Rap and Hip Hop music is always a good combo when it comes to music. Majik City is a talented and upcoming artist who is from  Toledo, OH. This amazing soul has released his single “Intro” to all the Hip Hop and Rap lovers out there.

Having true passion and dedication towards music, Majik City used to write and record music for over 15 years in total. With time he recognized he is capable of being a good artist and his dreams come true since he was getting a lot of attention with his punchline and bars. This amazing soul always listens to many music genres, but J. Cole, The Game & Big Sean are his influencers in his music career. 

“Small city BIG DREAMS” is his recently released album and “Intro” is one of the amazing and chilling tracks to listen to. Crisp rhythms and multicolored sound design create a blissful basement to this magnificent track and it has the most unique and catchy flow as well. Breathy and melancholy vocals add a different but catchy vibe to the whole track altogether.

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