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Tribal Treble/SuiliSamba

Some people are born with talent and are the same as Sasi Shalom. Having the most unique and delicate taste over the many music genres, Beginning with the beautifully uplifting, and great work with Sax, Driving with equal parts emotional grit & unwavering confidence. 

You all will love the vibe, flow and delicacy of this awesome track. Stay tuned to experience more in future.

Sax: Donny McCaslin, Drums: Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Bass: Kai Eckhardt, Keyboards & vocal Samples: Sasi Shalom

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Good Night Moon By Sasi Shalom

The tune is easily recognisable, the depth of tone and intensity of the delivery feel constantly refreshing your mind with positive vibes. Nicely produced and presented with the awesome sounds of instruments all over the track. 

Simple yet deep, thick rhythms will heal your inner wounds within a short time of period. The most different and unique music that you are listening through “Good night Moon” 

Drums: Horacio el Negro Hernandez, Soprano Sax: Ole Mathisen, Keyboards: Sasi Shalom


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For The Smile By Sasi Shalom

Uniquely ambient production haunts through your mind with an awesome vibe. Sensational melody, delicate vibe, Every bit as creatively experimental and free from the confines of expectation as you’d hope. Sasi Shalom has brought “For the Smile” to all the beloved fans as usual with a unique touch. 

These awesome artists also collaborated to make this beautiful as well. Soprano Sax: Donny McCaslin, Percussion: Gilad Dobrecky, Fretless BAss: Kai Eckhardt, Keyboards: Sasi Shalom

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Destiny Hills By Sasi Shalom

Sasi Shalom is one of the talented artists and he always succeeds to make every track with a great vibe with a unique touch when we compare to each other. “Destiny Hills” is one of the key tracks in the album “Nedyaj” and if you are a true guitar lover, this track is for you. Oz Noy nicely shows his talent through the guitar and every listener will fall for the same when they hear it at once. The whole thing feels a little like a piece of orchestra and you all will love this awesome concept. 

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Sasi Shalom Project Monkey band

Monkey By Sasi Shalom

Sasi Shalom brings you this masterpiece for all the music lovers out there with a Jazz touch in it. If you need to feel the true power of the Sax, Ole Mathisen is killing it with a remarkable vibe all over the track. 

As well as the sax, drums, bass and the keyboard make this awesome track more attractive and add a vivid color to the track as well. “Monkey” is another remarkable track by Sasi Shalom and with a melancholy touch. 

Sasi Shalom Project Monkey band

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the way I see it band

The Way I See It By Sasi Shalom

Accessing the true music sounds with these awesome talented artists. A Great combine and a true mix of instruments such as Drums, Tenor, Soprano Sax, Bass and the keyboard will make a beautiful melody al together. 

the way I see it band

These amazing and talented souls could bring the best out of everything with a great vibe with soothing music to all the music lovers all around the world. If you want to relax your mind and if you need to find true peace through music, “The way I see it” is the most suitable track for you. 

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Wasted Afternoon By Out East

Good friends make life beautiful, Jon Allan and Adam Ravalia are a great duo who do quality and great music together. They came up with “Out East” to entertain the audience with true and out sanding music all over the world.

“Out East” is based in Canada and they prefer to make music which is unique, delicate with fine lyrics. “Wasted Afternoon” is one of their awesome tracks with a true passion all of the track. Deep strong vocals, delicate melody and a soothing tune always bring you the most heart touching manner to all the listeners.

Listen to https:

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Choke Me By Gallaxsy

A delicate voice is always a meditation to your heart and to your ear as well. Gallaxsy is from the United States and has come up with her amazing track “Choke Me” to all the Pop lovers out there.

Leading with emotive yet heart touching vocals, Slowing things down to a seductively mellow pace, Nicely crafted, with a modern touch of Pop music. Gallaxsy nicely uses her awesome vocals to attract the audience out there.
Gallaxsy has a very good bond with music and she knows how to make the things with music in a positive manner. She is a talented and upcoming artist and stays tuned with her to see her future work.

Follow Gallaxsy through Instagram 

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YoungB Poverty Official Music Video

YoungB – Poverty (Official Music Video)

A song can be perfect with brilliant lyrics, and a positive message for all the people. YoungB is one of the talented and upcoming artists who is coming from Miami Florida. Being a lovable person towards Hip Hop and Rap music, he always leads his way in a positive manner.

This awesome soul is proudly presenting, freshly released track “Poverty” to all his beloved fans. The lyrics in particular in each verse, has a unique approach throughout the track. Young B cleverly delivers his inner thoughts about the poverty that everyone is facing. 



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Falling From Grace by Eric Val

Some people are falling love with music suddenly and unexpectedly, Eric Val who is from Williamsport, PA has happened to face a sport injury during his high school, and he started to spend more time in music. His friend Alex Boyce has done a lot when it comes to Eric’s music career and that priority, and dedication of Alex made him come this far as well. 


Nicely produced and presented with a great passion along with great dynamics, Eric Val freshly released his new single “Falling from Grace” to all the beloved audience out there. With fantastic lyrics, a melancholy melody this awesome track steals your heart at first and the unique vibe will heal your heart as well. 

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Dial tone By Pryme Sinny

Dial tone By Pryme Sinny

Pryme Sinny is from Pittburgh and he has released “Dial tone” to all the Hip Hop lovers out there.

Presenting one of the most infectiously melodic hip hop alternatives this month,  Pryme Sinny brings together rhythmic bars, a bass-led immersive soundscape, and a varied flow complete with a recognisable vocal tone to really draw listeners in. 

An easily addictive new track, with talent, vibe, vocals at its core but professionalism and clever, likable song-writing alongside of this. Getting the chemistry just right in contemporary hip hop and trap.

Listen to his track through


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Sitting Ducks By On Ithenfal’s Wing

Introducing a collaborative project and On Ithenfal’s Wing Brilliantly crafted, immediately prompting the rock and metal fan to turn up the volume a few notches. 


On Ithenfal’s Wing is from the USA and they are an alternative rock band with a metal touch. Great lyrics always give you a hint for a marvelous song. These guys have a great vibe, a heartfelt and emotive track from the outset, All Around features a reverb-soaked vocal lead and a melody that quickly feels passionate and powerful as it rises up. 





Social media links of the artist :

Apple Music





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Hotmess By Ihateyoujonny

Ihateyoujonny is from Atlanta GA and has released his track “Hotmess” to all the Hip Hop lovers out there. 

Ihateyoujonny is one of the talented artists and an all rounder as in he is a rapper, drummer, guitarist, producer, and engineer while working on any project. All people have to start their journey at an exact point, this talented soul started the same as a drummer for metal and punk bands. Then he started his journey for rapping as well. This huge step helped him to make few and interesting beats for commercials as well. 

Punk music always inspired this talented artist to move forward and concentrate more. “Hotmess” is a huge comeback from Ihateyoujonny, with a great color, deep attractive vocals and melody of the track always add a different vibe to this track. 

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Dolla $ign Tylz- D&D- Prod. By Dierbeatz [Official Video]

Dolla $ign Tylz is a Detroit based artist. He grew up on the likes of Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Jay Z. Signed to Detroit-based label Ascendancy Digital; he has begun to put out songs consistently over the past two years and is starting to gain traction on Spotify with over 15000 listeners a month on average.

“Dolla $ign Tylz” got the inspiration to be an artist by Drake, Kanye, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, & Cyhi the prince. He has released six singles on Spotify and appears on four albums of other artists.

D&D flaws on infectious hook and sound can be described as more as a distorted grand piano and mid tempo carried by a pounding 808. The piano is intense but still subtle enough to give space for Dolla $ign Tylz to showcase his vocal performance Professional quality music and video make the user hang on until the song finishes. The song “D&D” is produced by Dierbeatz and Visuals Directed By Jimmy Lenses.

Watch the official music video of “D&D” on Youtube. Follow Dolla $ign Tylz on Instagram and Twitter.


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Intoxicated by Rhythm

Intoxicated by Rhythm

Mellow music and slow vocals, Intoxicated is a mixture of more than two music genres; hip-hop, rap, new wave & trippy.

Rhythm is a musician from San Antonio, Texas, United States. He loves experimenting with different music genres and create unique songs by himself.

Rhythm came to this music industry in 2018. Rhythm has developed his skills a lot by releasing new songs frequently using music on RnB, Hip hop, and rap genre.

Rhythm has released many songs on YouTube, Intoxicated being the latest one.

Intoxicated flows on a plodding tempo, making it a good choice as a relaxing song. Hip hop singing and rapping parts juggle around the song giving it a shine. The song also has some new wave and trippy music trails where you will wonder which genre this song falls into.

Watch “Intoxicated” on Youtube.

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Prince baby Jesus X Eastside-Dollasign- In My Thoughts (HQ)

Prince baby jesus & Eastside-Dolla$ign is from NC/VA and released their latest track “In my Thoughts (HQ) to all the Hip Hop lovers out there.

Mind blowing, nicely collaborated with a true color and you all will love the positive vibe of this awesome track throughout the track. Strong and deep voices are adding a true unique color to the track as well.

Every person has some stages in their life and also major ups and downs. Prince baby jesus was in prison and his turning point of life was music. He eagerly wants to share his experiences, past events and how positive his mind is now to the present world. At the moment he is working for “Brown Pride Black Power” new project with North Carolina Artist Eastside-Dolla$ign.

Eastside-Dolla$ign is one of the most talented rappers out there, having worked with Ruben Paz and Lil Shock he has come through a long way with multiple experiences as well. He always found passion in old school rapping and modern latin rapping as well.

Check the track through

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Toosii x Naz Sloane

Toosii x Naz Sloane- “Battle” (Unreleased Track)

Here comes an exquisite artist who is from Philadelphia, and brings you his freshly released track “Battle.”

Born and bred in Philadelphia, was a football star, street hustler now one of a great Hip Hop artist. This amazing soul went through a lot after losing his mom and two best friends. Music is a great medicine for all who are going through hardships in their lives, Naz Sloane also dealt with music to find out a cure for his wounds inside him. 

His very first track “Groovin” changed his life and brought him this far as a better artist. He is the owner and the founder of “LOOK” records and as of now he made this title as a brand as well. This amazing and talented soul came through many barriers and has given a great  and a positive example for his own audience.

“Battle” is nicely produced and presented with a deep and attractive vibe all over the track. Delicate vocals with catchy sounds always bring a unique color to the song as well. 



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ABOUT AN ARTIST: Meet Billy Wilkins!

If you are the sort of person who looks for the story of a song and wants to learn more about the artist this video is a must watch for you. This is all about Billy Wilkins. He is a talented musician from New Jersey, USA.  He is a singer , guitarist and a songwriter who is mainly focused on producing indie, pop and rock music. Through out the video you can learn more about his life , the start of his music career and how he learned to play guitar by himself . not only that you can enjoy some of his classic beauties which is so sweet to listen makes it an interesting watch till the very end.

Collaborating with multi Grammy award winning producer, Jerry Wonda and releasing music via Wonda Music and EMPIRE distribution is a special high point of his journey. He is hoping to make more amazing song that will make home inside his fans hearts. You can follow him on social media and popular streaming services to stay in touch of his new releases and to enjoy the classic beauties.






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Excalibur By Davey Crockett’s Ghost

Davey Crockett’s Ghost is one of the greatest bands that you all will ever find when it comes to true, deep and amazing music. Jake Harris and Gabe P are two amazing souls who walk together to achieve their goals in the music industry. The both of them have found their true love towards music when they were young and that awesome feeling brought them this far. They proudly released the Album “Excalibur” with the touch of tales of Old England. 

Excalibur is a heavy production with most beautiful melodies, heart touching tunes, Literary complexity, intelligent framing of ideas and conscious writing. You will be speechless when you listen to each and every track in Excalibur, since you will find the most unique and awesome colors in each track. Every song has a splendid touch and that will take you to another world. This every song is bringing you the utmost peace inside you and it will be like a meditation at the same time. 

You all can check these awesome tracks below

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Have a look



A creative collaboration, with a unique touch of music, explendid vocals with marvelous rhythm, Davey Crockett’s Ghost is proudly giving a massive outcome for all the music lovers around the world by releasing the track “Revolution.” You all will be speechless, when you hear the first tone of this awesome track and will rumble up inside your head all the time. You will feel so much energy in every bit of the vocals with a soothing touch as well. 

Listen to Revolution through

Do you wanna be mine?

Do you wanna be mine is also an amazing track which you can find out in Excalibur. Davey Crockett’s Ghost kicks off the track with a great energy with beautiful and attractive guitar chords. You all will feel the same energy and the great passion throughout the song. As usual these amazing souls made it a blast with a unique vibe. Delicate ambient production haunts behind a gritty and cleanly mixed vocal for a level of immediate intensity and conceptual focus.

Listen to Do you wanna be mine? through

Name Redacted

Music always heals you. The whole thing feels a little like a piece of theatre, stage-ready with your imagination to fill in the visuals. Name Redacted is a fine example for the same. And then, a sort of lullaby-like finish, from a title that politely and intriguingly nudges you towards the appropriate feelings. You will feel the powerful chords of the piano throughout this magnificent track and we are pretty sure you all will fall in love with every bit of it. 


Listen to Name Redacted through 



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“Pain” by Bombay masked e-fiddler (BMeF)

BMeF is a musician from Bombay, India. Learned classical music with a violin at an early age in Delhi School of Music under renowned Violinist Mr. Ivan Rodrick. He has done his studies under the London curriculum. While in school, he could learn about classical musicians like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Kreisler. He then moved to Australia to pursue an Elder conservatoire Music degree. There he studied under Australian Violist and conductor Mr. Keith Crellin and encountered electronica music. He suddenly fell in love with electronica and started crafting his own sound with the violin dubbed “water music.”

This is a mini-song project by BMeF. He says,” In today’s times, Music production or song production needs practicing learning adapting, and exploring at a very faster pace. Most musicians can’t turn some amazing song ideas into final songs, and the whole thing goes down the drain end of the day. I want to keep things simple with this new project, and the idea is to finish a song Or a minisong in a day so as to learn faster methods and not overproducing.”

The song has quite unique music with progressive electronic tones, frequent violin “water music” parts, guitar tones, and electronic beat instead of drums. The song is unusually satisfying with classic and poetic lyrics. The vocals are mellow and confident; we can experience his years of learning from his voice itself.

Check out “Pain” on Youtube and follow BMeF on Instagram and Facebook.

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Zuvie – Cold Blooded (Official Audio)

“Cold Blooded” by an emerging artist Zuvie was released on Youtube recently. This hip-hop and rap style song has the potential to go up in the music charts for sure.

Zuvie is a talented artist based in Chicago. His main styles of making songs are hip hop and rap. He is a 20-year-old Somali artist that has both talent and passion for music. He’s been in this industry for three years learning and experimenting with music. He has released 21 songs on Soundcloud and his last song, “Troosli Type Beat,” got a hit on Soundcloud with more than 77k streams and counting. “Cold Blooded” is his latest release, which has already received more than 20k streams on Soundcloud alone.

Inspired by Lil Baby, Toosii, and Nipsey Hussle, Zuvie creates hip hop and rap style songs mainly, with some pop and trap style songs. He uses a synthesizer to make melodies for most of the songs and is very good at it.

“Cold Blooded” flows on an infectious hook that starts at the beginning. With some more synths and beats to shine, the vocals of the song highlight more than the music. Zuvie is more like rapping; although his voice has a tune, but it is perfectly balanced. The lyrics rarely uses dirty words, but it rarely grabs the attention.

By checking his latest releases, we can see an improvement in his skills, and we expect that he will continue to learn more and release more mind-blowing songs in the future.

Listen to “Cold Blooded” by Zuvie on Youtube. Check out his work on Instagram and LinkTree.

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Crypto By TheGilFactor

TheGilFactor brings you his new song release “Crypto” on Spotify.

TheGillFactor is the CEO of GillFactor Records, a music company founded in 2018 and based in New York City. They are specialized in Latin, Reggaeton, and dance style music. GilFactor record is a music publishing company, a record label, and an advertisement agency. They also have two subsidiaries; GilFactor Records Concerts and GilFactor Records Promo. Gillfactor records concerts organize events to promote featuring artists from New York City and abroad while Gillfactor Records Promo is an agency that promotes projects not directly linked GilFactor Records.

TheGillFactor is the stage name of the CEO of GillFactor Records, and “Crypto” is his official album cover song.

The song is flowing through a strong beat and is remixed with various synths and tones. It got an infectious loop that will run through your ears even after the song finishes. The rhythm of the music makes the listener dance subconsciously, and the vocals are in the Latin language.

GilFactor Records accepts advertisements, promotions, and music recording orders from artists around New York City. You can contact them on their website

They have 3 Instagram accounts: @TheGilFactorTv @GilFactorRecords @TheGilFactor

Check out TheGillFactor on Facebook @GilFactorRecords

You can listen to “Crypto” on Spotify.

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Home Alone by Ghost on the Second Floor

“Ghost on the Second Floor” is a musical band that produces indie-pop-style songs. The artists are from Hong Kong and Paris. The band is inspired by REM; an American Rock Band formed in 1980. 

Ghost on the Second Floor has released 14 tracks so far in their SoundCloud Channel, and they’ve been in this industry for more than six years.

Home Alone reminisces old music that rose and shined in the 1980s so that it will quench the thirst of 1980′ music lovers.

The song is about a female ghost that nobody can’t see or hear. They talked about her sad life story when she was alive and how she spends her ghost living in this song. A bit scary but compelling music with old-type vocals brings you into a Ghosty place in your mind. The “Home Alone” song is overall enthralling with an exciting beat and guitar tones. Although the song didn’t go viral, it has a viral song’s qualities if there were more 1980s music lovers.

Watch “Home Alone” on Youtube. Follow Ghost on the Second Floor on Facebook and Instagram.

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Not Very Far by J Palso

“Not Very Far” by J Palso has released on March 21, 2021, on YouTube, hoping for a hip hop hit.

The “Not Very Far” release is based on his book Fallen from Heaven by John Palso. The book is currently selling on Amazon.

John Palso lives in Montreal. He is of Romanian origin. After completing his bachelor’s degree, J Palso decided to write a romance novel called Fallen from Heaven. He wrote this song to incorporate it with his book. He speaks Romanian, French, and English.

Inspired by Collie Buddz, Sean Paul, and Akon, J Palso is a beginner Dancehall, pop, hip-hop artist that hopes to write and sing many more songs in the future.

For a beginner artist that composed his first song, he has done an excellent job. The beat, tone, and vocals don’t show off J Palso as a beginner. He sings in the song as a pro artist. The lyrics are outstanding, and by the words of this song, we can assure that his novel will also blow readers’ minds. We expect many more exciting songs by J Palso in the future.

Listen to “Not Very Far” on Youtube and follow J Palso on Instagram. Buy Fallen From Heaven book from Amazon.


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Monkey by Sasi Shalom

The Jazz artist Sasi Shalom brings another superb music track, “Monkey,” with an impressive team of Ole Mathisen on Saxophone, Richard Hammond on Electric Bass, and Horacio “el negro” Hernandez on Drums.

Resides in New York City, this Israeli artist is a prodigious composer, producer, and performer. He is a Jazz bandleader and toured with his team across the USA, Europe, and Israel. Sasi Shalom appreciates music from all over the world and has incorporated this diversity into his writing and improvisations.

Sasi has released five Jazz records as a leader so far. They are Modus, The Way I See It, Long Time Coming, Endless Nights, and Moments of Eternity. This track is a part of the full-length album “Moments of Eternity.” He has worked with so many artists. Some of them are Gary Thomas, Teodross Avery, Ole Mathisen, Donny Mccaslin, Matthew Garrison, Richard Hammond, Oz Noy, Arie Volinez, Kai Eckhardt, Horacio “el negro” Hernandez, Antonio Sanchez, Davide Pettirossi, Buster Williams, Al Foster, Jerry Bergonzi, Adam Nussbaum, Abe Laboriel Jr, Ralph McDonald, Ravi Coltrane, and Will Downing.

Inspired by weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, and Miles Davis, Sasi Shalom is a Jazz/ Fusion/ Jazz-Rock artist that produces and composes excellent music. He is a fantastic pianist and a performer.

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Premium Bundle by Louie dripp

Classic Rap music connects cleanly mixed vocals in a unique manner “Premium Bundle” has one of the bold introductions and is done by Louie dripp. Even Though it’s fast-paced it can be satisfying as well. Almost all ideas are refreshing, relatable, but this smart soul presents this awesome track in a reflective way. Hope this amazing track completes you and will give you a positive vibe as well.



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Y U Trippin by TAY – LAH

TAY – LAH is an awesome, upcoming, talented soul who is based in Australia. “Y U Trippin” is the first-ever debut single that she has done as of now. The whole thing is into the next level, the vocals, the video, melody, will bring you the right delicense to your ear and for the soul as well. When you listen to this awesome track, you will figure out how nicely flowing the song with good music and will catch your ear easily as well.

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Everyday by Cra Raccs

Nicely expressed, magnificent vocals with an awesome flow. “Everyday” is a brilliant creation by “Cra Raccs” who is from Crown Heights Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  Pouring through like something of a freestyle awesome rap music, This interesting track leads into confident and intimate references alike throughout its verses, You all will love the nice and chilling flow of this amazing track too.

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The Radio by CJ STAIN

An immediately soulful and infectious hook starts off this new release from Stain in the best possible way. Progressing from the stylish, melodic and angsty confidence of the hook and intro, this track goes on to bring in a heavy rap vocal, classic and cleanly mixed, offering a mighty contrast with the lightness and soulful swagger of the hook and the soundscape. He is a Canadian producer who mainly focused on  R&B and soul influences. He has received many endorsements for his amazing work .recently for the breathtaking remix of “Cold Water” by Justin Bieber. Not only that his talented work helped him to win many academic awards too.

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I Want Ice Cream by The Poopie Diapers

Bringing down childhood memories will always help you to think positively and move very forward. Sometimes you have to face difficulties in your real-life and an Ice cream might change your moods as well. Nicely presented, directly addressing for all the audience out there, “The Poopie Diapers” have released this attractive track. Blending with so many tunes, vocals and memories as well. When you listen to the same you will figure the production seems to veer in another awesome direction as well.

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