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Keep on by MFM DEEP

MFM DEEP is one of the most talented musicians who is based in Tampa, Fl. This amazing soul has brought his recently released...



Catchy songwriting and organic yet contemporary grooves make up this creatively fresh new single.  ILOVEYOUXIII takes things to even greater plains with the...


Where Yo Pole At? by Dynamic Artist

Dynamic Artist delves into emotional turmoil and unapologetic realness with this ambient and impressive, deeply personal freestyle.  “Where Yo Pole At?”  is a...


Run Up The Miles by VISIION

Visiion aims high and hits the mark with this beautifully crafted hip hop/rap single, Run Up The Miles, on Youtube. Visiion is an...


MAGIC IN LOVE by David A. Tobin

Smooth vibes with a crisp, clean production finish and upfront, intimate vocals – David A. Tobin brings together mellow hip hop and soul...


Confessions by Marriott

The dreamlike ambiance and contemporary rhythms unite for this bounce of a groove and vocally meandering RnB single from Marriott. Blending pristine sound-design...


D Town Maddness by Hunet Make Hundun

Delivering one of the most infectiously melodic hip hop alternatives this month, Hunt Make Hundun brings together rhythmic bars, a bass-led immersive soundscape,...


Every Now And Then And Always by Grey Fields

Mighty vocals blending depth and relatability guide us into a rock warmth and conceptual vulnerability for this powerful, engaging new album from fellow...

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