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Heidenröslein (Schubert) : piano cover, piano Kawai Novus NV10 by Soichiro

Introducing another brand new piano cover from SOICHIROHeidenröslein begins uniquely emotive. In many ways, this is something entirely different from pianist and producer SOICHIRO. In some though, the piano cover Heidenröslein still represents those core values of exploring the connections between sound and life itself.

SOICHIRO is a composer engaged in music production and composing for over five years in Japan conscientiously and professionally with extensive experience working within a Japanese radio production company.

In Tokyo, he created background music for TV and Radio ads, radio Jingles, radio programs, company events, and an iPhone app. A highly organized and efficient individual whose thorough and precise work on projects has satisfied directors and listeners.

He started to play the piano at the age of 6 and now specializes in classical music through to pop music. SOICHIRO produced not only background music but also popular songs in varied genres. He steps up from the London College of Music in London for music technology in 2016  to further his knowledge of music. Recently, he has released Easy Listening Music(Electro, Ambient, New Age)

Following the notes of the progression in a hypnotically smooth and wave-like way, SOICHIRO showcases all at once a fine ear for original compositions, an evident ability to present the changing energy and emotions of a musical journey – the softer moments, the quicker, more electrified ones – and a strong sense of artistic identity.

Essentially, this experience, the changes you witness as the composition pours through, effectively represent the track’s title. The latter half sees the pace increase, and a brief instance of manic uncertainty appears before everything falls away again to resolve the journey with peace and hopefulness.

A talented and passionate musician. With a fine ear for compelling, engaging melodies and chord progressions. These cover introduce his work strikingly and memorably.

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Used to it by PMG Digga X Loopy

A dynamic duo who work well together can be worth any three people working in isolation. PMG Digga X Loopy are one of the great and unique duos who is from Brooklyn, NY. These two talented artists always come up with soulful and unique tracks for all the Hip Hop and Rap lovers. “Used to it” is another great piece of work by PMG Digga X Loopy. 

This awesome track will bring you an immediate dreamy ambience that leads you all into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully produced track. Great teamwork always makes a fire and PMG Digga X Loopy is also a perfect combination and they know how to entertain the audience in an awesome way. 

PMG Digga X Loopy has released the video of “Used to it” and that will give you a positive ambience and a chilling vibe as well. Hip Hop music can make a huge difference to a track with amazing Rap music. “Used to it” is a track with a rightfully energetic performance, and an essentially addictive tune as well. If you all are looking for a unique and great ambience this track will take you to another world for sure. It is time to listen to this piece of work. I hope you all will enjoy and love the same as well. 

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Link Wit Us by Ceo verse

Leading with the song’s hook, Link Wit Us turns its focus towards contemporary hip-hop fans. Still, all the while keeps a certain sense of delicacy and character about the Ceo verse’s vocal style and lyricism.

It’s Verse!!!! Big bag big Verse owner of So Dangerous Ent. This rising Richmond Va artist has his own style, swagger, wordplay, and unique melodies. Recently dropping “I still ain’t fall off yet,” it’s been picking up serious traction. This was not the first time he shook the local music community. Just last year, he arguably had one of the best singles from out of Richmond called “Recession” Now, he is back again with another wave of new videos on the way, and we are excited to see what he has this time.

Underneath the vocal progression, we get a notably impressive beat. Multiple layers of riffs, synths, and programmed strings, back-up a worthy bass line. And a reasonably light, unusual rhythm. A little over three and half minutes long, it’s this general musical aura that takes the lead for the most part. The vocal tone is second, and the lyrics are the last thing to connect.

Fortunately, there’s enough personality in the sound, a recognizable vocal style, to get listeners coming back for more hopefully. At which point the contemporary tones stand out all the more so – modern-day references to making money, succeeding, Link Wit Us. The entire single is an alternative, catchy take on a common topic, and Verse has crafted it well.

Link Wit Us is a savvy gem of hip-hop with an intelligent rap that feels authentic and has an emotional, competent vocal delivery at its heart which is worthy of your attention. And it’s over far too soon.

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Chessboard by Cuzzo

Showcasing a thoughtful or timeless approach to hip hop, Chessboard leads with intention – a storyline rooted amidst integrity, focused and open, blending personal feeling with poetic cleverness and scene-setting for a wholly engaging listen.

Cuzzo is a versatile Upcoming artist from Washington, D.C. This popping artist in Washington, D.C, predominantly sings HipHop and Rap. Cuzzo released his first single, “Chessboard,” off his upcoming project “The Transition,” which will be released sometime this year.

Cuzzo has been inspired by Notorious B.I.G, Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Eminem, Andre 3000, & Many More.

His singles got Local radio airplay from Washington, DC, and major radio stations (WPGC & WKYS). Previous videos have had multiple features on Has recorded (3) previous projects that had success.

Offering multiple layers of reverb-soaked vocals, each raining down with a certain whispered delicacy and subtly passionate performance alike, Chessboard runs through its initial minute-thirty with a select few loops of melody and vocal concept. Then things switch gears, space comes into play, a few cinematic details and fragments of spoken word to really set the scene.

The intention is story-telling, and the looping nature of the soundscape with its multi-layered warmth makes you really lose yourself to the potential topic in a strangely compelling way.

The entire latter half of the track is, in fact, way less heavy lyrically – almost like an artistic break, allowing the story to trail off, the subject to leave you wondering.

In any case, there are threads of character to the musical progression. It will be interesting to hear where else Cuzzo takes this alternative hip hop sound in the future.

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Next Up by Don Go$$

Next Up is the new single from the most requested artist on the groove right now, Don Go$$. The soundscape sets the perfect kind of ambiance for the flow and story-telling that follows – complete with sound bites and samples to help build intensity, the music has a classic yet freshly crisp feel and rhythm to it. On top of this, Don Go$$ showcases a mellow approach to performance in order to give these rhymes and these facts the most conscious and meaningful level of weight possible. You listen because it sounds like it has depth, and you learn about the sentiment and the drive behind it all as the track progresses. 

The smooth vibe it gives makes more of us listen to this track and Don Go$$ has a magical ability to keep our focus till the end that makes us fall in love with the song. He is an upcoming hip-hop artist from Kankakee IL. Although he is new to the hip-hop arena his music is far different from others. He always tries to do something new and refreshing to make his own identity among thousands of artists. With his passion and hard work, he has managed to build his own identity and audience who love his music while lifting hip-hop music to new heights. Don Go$$ emerges like a long-lost legend, never questioning his own abilities, which, in turn, gives you confidence in them as you listen. He carries these tracks in a mighty way and makes for a refreshingly considerate and colorful project that takes all the time it needs to express its underlying sentiments and to, ultimately, keep you entranced by the action and the music.

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Pigeon Check by GNY

Intensely captivating, surprisingly focused on its topic visually and conceptually – GNY reignites the mellow, story-telling tone of hip hop’s alternative legends with the wonderfully topical Pigeon Check.

GNY is a versatile Egyptian Rapper located in London, UK. He is a popping star in London who mainly records Hip-hop and Rap. This young artist is inspired by great artists like Eminem, NF, Hopsin, Royce Da 5’9′, Lowkey, Logic, Drake. He aims to release more tracks this year and hopefully stuff that will keep you entertained.

Well-crafted, somehow all at once uplifting and calming – confident, stylish, faultless in vocal rhythm and rhyme. The bass hits with impact; meanwhile, the voice has a certain quietness that manages to captivate for its humble tone; something contrasted cleverly by the very nature of the lyrics.

An impressive introduction is an easy anthem for the summer and injects a little drive and willpower for those looking to progress in life.

Already racking up followers online, GNY meets the sound of the moment while also holding close to a defiant level of character and recognizable style in his music.

Weave in the simple color and uplift of the groove, fragments of piano, guitar, and RnB whispers of melody, and the completed track has the makings of an easily inspiring, heart-warming, and energizing hit.

Pigeon Check is gentle but connects for its sense of drive and realness. A concept beautifully represented by an artist with a defiant level of depth and appeal to both his writing and performance style.

Refreshingly engaging, a style that proves timeless once again, and an artist with an intelligent and uniquely contemplative writing style that genuinely elevates the whole creative approach. I look forward to hearing more.

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This Is a Vibe by ARIE$

ARIE$ is one of the upcoming truly talented artists who is from Durham, NC. This awesome soul is a Hip Hop artist as well as a Songwriter and vocalist for the past few years as well. 

Life can be a hassle sometimes and it will give you many more experiences to grow up and to move on. Having a rough patch in ARIE$’s life he is recovering from alcohol and he is one of the proud single dads for a beautiful 2 years old girl as well. Music will always help you to have a perfect and steady mind and also, it will help you to heal from many things too. 

Having been inspired by NF, Cal Scruby, Eminem, J Cole, ARIE$ always tries to do his maximum when it comes to music. Nicely produced and presented with a great vibe all over the track and we are pretty sure the tunes will rumble around your head all the time. A rightfully energetic performance, and an essentially addictive tune that leaves its mark with ease throughout a colorful journey. Stunning vocals of a breathy and soulful quality of the Rap also will add a true and unique color to this piece of work.

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Flight Lyrics by NT Apprehensive

Kicking into gear with the inescapable weight of a rising bassline and beat, the single Flight Lyrics sets the pace with an increasingly complete and immersive soundscape of ambient detail and cinematic diversion.

NT Apprehensive is an Alternative Music Producer and Progressive Metal Guitarist with a Progressive metal background based in Milan, Italy. This versatile artist is well known in Milan, and he mainly records Alternative/Electronic music. London On Da Track inspires NT Apprehensive.

Musically Flight Lyrics builds up in an orchestral fashion, really injecting a whole new level of versatility into the track, and just in time. A personal favorite for the melodic riffs and the powerful unity between euphoric sound design and conceptual depth. Featuring dashes of organic harp, this one lights up the artistry of the project at the penultimate moment; and still manages to feed into the whole NT Apprehensive style and sound relevantly.

The retro layers and game-like melodies meet with the live-style kick and snare of the drums to create an immediately interesting, captivating story. This evolves consistently throughout the track – with new layers, and even some unsettling new sounds are woven in during the latter half to recapture any wandering minds.

A producer and musician with a refreshingly free artistic reach. Always worth taking some time to listen. NT Apprehensive offers a hit of escapism that quickly lights a fire within the imagination of its listeners by Mastering the horror-rock and bass-led genres in a uniquely expressive way. Professionalism and passion intertwine for this industrially cinematic dream.

The single Also features some striking artwork. Depicting NT Apprehensive as ‘a queer alien zentai underground anti-hero, emerging from an amorphous meaty forest’, Flight Lyrics is every bit as creatively experimental and free from the confines of expectation as you’d hope. As a result, it makes for a refreshing electronic listen.

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By Love’s Hand by Sanders & King’s We ’73 Band

Presenting a softly soulful vocal lead, By Love’s Hand pours through with a classic and relatively eternal set-up and progresses from mellow verses to its emotional and addictively satisfying hook with evident song-writing strength.

Sanders is a Navy Veteran and currently serves as a pilot in the Air Force Aux – Civil Air Patrol Program training Cadets.

 Thought it was about time he started using his talents to help others, especially those in need. Another Navy Veteran, Paul King, and Sanders decided to start “We ’73 The American Unity Project.” A number of their classmates from their time at Delaware Township School have joined them. They help spotlight through music, programs that are helping their communities. 

Sanders loves to read and discuss classical literature. 

Sanders has been married to his gracious and beautiful wife, Mary Ann (or Aimée as she’s known to close friends), for 27 years. They have five children and ten grandchildren. Been playin’ since he was ten years old. From Shelbyville, Indiana. 

The outback, isolated swagger of By Love’s Hand immediately fills the room with a sense of drama and depth. The reverb-washed soundscape proves quickly hypnotic, giving off a drunken level of immersive diversion that’s lightly guided by the rasp and desperation of cleanly cut, upfront vocal of Lead vocalists Will Sanders and Madeline Rivera. The Back up singers are Aimee Leone, Mayra Sanchez, and Jim Mahoney. Madeline Rivera the Spanish verse and Will Sanders  with all of the English verses.

Written from the corners of both wistfulness and self-reflection, recorded with a heavy-eyed passion and grit that beautifully suit the underlying sentiments. Infectious yet melancholic, connecting for its purity and the honest relaying of the situation of the self. Well worth a listen at volume.

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Midnight Here in Carolina by J. Marc Bailey

J.Marc Bailey who is from Nashville, TN has released his singles “Midnight Here in Carolina” to all the country music lovers all around the world. Unlike other music genres, country music always speaks to your heart and it can heal you within a second, Of course having a deep down, heavy and amazing vocals, J. Marc Bailey could already live in people’s hearts.

Having been inspired by Chris LeDoux, Willie Nelson, George Strait, Chris Young, this talented and amazing soul could achieve two top 40 billboard hits in 2005 and 2006. Not everyone can be a singer with talent, and without a doubt, J. Marc Bailey will prove to you how amazing he knows his field well.

Kick starts with the most amazing guitar chords and it gives a different color for this amazing track “Midnight Here in Carolina.” Beautifully refreshing in detail, Delicate is something of a modern-day country song – with a powerful edge of realism. Blending with the most amazing tunes and tones in a unique manner, J. Marc Bailey is truly adding a different yet melancholy flow to this beautiful track. Music will heal you no matter what. It is time to listen to this amazing piece of work with a positive mind. 

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“No Atmosphere” by TreBell08 (ft. Carter Laird)

Brilliant rock vibes pour through with a fine fusion of classic progressive and contemporary song. No Atmosphere, a powerful and immersive, near five-minute epic, which unites addictively distorted, high energy guitar work, drums, and nostalgic, theatrical vocals that captivate and connect. Not only is the sound incredibly impressive, the performances and production alike, but the story-line intrigues and compels for its originality. Songs like these are the once that you get goosebumps. 

TreBell08 is a 13 year old metal and hard rock songwriter from Ontario, Canada. He has been making music for the past 3 years. Though he is young the talent is there in his blood. His music is so pure and authentic with the right ambience to it. Since the balance is just perfect  anyone can enjoy his spring tingling tracks. As a kid he was inspired by Periphery, Plini, Corelia, I Built the Sky to make rock melodies. With the quality of his track he has already got the buzz of  the rock metal community and gained a good audience too. Brilliant, superb song-writing, musicianship and production, from a clearly versatile yet still consistently true to his own creative roots artist. Vastly impressive, right the way through.

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Woke Up by Lil Dust

Lil Dust climbs higher than ever with his new release Woke Up, impressing from the offset for a song that showcases realness, a true story, detailed and honesty, and proceeding to draw you in closer and closer as each fresh moment and feature slides into the mix.

Coming straight out of the South Island of New Zealand but recently relocating to the capital city Wellington Lil Dust is a highlighted artist rapidly making a name for himself right across the country. Bringing a brand new vision, outlook, and style towards New Zealand’s re-emerging Hip-Hop scene with a very global appeal combining witty wordplay and flows accompanied with a strong delivery. Lil Dust has been collaborating with some of New Zealand’s top producers and artists, bringing an almost unheard-of sound out of NZ with a second to none work rate. Growing up listening to artists such as 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, The Game, Big L, Three 6 Mafia gave Lil Dust a very versatile direction with his craft, leading him to make waves throughout the local scene and industry in NZ. Lil Dust has had multiple sold-out shows within NZ and has opened up for big names such as Tom Scott’s Avondale Bowling Club Tour, the shark week in Dunedin, and Raiza Biza in Dunedin on numerous occasions.

Woke Up offers a radiantly nostalgic RnB- hook, impressively performed, and a series of verses that re-ignite the natural fire that is valid hip hop. And to throw further fuel onto that fire, the latter half brings through a fantastic vocal rhyme, followed in brilliant contrast by one of mellow depth and equally new personality.

Woke Up is produced to the highest quality, leading with a smooth and easily memorable hook, anthem-like on the whole.

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Talk into existence by Rick The Rich

In no hurry to get things done, a rich groove Talk into existence well and truly hugs the moment and celebrates undoubtedly this concept in the process. Smooth vibes and soulful vocals drizzle through the speakers in waves of heat for this brand new single from Rick The Rich.

The Haitian-American singer Rick The Rich is a versatile Upcoming artist from New York. He is a popping artist in New York who predominantly sings HipHop. Rick is inspired by Jay Z, DJ Khaled, Lil Baby, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kodak Black.

Not dripping in auto-tune, upfront and neatly mixed, showcasing the artist’s natural tone, confidence, and character, the single finishes something like a freestyle as it pours through – often turning to short phrases for a loop of anthemic mass.

Well-crafted, somehow inspiring and calming – confident, stylish, flawless in vocal rhythm and rhyme. The bass hits with power; in the meantime, the voice has a certain softness that manages to captivate for its seemingly humble tone; something contrasted cleverly by the very nature of the lyrics.

An inspiring introduction. An easy anthem for the summer and injects a little drive and willpower for those looking to grow in life.

Already racking up followers online, Rick The Rich meets the sound of the moment while also holding close to a bold level of character and recognizable style in his music.

Talk into existence is tender but connects for its sense of drive and realness unified – this idea that there may be scrap, difficulties ahead, but that overpowering is always possible; there’s always sunlit at the end of the tunnel.

A concept beautifully represented by an artist with a defiant level of depth and appeal to his performance style.

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Fishing in the sea by Ethn

Folks who were looking for chilling music Ethn have come up with a brilliant single Fishing in the sea just for you. Combining pop hooks with a folkish sensibility, it ebbs and flows and pulses in a great and contemporary way that incorporates keyboard, acoustic guitars, drums, and a really satisfying backdrop that hangs delicately in your ears. Vocally, Ethn’s gentle and pinched vibrato ends notes in an effortlessly cool way, and his idiosyncratic voice also works surprisingly well in laying down clean and clear. But the vocals also demonstrate a knack for pivoting on the spot – an angular trait that allows notes to change direction with a minimum of effort that’s both skillful and, potentially, the cause of earworms. 

Ethn is a rising indie star from New Jersey. Since he is a newcomer to the scene he isn’t afraid to take inspiration from many genres and create music that feels authentic and refreshing to listen to. Once you listen to his songs you will feel the difference in the effort he puts in so that he creates songs that can be enjoyed by many listeners. He is inspired by the music of   David Bowie, Clairo, Stephen Sondheim, Remi Wolf, Judy Garland, and MICHELLE. And he is hoping to be the sound of the new generation who is starting to get back to life post covid.

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BOOM by Dom & Sean

Naturally progressing from a series of uniquely thoughtful, retro-style singles – Dom & Sean come forth with a smooth track, and it makes for a refreshingly creative, contemplative listening. Openly fusing the weight and rhythm of hip hop with the addictive tune-making of pop and the kick of rap, BOOM! holds close to a select few lyrics and moments, riding high on the strength of its musicality and hook rather than anything too heavy conceptually. Dom & Sean is a new duo in the groove who is here to bring you fresh original music that anyone can get behind and enjoy. They got the essential just right, the beat and the vocals blended effortlessly to please our ears. But they are two guys who work so hard to chase their dreams and fulfill their passion for making music. 

Dom & Sean are from New Mexico and they use their regional culture in their music to make it more enjoyable and to stand out from a typical rap artist. All these things make them go wild over their music and they are on the right path to be successful musicians. BOOM! Is a summer-ready anthem, laid-back when it needs to be, energizing elsewhere. The professionalism of the production allows the track to hit with passion and smooth confidence alike. Combine all of this with an equally professional set of visuals, and BOOM! leaves its mark with ease – making sure to imprint that catchy melody in your mind, keeping things fresh with multiple rap verses, and weaving its way naturally into the contemporary scene.

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Higher by SirenBlue

SirenBlue’s Remastered re-released album, Death of Dreams, makes for the perfect starting point if you’re new to their sound and style. Higher sets the slightly experimental tone of this album beautifully. There’s a trippy, reverb-drenched lead vocal, and loads of space for all of the instrumentation as it floats above a root chord that sizzles quietly – in the perfect sonic backdrop to establish a vibe for the first couple of minutes. It’s a song that can be liked and loved by anyone. 

SirenBlue is a 4 piece indie-pop group based in the UK. Their music gives a smooth vibe which helps you to relax your mind and soul. The chemistry between them makes the listening experience much more enjoyable.  The combination of light music and amazing lyrics helps us go deeper within the song and feel it in an unimaginable way. I Imagined A Window is a bit of a rollercoaster. It feels organic and authentic and thrilling, with a dusting of electronics, and, best of all, autotune has been given the day off. Good shout. Where the paint has peeled, it’s only added character and gravity to the ride – and I, for one, want to go round again. It’s blown the cobwebs away!. This is just the start of more good music on the way.

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Burn by The Skinks

Explosive rock hooks, anthem-like structures and fearless indie purity – The Skinks Band keeps their sound eclectic yet passionate throughout an incredibly versatile collection of originals. Burn kicks off with a likably genuine drum-line, a rising and falling bass, and a shoegaze-style voice that remotely injects a sense of story and intrigue. As things progress, the intensity rises, the weight of the soundscape enveloping its audience all the more so. And meanwhile, you crave connection with the lyrics – the title and indeed each short line draws you in, and the music holds you captive there; hypnotic in its indie-rock rounds. 

The Skinks are an original rock band from the UK. They are a group that entered the rock industry with the hope of doing something new and making their mark permanently. tracks like Burn would certainly help them to be a memorable band among rock fans. The guitar drumming and vocals combine together to give an energetic feeling to the audience. The start is smooth though elsewhere things get heavier and more anthemic than any purely dreamy genre tends to allow. Giants in the industry like Foo Fighters, Green Day-inspired them to form a band and produce authentic and refreshing music for all the rock fans around the world.

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Exit Life by LiL Moke

Conceptual hip hop with desirably creative soundscapes – LiL Moke takes listeners down a nostalgic, dreamy pathway that longs for the simplicity of yesteryear.

At the age of 25, LiL Moke is doing better for himself. He is currently in a 1-year rehab program getting his life together, making new music for every to hear, trying to get his word out for the recovering addicts and to the ones who still suffer; his genre of music is Whatever you think it is its a brand new style and unique as he feels the artist who inspired him growing up was Lil Wayne and sooner Geazy, Lil peep and Juice Wrld

Driving with a quickly attractive hook for the intro, Exit Life blends vocal lines for a back and forth to start things up with energy and drive. Following this, the verses lay bare plenty of space – a specific simple set-up that keeps the focus on the voice; an outspoken and cleanly mixed vocal, exposing the details and setting the scene accordingly.

The preparation has a slightly household feel to it, but this adds genuineness and backs up the refreshing clarity of the vocal recording in a relevant way.

The simple set-up works in favor of LiL Moke’s style and confidence, upholding a unique sound within the current scene and tilting its hat towards the legends of yesteryear in the same strike.

Smooth yet bold in notion and tone, Exit Life explodes a sense of possibility and self-empowerment that works well to juxtapose the warmth of the soundscape.

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Pull Up by Jamelia Denise

Blissed-out hip-hop hypnosis doesn’t come more nicely packaged than this. Jamelia Denise’s Pull Up swells into a subby, discordant groove from the get-go. With the smooth vocals while arpeggiating keyboards, drenched in reverb, create an insistent melody that ultimately brings the hypnosis!. A flam-ing snare spits and stutters across the smooth groove while the thunderous sub-bass underpins everything with warmth and depth. Jamelia Denise is a hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Since her early days, she was so passionate about music and writing. 

At first, she started writing personal songs but with the experience over the years, she writes songs for other artists too. As a female artist in the groove, she has created her own identity so she can go on a long journey in this field. What initially seems to be a repeating pattern reveals more layers as you continue to listen; subtle changes in percussion and the addition and subtraction of warming pads, white noise sweeps, and vocal stabs mixed far away in the distance, all adds well to the overall vibe. Artists like ANITA BAKER, MARSHA Ambrosius, SZA, SOLANGE, NICKI MINAJ made her pursue a career in music, and with the quality songs that stay in with the audience, she is on the way to be a great artist. Currently, she is working with artists such as Brash Da Brilliant & Grammy Award-winning Jeff Sjorka with their New Joint Album, “Life Line” with new releases from talented producers as Thrift$tore & Dopeworm. 

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The Savior by MPKS

MPKS’ unique brand of single ‘The Savior‘ music delivers everything in the artist’s name. MPKS has crafted one of the most unpredictably addictive tracks of the year. The song is that good by efficiently taking dark synth and injecting it with haunting melodies with some irresistibly funky beats. Put this single on repeat and leave it.

MPKS is Mathieu Schreyer, a French electronic music composer born in 1982 in the desert land of Alsace. The Neon Moon EP has been written, composed, and recorded during quarantine days, overnight, in April 2020. The Mars Enigma EP has been written, crafted, and recorded during quarantine days, overnight, in 2021

MPKS is a versatile composer who mainly records Synthwave/ Cyberpunk. Perturbator and Com Truise inspire this popping star.

Leading with a certain eternal quality in the misty yet ever-relevant dance-pop realm, The Savior showcases a pure capacity for creative organizing and a notably existing way with product features. The fade-in, the rise up, the fragility and ensuing heft – everything is captured strikingly, professionally, to current listeners with an entirely fetching experience, one that loiters in mind long afterward the music has still.

Turn this one up loud for a delighted and stirring listen, with more than a couple of recognizable appeal behaviors, from the riff to the melody and the tone.

A producer and musician with a refreshingly free artistic reach, always worth the time it takes to listen to, MPKS offers a hit of diversion that quickly lights a fire within the imagination of its listeners. Professionalism and passion intertwine for this industrially cinematic dream. This single showcases the artist’s ability in Synthwave and Cyberpunk genres.

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Spacewalk by 6ix Change

Starting with some downbeat conversation, close to the mic, all lip-smacks, and breath noises, this kind of confessional half-spoken, half-sung delivery lives or dies on how cool the artist delivering it actually is . No worries on that score here though – it rapidly becomes obvious we’re in a very safe pair of hands: Spacewalk is just that impressive to listen to. With the smooth vibe, it brings you will feel relaxed, chilled  and all the stress is taken away from you instantly. 6ix Change is a talented hip-hop artist from New York. His music is refreshing and unique. Raw, fresh, no autotune insight, 6ix Change puts across a narrative with great clarity. 

This clearly explains the talent of this amazing artist. With his passion and hard work, it won’t take too long for him to make his mark in the industry permanently. Though he is a hip-hop artist mainly the use of Jamaican vibes makes this extra pleasant to listen to. You can expect more of these soulful tracks in his upcoming album “One of these Days’ ‘. It’s a classy piece, augmented further by the distracting visuals of an accompanying video that enhance the vibe of the song.

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Now by MDMT

MDMT storms through this season with a heavy track designed and ready to re-ignite the passion and captivating entertainment of hard-hitting Trap.

MDMT is an Unsigned versatile artist from Toronto, Canada. He is an outstanding star in Toronto who predominantly records Trap.

Aiming high with precisely the fashionable tones of hip hop and Trap that has been making surfs lately, MDMT arises with a single that speak volumes on behalf of crisp, clean making and easy-going tunes.

Stylishly walking the line between tune and rap, Now is a stand-out track from the young artist, a single that trails a hip hop beat and a mild dance-hall, beach-side riff section, eagle-eyed a story of the complicated sides which purely seeks a little fun.

Coming in at barely past the two and half-minute-mark, Now delicately raises the room’s energy before coming to a quick and dissatisfying finish – likely having the effect of making people skip back to the start almost instantly. It’s an effective way to write, and it’s a trait that shines all over MDMT’s releases to date.

Other than his singing style – his tone undeniably unique, bringing an uncommon style layer of character alongside a steadily varied flow and a brutal hit of Canadian rap – the musical aspects of MDMT’s releases are relatively eclectic.

There’s a delicate balance between bars and confidence here, and all the while, the whole thing grips listeners, energizes them, and enthralls right through to the end.

Brilliant. Hopefully, there’s plenty more to come. Listen loud.

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Popular by Tuck G

Tuck G is coming to the groove with this exotically infused and emotive new single. Featuring a world-music-kissed soundscape that’s immediately recognizable for its colorful riff work, creatively tripped upbeat, and the sheer progression of the layers, Popular introduces Tuck G’s uniquely soulful and raspy vocal stylings by means of a simple, fairly addictive melody.  With the chill vibe to it and the successful RnB sounds of a simpler time alike, Popular ticks a lot of boxes creatively. Tuck G is a talented hip hop / RnB artist from Miami. His style is refreshing and unique and his music is for everyone. 

Tuck G’s world play is strong too if you listen carefully the underlying lyrics are meaningful which adds color to the already beautiful song. Thanks to the exceptional qualities of this artist he already got a sizable number of fans that keeps increasing. It is just the first release from his new project HIIXPERIENCE and we can guess the quality of it by listening to Popular. Surely Popular made Tuck G more popular and marked his stamp in the hip hop arena in an unerasable way.

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Cooking by Wild’Outt

Hip Hop rhythms combine with RnB melodies and a dreamlike, trip-hop soundscape on this single from Wild’Outt. Cooking offers a quickly memorable and entrancing melody, as well as a fast-paced outpouring of lyricism that delicately fuses widespread relevance and personal story-telling. Production-wise the theme on this track stands out. It’s unusual and fun music for anyone to listen to. With the pace and the lyrics the artist manages to create a happy mood and the exceptional music video just makes it perfect. 

Wild’Outt is a local rap artist from Chicago. He is talented in his vision and rapping. combined that with his hard work he has managed to be quite popular among the groove and already got a loyal fan base. You get a partly classic hip-hop-inspired vibe from this, and partly a touch of the more Post Malone style of melodic-rap that’s taken the mainstream by storm in recent years. Wild’Outt walks the line well, all the while making sure to bring in his own personal experiences and emotions when it comes to writing and performing. It doesn’t hit hard, but rather, it offers escapism – the sort of late-night tune we turn to when things get overwhelming or noisy out there in the real world. 

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FullMoon by Braxton

Braxton showcases gorgeously soulful, breathy vocals and a hypnotic manner of sound design as FullMoon introduces a uniquely melodic take on contemporary hip hop. Featuring an initially appealing hook and an immersive, colorful ambiance, FullMoon goes on to tick a whole lot more creative boxes. The rap verse is decidedly nostalgic, cleanly mixed, and purposeful in the topic, and the depth and volume of this voice contrasts effectively with that of the more delicate, whispered hook. 

Braxton is a passionate hip-hop artist from Inland Empire, Ca. he started from spoken word poetry. With time he made music for himself. With his talent and passion for rap, Braxton  started working with producer TH, making music for the community. He loves to make Afro-pop tracks but he takes elements from other genres too. Linkin Park, Donell Jones, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Erykah Badu, DRAMA, Tupac, J.Cole are some of the artists who inspired Braxton to make music. Actually, he makes music as an appreciation to the soulful music he grew up with. His wordplay is strong and he always manages to deliver the message he intends to society in a subtle way. As a combination of all the facts, it didn’t take too long for him to be established as a good hip-hop artist in people’s hearts. 

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Say sum by Dreemy Yoey

Slick and dreamy production meets with a contemporary vocal wash and deeply emotive, honest lyrics for this heartfelt story-telling Dreemy Yoey. Say sum offers up a catchy hook loaded with equal parts melancholy and addictive melody, and promises a modern sound but with heart-breaking truthfulness to the lyrical progression. He manages to craft an alt-pop, emo-rap style hyper-trap release, yet also a song that speaks volumes on behalf of personal life. Dreemy Yoey is Philly Delaware Maryland New York. and he got music in his blood. He started rapping when he was a boy and over the years managed to develop his talent. With Say Sum, he is ready to hit the mainstream.

This amazing soul always makes music that excites people. So rather than songs that spread negativity people like to listen to more of his positive songs. He takes a creatively free approach in this song and plays with fire. Literally, his wordplay is on fire. With the quality and vibe of his music surely he will be a star in the new wave of trap music. Once you listen you will keep coming back for more.

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Soylent Groove by Fin

Delicately uniting dreamy layers of synth, voice, and gentle rhythm, amidst a poetic, equally dreamlike series of lyrics, angelically whispered into the mix like distant fragments of a church choir – Fin creates an immersive, alternative trip-hop experience with Soylent Groove. The track utilizes a barely detectable beat on occasion, and elsewhere follows the breath-like waves of vocal melody as each line rises and falls within the soundscape. 

Fin is an upcoming artist from Austria. He is interested in making cinematic, lofi, emotional electronic music, combined with elements of post-rock and trip-hop. Since he is producing music because of his love for music and just for fun you can bet he isn’t afraid to take risks to create music we have never heard before and elevate the trip-hop genre to new heights. Being a guitarist and writing songs for fellow artists helped him to think in a refreshing way and polish his born talent. Fin was inspired by artists like Tycho, 65 Days of Static, Portishead, Deftones and is already on the correct path to be one of the greats in the industry with his unique music. People who were lucky to enjoy his early shows would know his talent. And many of them are already following his music. 

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Exotic Lifestyle by Kushstar Jupiter

Kushstar Jupiter’s approach to hip hop is one of relentless energy, enthusiasm, and flow. Exotic Lifestyle is an intensely vibrant track that introduces the artist and his sound in a manner that’s impossible to ignore.

Kushstar Jupiter is an Unsigned versatile artist from South Carolina. He is an outstanding artist in South Carolina who predominantly records Hip-hop.

Exotic Lifestyle is a track that utilizes its raw vigor to create an intense and catching piece of music and performance. The only moments where things fall back a little are during the hooks – an unusual way to craft a song, possibly adding further to this sense of identity and cheerful confidence that Kushstar Jupiter certainly offers. Rather than building up towards a massive drop, the entire track is that drop – the whole thing grips you captive, tossing line after line into your head until you finally reach (excuse the pun) this point of calm; where you can take a breath, consider it all, echo on it all.

Exotic Lifestyle is an addictive release, dripping both originality and experience, showcasing a vocalist with exceptional skill levels in lyricism – writing, wordplay – and performance. The worth of it hits an assured peak that makes the quiet that shadows the track feel a little too devastating or dull, and so begin the replays. Things jump over – this operated, circus-like riff, Kushstar Jupiter’s immediately familiar voice, and energy, these thoughtful, provoking, brilliant ideas, all return to sky-rocket you back into the center of the hype. With every new listen, something else stands out and evokes your affection. Hopefully, there’s plenty more music to come as the year progresses.

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Double Dribble by QHop

A simple beat and a few cold riffs float through by the side of a motivated and passionate leading voice of QHop. The lyrics make all the effort. The track doesn’t need any stunts or quirks to give it mass – something you come to recognise and appreciate throughout the single Double Dribble

QHop is a versatile Upcoming artist from Mobile, Alabama. He is a popping artist in Mobile, Alabama, who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap. The Memphis rap sound and Starlito influence QHop.

Speaking volumes on behalf of the tunefully humble yet lyrically confident, captivating artist’s captivating style and the upcoming video, Double Dribble light work of fetching its audience. There’s no room or need for plaster at almost two minutes thirty; only the bars, the riffs and the hook are needed. This video is likely to go down well once the live shows start back up.

In the meantime, the music is easy to love – simple good vibes, subtle and dreamy, inspiring and optimistic. The deep groove of the soundscape put together the increasing energy and density of the vocal in a charming way. So you may be lost within the optimistic mood of the video but compelled by the relentless outpouring of images and reflections.

The seemingly simple arrangement of the promo video misleads – the incredibly conscious nature of the lyrics shows far from satisfying with a single listen; the track pleads for repeat plays, at which point QHop subtly elevates himself from good to significant to superb.

Well worth a few spins this season.

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All The Time by STRANGER

STRANGER  takes on a handful of distorted rock soundscapes for this unique side-step away from previous releases. The voice is the same, immediately recognizable for All The Time’s freestyling spoken-word delivery and the gritty rasp of the tone.

Nods to German Techno and minimal production styles bring Stranger’s new single into the post-punk realms of stripped-back Krautrock. The lyrics get messages of hope on the horizon and a light at the end of the tunnel. Synthesized elements move in and out of the constant rolling bass, and drum groove takes us on a journey through the emptiness of now. Like nighttime, many parts can be beautiful, but there is always a longing for light, sun, and the warmth that the day can bring.

All The Time is the sixth single from Brighton-based Stranger.

His Impressive achievements as an artist are Previous support from BBC Intro South, Come Here Floyd, American Pancake, Left Bank Mag, Last Day Deaf, RFRNCE, Alternative Alpaca and Inspot Music, Stream Playlist, RFRNCE.

The effect of the hard-rock power through clearly takes the performance to new realms – less laid-back, more lengthy notes held for a grunge-like sense.

The opening, self-titled track, and the lyrics seem to flow through like our character is lost in a trip by focusing on single phrases and words rather than overloading the listener with bars.

All The Time sees the more classic Passed out STRANGER   introduce things, the creation softer as distortion fills the backdrop. Faster bars, a more specific expression that blends personal sketches with an accessible relaying. The backing music here has a likable simplicity, looping and meeting the darkness and cursing of the lyrics with its hypnotic presence.

All The Time is the most versatile, eclectic project from STRANGER so far. Musically, a definite highlight is given the natural connection between the soundscapes and the grit and passion of the voice.

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