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Killing in the Name by Cadeus

The creative energy of this latest metal rock track from The Cadeus is superb. The opening guitar riff offers the satisfying hit of any great or classic song, the gentle nature of it appeals but it’s also soaked in a certain sense of anticipation – you can feel that things are about to get much more intense. Rightly so, as the rhythm comes in, the music starts to build, the energy is high, then in a touch of effective structural awareness, the instrumentation falls away to allow the leading voice to present the verse sections. 

Cadeus is an interesting metal band you will find in the industry today.  What makes them special is that they are a virtual band. With the current world situation, it’s fascinating to see the improvisation of these creative artists to bring us something new and refreshing. 

The pace of the hook section in Killing in the Name is intense and heavy, the sound comes through as manic, as a swift and certain escape from the norm. The clever thing about this is that it represents the sudden onset of the high brilliantly. The switch between the calmer, mellow verses, to this full-throttle rock chorus, is very much a portrayal of the switch from the average mindset to the narcotic infused. Following this, the guitar work is incredible, captivating in a very classic rock and roll manner. Further enhancing the instrumentation – the drummer’s performance is insane.

They are clearly on the radar of everyone who is looking for metal anthems that can give you goosebumps. The journey upon which this song takes you is immense. The Cadeus is an exciting and undeniably talented group of musicians, creating within the indie world exactly what their name suggests. And they have done an amazing cover “Killing the name” hope you all will enjoy the same.

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Welcome by Lil E

Lavish production and a soulful, thoughtful style of writing take the lead with a deep reflection for Texas’ Lil E’s first song, ‘Welcome.’

Lil E is a rapper and lyricist from the state of Texas. The rapper Lil E began rapping when he was 13 years old, and even after taking a brief hiatus from the industry, he decided to release his first single, “WELCOME,” in 2021 to pay tribute to the resumption of his career as Lil E. The song is a celebration of the return to the music of Lil E. This is just a perception of what is to come in terms of his artistic abilities and creative process in the future.

Following that, the vocal takes on a more familiar and utterly unique form, effectively nodding to the superior sound of today’s hip-hop scene. Still, the tempo keeps things fresh, and the music that pours over you as WELCOME proceeds works nicely to create a sense of tranquility and contrast with Lil E’s vocal’s rhythm and outspoken nature.

While the single WELCOME ticks many boxes in trendy rap sounds and genres, Lil E’s vocal tone undoubtedly contributes to the whole character – a distinct edge, something to remember his work by. His speech is relatively calm, in keeping with the intensity of the soundscape and subject matter. Nonetheless, a certain level of seriousness allows the weight and theme of pride and swagger to reach out more intensely.

Lil E moves with an increasingly deliberate style of lyricism as the track goes, impressing significantly more throughout the later half thanks to creative wordplay and having certainly found his flow and objective with this single titled WELCOME. The song’s hook is now more audible, presenting a better image of the artist’s understanding of metaphor as well as the overall modern sound and topical referencing.

A really great track, an easy hit, and one you’re likely to remember for the rest of your life if it crosses your path. Hopefully, there will be more to come.

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Breathe by Tragic Bloody Fools

Impressive from the outset as quick-finger riffs meet with the heavy tumble of live drums and a clear level of nostalgic intensity – Tragic Bloody Fools ignite a fresh take on post-hardcore that openly connects. Offering drawn-out vocals that are far more hard-rock or grunge than pop-punk, Breathe shines brightly for its uniquely gripping structure. 

The band utilizes contrast beautifully, rising up and dropping in, stop-start energy that effectively reflects the changing emotions of this deeply personal yet also broadly relatable storyline. The track is energetic and gives positive vibes to everyone who is listening.

Tragic Bloody Fools is a 4 piece Alternative rock band from Southern California. Having debuted in 2021, Tragic Bloody Fools have honed and recrafted their sound to a pristinely engaging degree. The natural passion and grit of alternative rock stand tall, but with this comes faultless musicianship, unquestionable unity between band members, and a brilliantly authentic and compelling manner of songwriting. 

They are inspired by the likes of Alice In Chains, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Tool, Soundgarden, Cog, Karvnivool. Erik Piazza and Vinay Kumar are California natives while Jason Siete James hailing from Boston, MA, and Justin Scott are from Sydney, Australia. They fuse syncopated rhythms, ethereal guitars, and dark lyrical themes with a captivating and high-energy performance. With those amazing performances, they were able to tour regionally in both the USA and Australia. 

Breathe talks on toxicity, being bold and brave when it comes to speaking out on behalf of your own values or perspective, and it does so in a manner that urges you to turn up the volume and escape entirely into the moment; a result that comes largely from a band so naturally willing to do so themselves when performing. Undoubtedly on the cusp of something big, Tragic Bloody Fools are gearing up to release a brand new album, and this single and video promise an exciting longer project of depth and power united. 

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Warrior by Elz Bentley

Warrior is a beautiful track, a great starting point for audiences first discovering Elz Bentley or generally looking for something fresh, loaded with good vibes and positivity. It’s a short recording, less than two minutes; short and effective enough to leave you wanting much more. The musical backdrop is peaceful, ambient, and easy to get into. The artist’s leading voice floats alongside this with quiet confidence. His tone of voice is soft yet serious, driven, a calm kind of passion. The lyrics are presented with a gentle spoken-word style that makes it easy to follow and settles you down sweetly after a long day. It’s emotional, but not overwhelmingly so, and never too personal that it doesn’t connect.

Elz Bentley is a very talented and passionate rapper from Kentucky. He is a guy who entered mainstream rap recently and is trying to make his own mark with his unique style. With him giving his 100% to produce music that is interesting to listen to he is standing out with his southern beats and story-driven music. Kentucky isn’t well known for its rap culture, being that it’s the bluegrass state, but in this track, Elz Bentley is proving that his country rhymes can contend with the best and most cosmopolitan cuts in the game these days.

There are moments of personal drive and reaching for goals, which lets you get a little closer to the thought process and character behind it all, yet for the most part, there are extensive moments of oneness – inclusivity, the feelings we all can feel, the dreams we all can have. It’s simplistic yet powerful, and, as mentioned, the energy the track gives off is so chilled that the feeling transfers to you almost instantly when you press play. The music is calm and fresh and reliable – you can hope for the best kind of vibes, the confident performance, the quirky and inventive lyricism, and you’ll never be disappointed. 

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Deep End by NoOxYgeN

Deep End by NoOxYgeN is a vivid and stimulating piece of music and performance that exposes the artist’s sound and approach to creativity in an eye-catching, colorful manner.

Michael III & Kelly Ru,” also known as “NoOxYgeN,” are a budding music duet. “NoOxYgeN” is a diverse young pair specializing in hip-hop and rap. Deep End is their most recent release.

Crisp and insistent NoOxYgeN effortlessly kick off their new single in magnificently confident style.

Combining the multi-layered, free-flowing orchestral backdrop and Michael’s classic-style rap delivery creates something truly unique right now. Deep End has wonderful feelings. It’s upbeat and enthusiastic — short verses pave the way for another simple but effective and memorable hook section.

The song’s hook contains Kelly Ru’s vocals and provides a moment of melody that breaks up the tempo of the verses and offers a layer of lightness that blends wonderfully within the surrounding sounds.

The vocal feature gives the whole thing an additional structure and some simple, effective, intimate, and late-night lyrics to broaden that reach. This is a collaboration that follows its own rules. And for that reason and all of the above, it works well.

The second time you hear Deep End, those first few moments of music have a satisfying impact. The transition from the delicacy of the intro to the far from typical chaos of those bass lines and everything else that follows (creating the soundscape all over you, brick by brick, but always unpredictable) gives the whole thing a distinct sense of freedom.

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SANCUTARY by Germanistic

Produced and sound-designed by Germanistic, escapism is provided by tribal levels of delicacy and curiosity that shower through organic rhythms and a cave-like layer of reverb. SANCUTARY, one of his audio excursions, is a fascinating spot to begin the relationship with the listener.

Germanistic” is a rising talent in the music industry who works as a Beats – Producer and a Songwriter. He is originally from Germany. He is a dynamic young artist that has spent the last fifteen years mostly recording HipHop, Electronic Music, Movie & Games Music. Germanistic played all of the instruments on his most recent Blend, “ SANCUTARY.”

Although this is maybe the most surprising change in approach for the well-known producer, you quickly forget about the individual components in favor of the overall vibe and escapism that the song provides. However, it has even more significant potential in inspiring a new sense of optimism and awareness: crank up the volume on the music, and the cares of the world will simply wash away for a moment.

As the intensity of the track SANCUTARY increases, the track progresses into more multi-layered regions, a fullness appears, as well as a more skillfully production quality. Because of this, the music becomes all-encompassing and all-consuming as it continues to expand and develop.

Brilliantly inventive, expertly designed, and yet entirely unexpected in its outcome. A hefty wash of different ambiance, with many one-of-a-kind drips that excite the body from the inside out.

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With this incredibly atmospheric, poetically captivating new single “BY YOUR SIDE,” “Guise,” a particular favorite worth cranking up the volume for and a name you don’t forget, leans towards immersive, modestly experimental yet humble pop-rock.

Guise is a three-piece band from Liverpool that showcases some of the best musicians the city has to offer. Guise is a melodically driven rock band with a lot of ‘pop-factor,’ with many hooks in the choruses. Combining sounds from the rough riffs of the 1970s to the melodically laced overtones of the 1980s and finishing with a stunning yet glossy visual.

If you’re new to the Guise sound, the latest release BY YOUR SIDE is a great place to start because it rapidly demonstrates just how great this three-piece band set-up is.

The weight of Guise’s soundscapes prove progressively astounding as a three-piece extraordinaire band — the full-band sound is a treat and complements the clear passion of the writing and singing with ease.

Recognizable voices lead the way, slightly light but expressive, and contrast nicely with the deep and complete soundscape surrounding them. The hook’s fair resolution is superb, allowing for actual impact despite the weight of other elements.

BY YOUR SIDE has a pop-rock atmosphere that progresses in a distinctive structural form, with numerous layers of drums, bass guitar, electric guitar, and vocals.

The verses, in particular, are incredibly vast, with the tune initially sounding like an indie rock before veering off into higher pastures. It incorporates elements of different alt-rock styles.

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Needles & Pins by RG45

Introducing a fresh single “Needles & Pins” that lay bare a soulful yet contemporary approach to hip hop and Rap music. RG45 is a talented and amazing rapper who is based in London. He has been attempting to break into the underground scene for a while and it is a success as of now and With his newfound sound and work ethic, he seems to be well on his way.

Impressive bars, varied pace, quirky and laid-back yet clever when necessary, and RG45 nicely produced and presented this awesome track to all his beloved audience. Dreamy soundscapes and gritty lyrics meet with contemporary production for this late-night vibes. Bringing together familiar melodic loops, lightness, and space, with boldly raspy, recognizable vocals, and raps that seek to inspire a sense of hope as well.

Stylishly uniting the fast-paced power-chords of Hip Hop and Rap music will give you a chilling vibe throughout the track until the end. Driving with a brilliantly free creative reach from this awesome track and all of you will love the vibe of the same as well. There’s something notably refreshing about all of this music, and furthermore, that artistry is met with absolute professionalism production-wise. Unique and interesting, immersive and genuine.

For the hip hop and Rap fans who crave something real,  “Needles & Pins” is well-crafted yet honest and speaks deeper to yourself as well. You all can check this piece of work through the link below and follow RG45 to see his amazing work as well.

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100 lies by VISIION

Another stunning track is waiting for you to listen up. VISIION is one of the young and well-talented Rap and Hip Hop artists who are from Houston, Tx. “100 Lies’ ‘ is his recently released single with a unique touch all over the song as well. VISIION is Building up this track brilliantly, creative as ever, the whole piece creates a powerful space and prompts the listener to think a little more deeply about the world around them. 

Incredible musicianship, and a genuinely original manner of composition that runs through everything from the opening riff to the set-up, structure, and clear emotion highlighted every step of the way.  VISIION has done an amazing video for this track and that is very unique and attractive at the same time. Having been inspired by Kanye, Lil Wayne, Isaiah Rashad, this talented soul brings his music in a positive way and an amazing manner to all the audience out there. 

The sound is unique in every way, Leading with a stylishly timeless backdrop and a smooth, sultry chord progression,  VISIION could bring this awesome piece of work together by adding a true color to it as well. The complexity of the soundscapes is mesmerizing, and yet the smoothness or unity of everything interconnected within is stunning at the same time. When you listen to “100 Lies” you will figure out how amazing the vocals are and how VISIION is engaging with the track in a positive and nicer manner as well. 

It is time to listen to this mind-blowing track and you can refer to the links below. Do follow and stay tuned with VISIION to see and enjoy his future work as well. 

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Modular Patch # 28 by Frederic Marquardt

Driving with a distinct level of identity and creative freedom, producer and artist Frederic Marquardt more than delivers on the implied unpredictability of his name with this uniquely meandering, concise yet striking new track. 

From the opening weight and color of Modular Patch # 28, we’re thrown into a mildly retro, partly distorted realm of rhythm and cinematic intensity. Simple sound design makes for a spacious, minimalist set-up in every case, and it’s this – fused with the retro synth choices and the heavy, eighties-style beats – that gives the track such a thread of personality.

Frederic Marquardt is a talented musician from Stuttgart who was born in 1987. His music career started at a very young age since he was born to a family of musicians. He was exposed to a wide range of music genres and it helped him do his own thing with the exposure he got over the years. 

He started playing as a solo and in the orchestra on many occasions. Currently, he is working as a teacher at a music school. His ambition is to help others to feel the joy of listening to music and making music. And make it more accessible to the children. Frederic is an expert in making experimental electronic percussion. It’s something we don’t get to hear very often. Which makes it a new experience for all of us.

Modular Patch # 28 Is a reminder of the unorthodox yet distinguished and characterful sound. The cool vibe of his music makes him so famous among the people who love experimental music which elevates the music to new heights. Frederic has already managed to be the center of a nice audience that keeps growing.


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With his releases, S.K.I.T.S demonstrates a clear command of creating an ambiance and a moment, both musically and verbally. MAKE IT HOME introduces that sort of creativity in an instant, gradually enveloping its listeners in a soundtrack that is both contemporary and soothing.

S.K.I.T.S (Supreme Knowledge Is The Source)The Visionary is an artist from the Bronx, New York. He has over 20 years of making hip-hop music. From 2011 to 2012, he shared the same stage as Rakim, Dipset, Lloyd Banks, D.M.X., to name a few. He has been on various radio stations online and Fm. He is a GREAT performer, has excellent interactions with the crowd. He has released nine projects to date and executive produced them all. His latest project titled “Nikkis Brother” by fans is his best work to date. This project has Hip hop super producers Vinny Idol and Spunk Bigga to go with the unique flow.

 S.K.I.T.S was inspired by Nas, Rakim,50cent, Scarface, BigDaddy Kane, Jay Z, Big Pun, Biggie, and Biz Markie.

S.K.I.T.S moves with an increasingly intentional style of lyricism as the tune MAKE IT HOME progresses, impressing significantly more throughout the second half thanks to brilliant wordplay and having certainly found his flow and purpose with this track. The song’s hook is now more audible, presenting a clearer picture of the artist’s understanding of metaphor and the overall modern sound and topical referencing.

The whole thing has a professional look to it. MAKE IT HOME flows through with equal parts energy and immediate familiarity — the hook, as well as the artist’s style, sinks in. Musically, there’s a lot to like here, which sets it apart from most recent albums. Things can be upbeat without falling heavy or pushing for swift tempos, and S.K.I.T.S is an entertainer who expertly pays tribute to that.

MAKE IT HOME is an easygoing exploration of contemporary hip hop firmly rooted in the genre’s natural style and flow. If you like laid-back feelings and creative freedom, this is an easy one to enjoy.

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Detroit flow by COG KA’RON

COG KA’RON’s Detroit flow, which comes across as something of a mantra, clocks in at a slightly shorter two and a half minutes.

COG KA’RON’s music includes rap and hip-hop, east and south coast music, and beats. He composes the most-awaited and most incredible 2021 rap and hip-hop music tunes that will shock your head. His channel delivers outstanding underappreciated rap tracks that have yet to be found and have blown up the charts. COG KA’RON strives to provide you ONLY the BEST Rap & Hip-Hop songs!

COG KA’RON” music videos, vlogs, and other promotional visuals can be found here. #COG THA CITY OF GODZ The music speaks for itself #COG THA CITY OF GODZ EST 2004 RECORDING LABEL & ENTERTAINMENT BRAND “EVERYONE IS A GOD NOW, WE SET THE TREND” “QUALITY STYLE & Authenticity.

When you hit play on a video, you hardly know what you’re going to get. The genre isn’t always the deciding factor; sometimes, it just works. Incredibly well-produced and expertly executed, this single features stunning lyrical content as well as a magnificent, arresting vocal performance. COG KA’RON, a HOUSTON-based artist, has some exciting things in store for him, as well as some fantastic music for the other of us.

You can really focus on the lyrics because the vocal is beautifully produced, with a rich mix of the wet and dry signal. COG KA’RON and YNRSTRICTGRIND collaborate on some masterfully delivered unison vocals that enticingly span an octave and lead us irresistibly into an ambient finale, which creeps up on us far too quickly, concluding fairly harshly to make us press the repeat button. It’s almost as though we’ve left the warm mix behind and entered a tropical rainstorm.

The soundscape Detroit flow is hypnotic, the ideal pick for an evening of something new, peppy yet meaningful, breathtakingly inventive, and free of any aesthetic limitations that the mainstream industry may sometimes impose on its pawns.

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Welcome Rise by Tribe of DJEMBE

Even with its modern-day energy that appears to blend well with today’s mainstream sound, Tribe of DJEMBE‘s Welcome Rise firmly establishes the band as a distinct act with their own unique style to the music, and it works; this really blends those things exceptionally well.

Tribe of DJEMBE offers a one-of-a-kind experience. Reggae, Afro-Beat-Hip-Hop, and World Dance move the Tribe’s audience. Move the Body, then Move the Soul is the band’s credo. They are led by the very open-minded songwriting approach of Ricardo “Tribe” Ricketts, a singer-songwriter. The band also has one of the most deadly RYTHM SECTIONS around, as well as a terrific pair of guitarists, a fine keyboard player, and incredible percussionists. Audiences at their concerts groove to aware vibrations backed by wonderfully beautiful music. Tribe’s storytelling songwriting style and the band’s sincere expressions through their instruments may elicit emotional enthusiasm from an audience. A Tribe of Djembe concert is an unforgettable experience that will live on in the hearts and minds of the audience for a long time. The band is well-liked by its varied fan bases and admirers.

The dance-hall bounce adds a summertime groove to an originally vintage and synth-soaked environment, helping keep things interesting. Weave in that voice, honesty, and character, and the whole thing illuminates the Tribe of DJEMBE sound and style in a catchy, authentic way.

The set-up works nicely structurally, and we always get the essential resolution of the hook — the title-line booming through the mix.

Nicely done, creatively innovative, and unafraid to delve into the music’s depths.

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Falling For YOU by Lil Shipuden

Upfront vocals and creative structuring of bars help inject a fresh level of intention to the alternative hip hop scene with this single from artist and rapper Lil Shipuden. Showcasing a subtle balance between freestyle energy and pre-meditated word-play and set-up, Falling For YOU starts off as a simple look at being the outcast, before progressing into a more confident gear switch in which more of the artist’s own story pours through. The latter half gets deeply contemplative, honest, and notably human – rather than reveling in familiar references and quirky rhymes, there’s a story to be told.

Lil Shipuden is a talented hip-hop artist from Allentown PA. he started singing at a very young age. With his passion and dedication for music, he decided to pursue a career in the music industry. His ambition is to make songs with a nice melody and a good meaning. Lil Shipuden has the magical ability to paint a picture of the song in our imagination through his sweet voice. As a hip-hop lover Juice world was his favorite artist. But he always wanted to create something of his own without copying others which helped him to build his own identity with a fan base that is growing rapidly.

The fairly simple yet well-crafted beat weaves its hypnotic and professionally built aura around you in a manner that’s easy to engage with. Taking hints from contemporary rap and retro sound-play alike, Falling For YOU ultimately drives with a clean-cut vocal and a sense of honest clarity for the most part.  Hopefully, there’s more to come from this wonderful artist. 

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Memories by Brae

Rapper and artist Brae delivers a fresh take on contemporary rap with this uniquely poetic, expressive, and rhythmically engaging new freestyle. Emerging complete with a quickly likable, stylish soundscape, Memories speaks volumes on behalf of personal confidence, yet does so in a calm and collected manner – essentially injecting a genuine air of self-belief and possibility into the process.

Brae is a young upcoming rapper who is trying to make his mark in a memorable way in the hip-hop industry. He is a guy who is passionate about hip-hop music and wants to add something new and unique to the hip-hop genre. His style is unique and gives a chill vibe to the listener so that his songs are interesting to listen to anyone without an age limit. As an artist, his wordplay is strong too. Through his, music Brae likes to talk about real experiences and gives a valuable message to the listeners. He dedicates his time and effort to give something new and unique to the listener while making his own identity in the hip-hop arena. 

Keeping listeners’ attention towards him is a special talent of Brae. Over time he has managed to build a loyal follower base who loves his style. Memories address each time we find ourselves lost within, and tackles ambition head-on with a haunting yet immediately recognizable riff and vocal hook. In between these moments, we get plenty of quirky, clever wordplay, and as much of the artist’s own journey and story as a rising rapper and songwriter. Unique vocal tone, smart rhymes, and a fresh musicality work well to drive this subtle yet striking anthem through in a compelling way. Well worth a listen for rap fans past and present. 

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Introducing a well-talented artist Yo. Kodiak with a great vibe to all the Hip Hop fans out there. Born and bred in Houston, TEXAS and this awesome soul always had a true passion and vibe towards music, since he was a teenager. He was raised by a single mother and he started to do rapping as a teenager and found success locally and amongst his peers. 

However, after the birth of his son in 2010, Cody took an 11-year hiatus to focus on his career and his family. During the pandemic, Cody rebranded himself and started making music under the name, Yo. Kodiak, where he has started to gain an online following. At the moment he could reach Over 40k streams on Spotify in the first year.

The sound is unique in every way, Cool production and catchy Hip Hop meet with quickly addictive melodies at the same time. Leading with an immediate appeal for blending a decidedly colorful soundscape with a hip hop hook as well. Lyrically fresh, reflective and honest but still smartly tuned in with what works on a modern level. Yo. Kodiak nicely produced and presented this piece of work with a great vibe on it. 

Having been influenced by the boom-bap sounds of 90s music, this talented soul always brings his music with a positive vibe to all the listeners. You can witness the video below links and we really think you all will love the flow and the unique vibe of this awesome track too. Stay tuned with Yo. Kodiak to see his amazing work in the near future.

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Drink by Cra Raccs

Drink is most likely one of the best hip-hop singles to come out this year. Cra Raccs’ writing and performance and the way this specific soundscape flows through are consistently excellent.

Cra Raccs is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. About a year ago, the up-and-coming New York City rapper began releasing tracks on SoundCloud. His first two singles, “Breech” and “Hollow,” were slow-moving, downbeat Trap grooves. In his new song, he switches up his style in order to reach a larger audience.

Cra Raccs will make his debut on all streaming services in 2021, with a brand new song and a completely new sound. Cra Raccs’ latest single, ” LEMON PEPPER FREESTYLE,” is now released worldwide. On the new track, the rapper ups the tempo significantly. He’s bringing some impressive technique along with the faster beat.

What begins as a really chilled-out slice of hip hop quickly grows into far more of a dance floor smash. The artist’s leading voice meanders through the many sections flawlessly, shifting from a soft aura to something impressively rapid while remaining skillfully in touch with the natural movement of the music.

While everything feels rather delicate and chilled out, the whole thing has a faultless sense of rhythm. The musician has a way of making his rap sound melodic even when it isn’t. Those verse lines appear to begin on a higher string of notes and then drop back down at the end of each phrase. The sound has character, and the vocal performance is precisely that – a performance. Nor mimicking anyone else, not simply going through lyrics — the entire affair is a never-ending source of enjoyment.

The melodic progression has an exceptional quality to it. Cra Raccs does an excellent job of going his unique way and naturally letting the beat and poetry flow. In and of itself, a creative new single.

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A Good Thing by Jeff Manseau

With his new pop-punk song “A Good Thing,” artists Jeff Manseau demonstrates the power of collaboration to create immersive and powerful outcomes.

Jeff is a jack-of-all-trades who has been making rock music for many years. Drums, guitar, sound engineering, and vocals are all part of the mix. Wendell Hollis has recently begun working with Jeff (songwriter) on a pop-punk EP. The project’s first track is titled “A Good Thing.”

While they have both accomplished a great deal in their individual careers, this project is a blank slate that will serve as a basis for what they intend to do in the future.

A Good Thing builds from these punk-pop early moments – in which the vocal is the center, passion, and colorful riffs – into an eventually immersive and anthem-like surge of energy for the hook. Additional voices fill out the outside layers, along with more extensive instrumentation in general, resulting in a massive moment of unification. This irresistible chorus serves as a catchy and unforgettable pop highlight.

Recognizable voices lead the way, slightly light but expressive, and contrast nicely with the deep and complete soundscape surrounding them. The calm resolve for the hook is lovely and allows for actual impact, given the weight of the rest of the song.

The sound is one-of-a-kind in every manner, not least structurally, as these numerous sections shift from genre to genre and from pandemonium to tranquility. Jeff Manseau adds a depth of character and fragility that complements the song’s rhythm and provides a genuinely human, natural connection.

Jeff Manseau delivers a fantastic vocal performance that alternates between gentleness and strength depending on the situation. A beautiful tune with a tremendous hook. When the energy in the room is dwindling, or you need to take a lengthy journey – to get somewhere new, or simply to examine the world and your choices within it – this is an excellent pick.

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Late Nights by Cody Steel

Cody Steel’s Late Nights draws attention to his poetry and inspiring energy by combining beautiful RnB/pop/Hip Hop melodies and hard-hitting rhymes with a definite sense of identity.

‘Cody Steel Scheidt (Cody Steel)’ is an American rapper from Temple, Pennsylvania. Cody has always had a deep love for music, particularly music that accentuates raw emotion. Artists like Eminem, NF, Hopsin, Ryan Caraveo, and Mac Miller influenced him. Although Cody (Age 25) has been making music for years, it was the year 2020 that catapulted his soul to new heights. Cody has since released a number of singles and his debut album, Clarity, which will be released on April 11th, 2021. Clarity captures the true essence of what Cody Steel represents. Overcoming anxiety, doubts, traumas, and finding a light to follow into the future are among the topics covered. Cody releases a new single every two weeks on multiple streaming platforms. He continues to share his personal experience through rhythm and poetry.

Late Nights employs a simple arrangement, going up and down frequently to give a distinct sense of possibilities and drive while introducing a slightly retro approach, replete with the sizzle of current hip hop.

Late Nights, which clocks in at little over three minutes, is divided into sections, each of which offers a new melody, varying weight in terms of the richness of the arrangement, and enough flexibility to pique a listener’s interest in a live performance.

Late Nights exhibit a noteworthy level of sensitivity and intensity, both lyrically and musically. The sound is highly distinct, distinguishable by the blend of classic bass and lighter vocal melodies — there’s even a rap verse in the latter half to spice things up even more. And, with a running time of more than three minutes, there’s plenty of room for this shift in dynamic to resonate.

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Retro (80s dance vibe, Retrowave, Synthwave, Outrun) by CyTreXX

Retro by CyTreXX features a fashionably recognizable synth-kissed production, captivating EDM beats, and a precise level of musical identification.

Every musician approaches music differently, based on the genre, attitude, and background. On the other hand, some performers can incorporate sonorities and vibes from a variety of styles into their sound sonorities and vibes.

This variety is what distinguishes and distinguishes CyTreXX’s music. CyTreXX is a brilliant Canadian composer, songwriter, and producer. His sound exhibits an exceptional combination, a solid creative sensibility that makes his work recognizable, and is driven by a genuine musical instinct.

Building up beautifully over the course of little over three and a half minutes, the track shifts from intriguing to calm to explosive, always clinging to a few character loops for identity and always bringing it back to its chord progression and expressive beat that help make “ Retro ” something easily recognizable.

The dance-hall bounce adds a summertime beat to an original new and synth-soaked environment, helping keep things interesting. Blend in that beat, honesty, and appeal, and the entire thing shines the CyTreXX sound and vibe in a catchy, authentic way.

The climb continues throughout, immersing listeners in a delightfully euphoric environment of synths and pure sensation. The final half has a pleasant air, yet CyTreXX’s approach is simple enough to keep things anchored elsewhere original, and this works wonderfully.

It’s a total joy to turn up the volume and escape into. Although it was a little shorter than expected, it is always better to leave your listeners wanting more. I eagerly await future releases.

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Glow-Ya Know by Forest Myles

The interesting music video for this single seems surprisingly well-suited to many of the effects and moments that feature within. More than this though, while Glow-Ya Know begins with a certain balance between delicacy and contemporary hip hop hooks, the song progresses to offer up a decidedly creative structure, and a series of moments that captivate way more effectively than first expected.

Forest Myles is a young hip-hop artist and a songwriter from Houston, Tx. Though he is an upcoming artist he is musically a nostalgic person. The ’70s and ’90s were the golden days of music according to him. Prince, Michael Jackson, Rakim, Nas, Kanye, Drake, Kendrick, Whitney Houston, Rick James, Sade, Kem, and Atlantic Starr are literally just a few of his influences. He was always passionate about vibrations and frequencies and wanted to build a relationship with them. It ladies the foundation of Forest Myles’s music but he always manages to add his own touch and style to it to make it unique. As an artist who makes music in many genres such as Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop, Indie, Electronic his intention is to create a blissful experience of self-expression through his music.

Not only the melodies, but his wordplay is also pretty strong too. He uses his upbringing and family morals to arrange witty cadences filled with tantalizing lyrics. He likes to talk about things in reality through his lyrics. His ability to paint a picture in our imagination through his careful words is truly impressive. More than 400k streams speak for the wave of excitement for Forest Myles among the audience. It’s clear that this is the time for him to shine. With more quality work to come, he is a superstar in the making. 

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Purge! (feat. kyle bent) by Lil hanny Featuring Kyle bent

Purge’s Trap sounds swirl around some thundering, throbbing piano that quickly reminds me of the kind of retro hits that challenged the charts regularly.

Lil Hanny (born May 21, 1994) is an American rapper from Victorville, California. At this moment in his life, Lil Hanny began to take music more seriously, and He has been making songs for almost 14 years.

Lil hanny has been rapping and playing guitar, bass, and drums since he was 12. For a year, I was in the school band, and at college, I had experience with jazz, blues, rock, and even metal.

Kyle Bent (born August 12, 1997) is a Massachusetts rapper. Bent was born in Jamaica and lived there until he was two, when his parents chose to go to America.

A close buddy of Bent’s taught him to freestyle rapping in third grade. He chose to investigate more, which prompted him to start dabbling with songs.

Kyle bent, and Lil hanny has stitched together some incredibly hooky riffs to which they have added their vocal prowess. And they will not be afraid to express themselves. Their genuine (what appears to be) American accent declines to bow to the all-too-often buzzing around received wisdom.

The many riffs neatly loop onto each other, producing tension that the eager voices employ to spit rhythmic and frenetic intrigue. Purge delivers on all fronts: it’s fresh, raw, uncompromising, honest, intellectual, and focused. It’s a visceral, entertaining treat.

The random vocal is sped up and sprinkled throughout the track for extra ear delight, and some big bass slabs emerge to add some weight to the composition.

We are led through a compelling narrative to the net effect of shooting repeat since the music is top and finished with the same fascinating sound states.

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Crypto by Jay Mo, AKA James money

Crypto has a superb vocalist and rapper with a distinct sound. The song itself takes a little bit of the hack rap sound, the uplifting atmosphere, and merges it with a really active rap performance.

Jay Mo is a software developer who also happens to be a rapper and a motivational speaker. Originally from St. Louis, he has been rapping and rhyming since college. Writing software and writing lyrics are inextricably linked. With his hands in nft’s Crypto and banking, this rapper is one to keep an eye on. Also known as James Money. Jay Mo’s

Last year, Jay Mo completed a two-state tour. Both Missouri and Illinois state. This year, he’ll be on a Midwest tour, visiting Illinois and Indiana. This year, Jay Mo will also be performing at a bitcoin concert. Combined with Zeus rebel/Rucker puff. He also worked on Ted’s banger, Nike Turbo, Yann, and musicians such as Morris Day and the Times.

Jay Mo was influenced by artists such as Lil Wayne, Morris Day, The Isley Brothers, and Michael Jackson and Nelly.

Musically, the presented style is a stunningly high combination of hip-hop, rap, and a very stimulating spectrum of singer-songwriter stories and melodies. Crypto adds a little extra hip-hop to the mix. A powerful yet mellow beat accompanies the rap, and the performance has become louder, faster, and a little agitated – the energy and passion are consistently evident in Jay Mo’s compositions.

The single is full of laid-back vibes and inventive, sophisticated music, and the content never lacks meaning or authenticity. Honesty is at the essence of true hip-hop. When the beats are in place, all required is the willingness to be open and genuine to oneself when performing.

The feeling of character remains strong throughout, and Crypto as a whole provides listeners with a genuine look into the artist’s existence, and once immersed, there’s a lot to appreciate and relate to.

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Alcohol by Kama

Possibly a personal favorite from Kama so far, Alcohol is a brilliantly smooth pop-EDM offering, which drives with a mellow synth progression and a distant, subtly soulful vocal. Classic synths inject energy and optimism into the room for this one, piercing the air with electronic energy and brightness – a sudden intensity that contrasts brilliantly with the smooth and delicate innocence of that leading voice. And what a voice, what a melody – not merely accepting the EDM aspect of the process, but taking on a tune that skillfully walks the line between melancholy and hope, minor and major, building something genuinely original yet still cleverly addictive and easily memorable.

Kama is a young upcoming talent from Malaga. His friends and family know him as Ka Jota Rey. he grew up in a multicultural background. Originally his parents are from Jamaica. He was born in London and later moved to Spain. He embarrassed his Jamaican heritage and created amazing music from exotic and fast-paced Spanish music to trap English vibes. Whether it’s a party anthem or hardcore hip hop he manages to bring something fresh and exciting and more importantly music that carries his own identity and character to it. Even though his songs are from different languages he has managed to gather a loyal fan base and is on the radar of everyone who is looking for new music that is nice to listen to and gives a refreshing vibe.

For a single that’s a mere three minutes long, Alcohol is stunning, a classic dance journey with a crisp and clean finish yet an overall weight and warmth that works beautifully at volume. A soundscape that hooks rain down and you’re filled with a sense of wonder and vibrancy. As is the role of great electronic music, and no one does it greater than Kama right now. Absolutely worth the time you spend listening to this artist.

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Still Heart by Can You Survive?

Can You Survive?” With this, their first single of the season, they aim high and hit the mark once more.

Can You Survive?” is a Southern California band that believes in using the unusual and dark to promote individualism and creativity. They primarily produce Metalcore. Their most recent single is “Still Heart.”

This band was inspired by ‘Motionless in White,’ ‘Ice Nine Kills,’ ‘Asking Alexandria,’ and ‘The Word Alive.’

Can You Survive?” comes with that distinct style and sound, certainly nailing the chemistry with this one, giving a beautiful synthesis of elements that all at once bring melody and distortion, rapidity to the point of near-breathlessness, and juxtaposing moments of peaceful introspection.

The music provides a captivating narrative that inspires contemplation while also contributing to the spooky, frightening atmosphere, cleverly merging robust ambient design with equal amounts of melody and screaming.

Still Heart‘ is a structurally complex song, with several unexpected moments throughout the composition, some with more lyrical clarity, some with space, some with weight and grit and intensity.

The song is multi-layered, complicated, and intense, yet it’s arranged in a way that allows all of that to stand tall alongside some far more delicate and contemplative passages.

The usage of melody in the verses contributes significantly to their distinct tone. The vocal performances here have an indie-rock intensity to them; it’s a terrific opportunity for listeners to gain a clear and crisp grasp of the lyrics and the message behind the music while also feeling a little closer to the producers at work.

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Prelude No. 1 by H. Villa-Lobos by jb-music

This creation is unlike anything else you’ll hear this season, and it’s safe to say Johannes Bauer (jb-music) is a master guitarist. Still, his music is far more of an emotional and creative audio experience than a display of impressive ability. Without a doubt, his abilities have been honed to an awe-inspiring level, but it is his approach to composition that truly distinguishes Introduction.

Johannes Bauer (jb-music) is a Munich-based award-winning classical guitarist, musician, and music teacher who primarily plays Spanish guitar. He enjoys music and wishes to spread joy from Munich.

This Romanian musician has toured Europe, performed for radio, and won several awards in Germany. John Williams and Carlos Santana are two of his musical influences.

Beginning with a lovely melody, the crisp acoustic sound of the slide guitar provides the ambient glow and gentle musicality of any of the best, minimal yet magnificent instrumental releases from the last few years. His playing is fascinating, and the harmonies are brand new, so it’s like a breath of fresh air.

The instrumental story is unique to each listener. Still, when the components are so expertly crafted and with authenticity at their core, it’s not hard to link the dots and find yourself in a virtual world with the artist and the rest of his audience.

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Anti-Naruto by Gold Frames on Brown Skin

A unique fusion of contemporary styles and a quickly recognizable vocal tone, Anti-Naruto introduces the sound of Gold Frames on Brown Skin in an immersive and creative way. From simple beginnings, he lights up the room with minimal layers of color, plenty of space, and a vocal leader that’s mellow yet confident as it meanders through this opening story. Throw in a clever inflection for a melodic hook, a worthy resolve, and the whole thing feels like an alternative pop-hip-hop anthem. This is a strong start to the single.

Gold Frames on Brown Skin formally known as D’andre Orange an emerging hip-hop rap artist from Macon, Ga. It was the hometown of some great musicians such as Little Richard and Otis Redding. As a young kid, he joined the school band and learned to read music to compose lyrics, and even played the tuba. With his hard-hitting flows and lyrics that are honest, he is marking his arrival in the global hip-hop arena.  

The style of this amazing artist is unique and refreshing which appeals to both old and young fans. Since he is a good lyricist he knows how to talk about pressing issues in society and gives a good lesson through his music which is nice to listen to. Artists like Outkast, Run The Jewels, Three 6 Mafia, Lil Jon, and The Eastside Boyz are his favorites that he listens to take inspiration.

The reason for his success is that he always makes music with passion and his own Carisma that gives him his own identity.  The experience he got from working with Yung Joc Young Dirty Bastard and Big Rube is a good sign that everyone is taking note of this upcoming talent.

Undoubtedly a song that gets better as it moves along – and indeed with each re-visit. Slowly but surely the creative edge and personality of Gold Frames on Brown Skin, along with these gripping, deeply personal stories, shines with unquestionable brightness. The production style is unusual, the presentation fairly gentle, laid-back, but this works in its favor – and keeps the focus on the mood and the stories. A more than worthy debut, with some refreshing lyrical framing of unexpected concepts.

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Awake by Benry Moses

Benry Moses’ breathy and artful new single “Awake” immediately melts the soul with its own acoustic strum and harmonics.

Benry Moses is a guitarist, singer, and songwriter from Bangalore, India. He is a versatile young musician who primarily records Pop, Indie, Folk, Indie-Pop, and Acoustic music.

Benry Moses began learning piano, vocals, and guitar at a young age and went on to win numerous local singing competitions. He shifted his focus to guitars and began teaching them as well. He fell in love with acoustic music, which inspired him to write his first song, “Awake.” He wrote, composed, and produced the song himself.

Superb vocals and immaculate acoustic guitar playing guide us all through this single – just as well as songwriting with significant reflectivity and comfort.

Benry Moses kicks things off with a simplified hit of acoustic guitar finger-picking, complete with the raw, delicate screech of the strings to reveal an intimate, real-time aura and a variety of vocal harmonies that swiftly weave a calming, soothing web around listeners.

The song progresses through light verses, introducing the distinct nuances of Benry Moses’ voice – as well as his poetic, observational writing style – before brightening up beautifully, conquering any implied melancholy with a hook that settles and inspires beautifully.

The poetic lyricism of Awake connects more strongly the second time around – in general, it’s the texture of the music, the sensitive vocal sound, the reverb, and the distance implied by the finish. In any case, with this single, Benry Moses has created something wonderfully pure and deeply human. Hopefully, more music is on the way.

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Free by Basmer

On his latest single, “Free,” Basmer shines brightly with a classic and comforting pop-rock sound

Bernd Basmer is a guitarist and songwriter from Germany who has published several albums in the Rock and Metal genres. In 2020, he decided to finally record and deliver some of his own songs, which span a wide range of musical styles.

Bernd recorded and produced ten tracks for his album Music, demonstrating his interest in a wide range of musical genres.

The song “Free” was written in 2010. Basmer originally wrote the lyrics in German, and his wife recorded the vocals. It was a present for his daughter because she had finished school and he wanted to give her something special. Basmer recorded the song, burned it to a CD, and gave it to her on her last day. He wrote new lyrics because he had permission from her to use the song on his album. The song is now about the feelings Basmer had a few times in his life when he made a significant change, such as leaving his parent’s house or quitting a job that had become a burden. When you can’t go on because things are dragging you down, it’s sometimes necessary to make changes in your life.

Much of Bernd Basmer’s writing, as with his previous releases, has a poetic depth that glows brightly in such a natural environment. In this case, the underlying concept of the song is beautifully represented – not only by the lyrics but also by the colorful and optimistic nature of the music, as well as by Basmer’s own laid-back and genuinely content delivery.

The song’s overall mood conveys the title’s implied feelings. Basmer’s artistic style stands out amid this type of writing and efficiency. ‘Free‘ doesn’t compel you to think about genre or comparisons as much as it simply and authentically fills the room with good vibes and a clear connection to the moment. As a result, when it’s over, the good vibes linger, and there’s a newfound appreciation for both the chore and the simple things in life, not least of which is this kind of organically crafted, authentic musicality.

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I Thought I Saw You by LightSkin

Easy-going good vibes pour through for this hip-hop-infused beat and soundscape from upcoming hip hop artist LightSkin. Focused intently on the concept of communication and its importance within relationships, I Thought I Saw You features the classic pairing of a soulful RnB hook with a slightly heavier, rhythmically engaging rap verse. It is easy to listen to any hip-hop fan without being old or young due to its amazing vibe.

 Lightskin is a young upcoming hip-hop artist from Brooklyn, NY. Since his early day’s music were his passion and happy place. Once he decided that he wanted to pursue a career in music he dedicated his time and effort to create music that is unique and nicer to listen to. With time LightSkin has managed to polish his talent and create music that is high quality. He is an artist who adds something to Hip hop and elevates it to new heights. On top of the relatable and inspiring concept is a quickly immersive, likable production style. Throw in superb performances both in the rap and the melody, and the track holds attention with ease as it progresses through its various sections.

The verse story captivates, intrigues, and the hook resolves in a passionate, soulful manner – injecting a memorable chorus that really helps elevate the whole thing beautifully. Nostalgic in style yet contemporary in its dealing with the subject matter. Really nicely crafted. You won’t regret the time you spend listening to this wonderful artist.

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