the country. Since 2007 she has released many albums and carried the South Sudan pride to the international level.

The production also seems to veer off in a new direction. The genre-fusing seeks to connect with the dance-pop scene, whilst highlighting a further streak of confidence from the performer. a slightly retro production, Siiri ta Gelbi makes sense as the follow-up single for Sweet J , and furthers her style and reach as an artist in a natural way.

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Alright by SirenBlue

SirenBlue’s indie-pop touch of creative compositions is different, beautiful, and easy to enjoy. “Alright” has a beautiful atmosphere that merges a number of components to create something utterly distinct and unpredictable.

SirenBlue is a four-piece indie-pop band from the United Kingdom. Their music has a soothing effect on the listener, allowing him or her to unwind mentally and spiritually. It is because of the chemistry that they have that the listening experience is significantly more delightful.

SirenBlue debuts their sound and songwriting in a forceful way here, and what’s fantastic about it is how clean and genuine the whole thing is. In such a saturated music industry, it’s generally assumed that the more you put into a track, the more profound the effect – thus the overly layered pop tunes that throw in every instrument and fundamental shifts merely to capture your attention. 

The structure of the opening melody is absolutely unexpected. The lines are simple, the primary vocal has a carefree glee about it, and the mere few notes that make up each line form an instantly identifiable, minimalist yet rhythmic thread that keeps you involved from beginning to end.

All you need is the music when the content is authentic and thoughtful, and the compassion of the performance is evident and appealing. That’s all you want to know about this record – the music drags you in with its mesmerizing melody, and the vocalist keeps you engaged with her vocal delivery’s overwhelming passion and depth.

SirenBlue’s skill is infusing the music with a necessary sense of genuineness that is otherwise lacking. That is why the composition’s structure – the other character, the singer’s position within the plot – effectively expresses the band’s journey in a powerful way. 

Alright is a piece of music that is both wonderfully crafted and enjoyable to listen to, and it is available on iTunes. My feeling is that experiencing it in person is the most effective method to really appreciate it and understand it.

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LOSE ONE by Malika Chanel

Are you ready to sink into an amazing soundscape? Malika Chanel is one of the most charming, talented, and well-talented singers who is from Jamaica and now based in the USA. Simple good vibes meet with impressively creative, intricate yet immersive production throughout an imaginative instrumental that is “LOSE ONE.”

For sure this is one of the amazing tracks that you are going to listen to. Beautifully crafted, easy on the ears, and easy on the mind. An ambient sound design blending soulful undertones with a rhythmically addictive vocal progression all over the track. 

Having been inspired by Kranium, Melii, Mavado in the music industry, Malika Chanel always wanted to impress and entertain her beloved audience with her magnificent music. The whole thing is incredibly unique and it will please your ear and the mind at the same time. 

“Lose one” has one of a clearly inspiring core, and given the addictive yet modern musicality, the balance between intensity and lightness works perfectly well.

Malika Chanel explores another side of love through this track “Lose one” and this track will blend with your thoughts and desires so soon. Incredible musicianship, and a genuinely original manner of composition that runs through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, structure, and clear emotion highlighted every step of the way.

We hope  Malika Chanel will come up with an amazing video for this awesome track and stay tuned with her to witness her more significant work in the future. 

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Thinking About by BigHomie Chosen

BigHomie Chosen begins with a hefty dose of simplicity on his new single Thinking About, which serves as an introduction to his abilities as a producer and, more importantly, as an artist in a modest but shockingly intense style.

BigHomie Chosen” is a self-taught independent artist living in Montgomery, Alabama. In addition to Hip-hop/Rap/RnB, he also makes music with an Atmospheric Soundscape, Southern Background with a Global Sound, an Inspirational Vibe and Energy, and relatable content, among other things. His most recent single is titled “Thinking About.”

The soundtrack Thinking About burns brightly for its now-familiar brightness as well as the personal details that give it color and personality. Amidst this is the artist’s own diverse and conceptually interesting performance – the moments vary and alter, there’s a back and forth balance at work, and on top of that, there’s a complex storyline to follow.

BigHomie Chosen takes the lead vocally with a confident and expressive manner that dependably expresses the underlying feeling of each bar. Whether the moment is melodic or rapped, the flow or delivery is adequate.

Meanwhile, the music floats on by, those unexpectedly mild riffs echoing around the edges, producing a wonderfully surreal environment that really entrances you and makes the artist’s voice and lyrics engage a little more deeply.

The initial insights or connections you draw to the piece and performance become a little sharper and stronger with each revisit. Because of the track’s lyrical richness, you’re likely to lose the odd moment or notion with a single listen. 

Luckily, the vibe is so delightful that it’s a delight to replay it again, and each time you do, you catch up on some new lyric or point that steals your heart even more. The single Thinking About is a must-have for fans of conscious rap and atmospheric music equally.

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