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Rich Sex by Sendo ofRMS

Ruling his own style, his unique way to break through the noise and repetition of recent contemporary hip hop, Sendo ofRMS leads with...


Intro by Majik City

Rap and Hip Hop music is always a good combo when it comes to music. Majik City is a talented and upcoming artist...


Heidenröslein (Schubert) : piano cover, piano Kawai Novus NV10 by Soichiro

Introducing another brand new piano cover from SOICHIRO, Heidenröslein begins uniquely emotive. In many ways, this is something entirely different from pianist and producer...


Used to it by PMG Digga X Loopy

A dynamic duo who work well together can be worth any three people working in isolation. PMG Digga X Loopy are one of...


Link Wit Us by Ceo verse

Leading with the song’s hook, Link Wit Us turns its focus towards contemporary hip-hop fans. Still, all the while keeps a certain sense of...


Chessboard by Cuzzo

Showcasing a thoughtful or timeless approach to hip hop, Chessboard leads with intention – a storyline rooted amidst integrity, focused and open, blending personal...


Next Up by Don Go$$

Next Up is the new single from the most requested artist on the groove right now, Don Go$$. The soundscape sets the perfect...


Pigeon Check by GNY

Intensely captivating, surprisingly focused on its topic visually and conceptually – GNY reignites the mellow, story-telling tone of hip hop’s alternative legends with the wonderfully...

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