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How You Want It by DJ Deem

RnB music with DJs and rapping style vocals, “How You Want It” is a creative piece done by DJ Deem.

Kadeem Worsley, stage named DJ Deem, is an artist from Richmond, VA. He is a rapper, producer, songwriter, and CEO of Chase Your Dreams Entertainment. This Nigerian-based artist is a chef and also a crypto investor.  Inspired by Three 6 Mafia, Pharrell, Timbaland, Ugk, Outkast, and  Z-ro, DJ Deem creates rap and RnB style music. Just stepping into the music industry, DJ Deem has released 10 tracks on Soundcloud and one official music video on Youtube for “How You Want It”.

Beautifully produced, with the vocal enjoying a hefty mix of both wet and dry signals, you really get to focus on the lyrics. The music of the song is DJed with a touch of RnB style. DJ Deem sings in rapping style, although it doesn’t seem like rapping. How You Want It is more like club music which induces the urge to dance. Audio and Video production is quite good for a beginner.

Watch the official music video of How You Want It on Youtube. Follow DJ Deem on Twitter, Instagram, and Soundcloud.

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Always by S1yKillRyuk

“Always” has a tune for right now, fresh and full of life and energy and hooks. “Always” is a hip-hop-style song with more rap-like singing created by S1yKillRyuk.

S1yKillRyuk is a hip-hop artist who is just starting his journey in the music industry. Based in Pittsburgh, Pa, S1yKillRyuk plays music for his enjoyment. He makes music as a hobby and uploads them to Youtube to share his work with the world.  He hopes to be a big player in the music industry in the near future. S1yKillRyuk says, “Never Give Up” on what you love, your passion.

“Always” starts with an infectious hook where the listener can not ignore the tune in the head even the song finishes. The beats begin after about 30 seconds, and the song is shined up by some other computerized synths and vocals. S1yKillRyuk is more like freestyling rapping like he is never going to stop singing. The music production is quite good for a beginner artist. 

Watch S1yKillRyuk’s Always on Youtube. Follow him on Instagram.


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Comment te dire adieu (Françoise Hardy), | piano cover by Soichiro

Soichiro is a magnificent talented composer who is from the UK freshly released the piano cover Comment te dire adieu (Françoise Hardy) for all the piano lovers out there.

Having the utmost talent in his blood, Soichiro was able to cooperate for many background music on many platforms. Mellow, soothing, good vibes and simple layers of production unite for this soulful outcome. It is a pleasant view to see his fingers dancing on the piano keyboard continuously in the most passionate way. Nicely presented with the most classy touch all over the cover and that whole event will surely catch your ear. A great balance will also give you a stunning outcome and Soichiro magnificently add a true and most suitable color for the same. Stay tuned with him to have more remarkable covers in the future.

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We are pretty sure you must have heard about “Salsa” in your day-to-day life. Salsa is a Latin dance style and it became more popular in 1960 in the USA. Dance is a passion and it will give you immense happiness when you are engaging the same. 

As of now, Salsa dance is influenced by so many cultures, countries, and also other dancing styles as well. This amazing dancing style has the most unique steps with a great passion and dancers are not only dancing, but they enjoy the same. 

Check this amazing video “SEXY SALSA DANCERS” and you all will figure how they nicely keep their steps in a passionate, unique style and all of them are really enjoying the same while they do dance. Even Though Salsa is a dancing style, it is also a language. When you dance you always have to cooperate with your partner and that bond will make the whole dance much more beautiful. 

“La Gua Gua, A Latin dance-off showcase” is a television program that will lead you to have a proper idea about Salsa dancing inside and out. La Gua Gua will bring you the true culture of Latin culture along with Salsa. Great moves, tunes, and choreography always awaken your inner senses while you enjoy the same. 

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Get ready for hardcore dancing with this Electro Funk, Breakbeat track “GHETTOBLASTER” by Daree Rock.

Daree Rock was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. he discovered his passion for Electro Funk, Breakdance, and Electric-Boogaloo style music In the early 80ies. Daree Rock gained his first musical experience in the early 90s when he played records as a DJ in various clubs in Berlin such as Tresor, Elektrokohle, Suicide, or WM66 club.

After a long time working as a DJ, he was inspired by many artists such as Kraftwerk, Newcleus, Afrika Bambaataa, Paul Hardcastle, and Jonzun Crew and hundreds of records that he played. With this experience, Daree Rock started to produce his own music. Daree’s music is a unique combination of new and old school Electro Funk elements, Breakbeats, and melodic sounds. He also uses a vocoder for his distinctive music style.

In 2019 he founded the music label ELECTRO PROPAGANDA. Now he is a producer of Electro Funk and Breakbeat music.

GHETTOBLASTER is a musical track created especially for beak dancers with distinctive and robust beats and synths. The combination of new and old school elements creates a unique music style that pleases both old and new generations. The track is a perfect choice for an energy boost when you feel low.

Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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ONE-iTIS by Nick Sharma

Lofi style hip hop song with rapping included, “ONE-iTIS” is a mixed genre song released by Nick Sharma.

Nick Sharma is an Indian/Norwegian artist who resides in Norway, Scandinavia. With his spiritually inclined demeanor, the Norwegian rapper; Nick Sharma gained somewhat of a buzz at the onset of his recording career when he released his debut album Beautiful Space (2015). The album showcases his versatility as an artist, combining densely packed, conscious lyrics with a wide variety of genres, including Hip-Hop, neo-soul, jazz, and even EDM. Features from Norwegian notable guest appearances by the likes of Anders Nilsen (Salsa Tequila) and Nils m/skils (from the worldwide battle scene) helped establish Sharma’s presence in the Oslo music scene.

Inspired by Michael Jackson and Nas, Nick plans to release the albums’ trilogy in the coming years. The synth-based electro-pop EP “Extrovert EP” is already released and can be checked out on all streaming platforms. The introspective, lyrically dense, and lo-fi counterpart, Introvert EP, releases sometime in the first half of 2021. Both EP’s serve as the foundations for an upcoming full-length Album that fuses both sounds and concepts.

Good vibes and mellow synths resemble lofi style, but the song is flawed through hip-hop-style music and rap vocals. The mixture gives this song a unique variety that music lovers will fall in love with.

Watch the official music video of “ONE- it is” on Youtube. Listen to Nick Sharma’s songs on Spotify. Follow Nick Sharma on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Earthrise by Marcus Moon

Highly emotional, with a deep and a sensitive meaning Marcus Moon has come up with his freshly released track “Earthrise.” Bron in  Malmo, Sweden, and later moved to  Vancouver. Marcus Moon is a successful scientist with a great passion for classical music and a composer as well. Marcus has already released a debut album in December and could reach out to a vast number of followers as well. 

You must be missing warm hugs, get-togethers, theaters, warm laughs, afternoon coffee dates, Earth is healing and rising even though we are going through a pandemic. Nicely, produced and presented with a heart-touching video. Soft and melancholy tones always make you emotional as well. Witness the great massage all over the track and let it sink to your blood with a great passion. This whole setup will allow you to have your own imagination fantasy with your inner feelings. 

Follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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Epic/Cinematic Medley by JDK Music – Epic Fantasy World

Born and bred in Japan, having the talent JDK Music – Epic Fantasy World has done magnificent work by releasing Epic/Cinematic Medley vol.1 to all the audience out there. There are 15 tracks together with different colors of music. 

JDK Music – Epic Fantasy World is a Music Composer, Sound Engineer, Multiinstrumentalist and he would love to experience all genres of music. Since he has a great passion for music he could have done a great job for the projects in his college events and succeeded as well. 

This whole track is included with mostly the Epic, Cinematic, Hybrid music and you will feel the energy of every track in it. Uniquely ambient production haunts behind a gritty and cleanly mixed vocal for a level of immediate intensity and conceptual focus. All tracks are unique and refreshing at the same time. 

Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

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Ms. Parka by BossAmi

Smooth production and a heartfelt, reflective writing style lead the way with quiet contemplation for this new single, “Ms. Parka”.

BossAmi is a hip-hop/rap artist based in Gainesville, Florida. He’s been rapping for years fascinating public performer. Now BossAmi is ready to show his talents to the world with his latest release, “Ms. Parka”. Inspired by Az, Mos Def, Devin The Dude, and DMX, BossAmi has released multiple tracks publicly as well as had multiple mixtapes.

Computerized synths that highlight the vocals of the song and muted percussion that keep the rhythm of music shines the song beautifully. Robust, straightforward, and confident vocals reveal the singer’s experience. Lyrics are soulful, meaningful, and flawless.

Ms.Parka is a mix of hip hop and rap genres. BossAmi is balancing both styles very professionally. The vocals of the song are refreshing that can induce the euphoria of the listener. Ms.Parka definitely is a perfect song for a hip hop/rap music lover.

Listen to “Ms.Parka” on Youtube. Follow BossAmi on Facebook and Instagram. You can also listen to BossAmi’s songs on Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music.

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Beat Per Minute #9 | 🎹 Funk 4 Your Ear Holes by Roy Shakked

Born with the talent for music, living with the same. Roy Shakked is one of the most talented, magnificent artists who are from Tel Aviv. Israel. When you have some talent in your blood, it is easy to coop up with the same, even though you have many more challenges. This awesome soul has the talent to coop up with music in a brilliant way. He started music when he was a child and his parents have given huge support to him. With time he has fallen in love with music and came through in a successful way. 

He could produce many advertisements, trailers all over the years, composed, featured for television series like Sex and The City, Nip/Tick, Beyblade, Teen Titans Go!, Independent Lens, CSI Miami, and Greenhouse Academy. 

The freshly released track “Beat Per Minute #9  Funk 4 Your Ear Holes” is a magnificent work done by “Roy Shakked” and it clearly shows how talented he is. Great passion, amazing music, vivid variations, this stylish soothing track catches your heart no matter what. 

Witness the video through Youtube.

Follow him on Instagram.

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Song of Israel (Change My Name) by Bull Jenkins

Bull Jenkins is one of the most talented, religious, emotional, and confident singers who are from  Maryland USA. God can heal you and guide you to the right path no matter what. Bull Jenkins released this mind-blowing track “Song of Israel (Change My Name)” to all the beloved audience out there. 

This track is easily addictive and can bond with your whole heart in a short time. Soothing, heart-touching vocals will heal your inner wound and will help you to concentrate. Undoubtedly an artist & songwriter with a fine ear for melody and a willingness to keep things genuine. Melancholy rhythm, a great message, and a positive vibe will change your life and you will find peace in it.

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram, Website, and Youtube.


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Hope by Dan Searl

When someone has a whole package with them, they are the luckiest and the talented souls. Dan Searl is one of them and he is a Producer, Vocalist,  Instrumentalist, now Founder of

The freshly released single “Hope”, blending with indie Pop and bringing down the most sensible melody with a bunch of true feelings. Whatever said and done “Hope” will guide you and will show you new destinations out there. The warmth and the emotional vocals will rumble throughout your mind and will bring you to another world for sure. 

Reflecting on the hurtful past, the self, the world, still bleeding, but there is hope. Heart-touching lyrics bring the most beautiful colors to this amazing track. And you can stare at the video which has the most unique and a great vibe.

Twitter, Instagram

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NICO J WOUTERS is a songwriter and producer. A recent track where he is accompanied by a talented lady vocalist is SMASHING HEARTS FOREVER. This awesome artist brings a unique vibe to this song and all his music.

The song has a very uplifting feel offering a silver lining to a dark cloud. There are great dynamics all over what is a beautiful song. Fantastic harmonies add great color. The heart-touching vocals heal you and give a positive vibe throughout. SMASHING HEARTS FOREVER is a very addictive track, with talent at its core. Stay tuned to listen to more great tracks from this artist.

Follow the artist on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube.

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YoungB Poverty Official Music Video

YoungB – Poverty (Official Music Video)

A song can be perfect with brilliant lyrics, and a positive message for all the people. YoungB is one of the talented and upcoming artists who is coming from Miami Florida. Being a lovable person towards Hip Hop and Rap music, he always leads his way in a positive manner.

This awesome soul is proudly presenting, freshly released track “Poverty” to all his beloved fans. The lyrics in particular in each verse, has a unique approach throughout the track. Young B cleverly delivers his inner thoughts about the poverty that everyone is facing. 



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My Falling by Joseph Birch

Literary complexity, intelligent framing of ideas, and conscious lyrics fused with elements of the unknown, My Falling by Joseph Birch bring you a unique and engaging contemporary style song on Youtube.

This Haw River North Carolina artist started his career in music in the clubs and other live venues in Southern California, where he played his music in front of thousands of music lovers in the late 2000s. This playing garnered opening slots for national acts and a nomination for a San Diego Music Award for fronting a band.

Fast forward to 2021, and Joseph Birch is creating music again, writing, performing, and producing all of the new music myself in his home studio in North Carolina. He makes Alternative, Adult Contemporary genre songs. Inspired by U2, Joseph says, My reason for creating music started at a U2 concert during their Joshua Tree tour.

Joseph is not another artist that rose suddenly. When he played in the late, he could get opening slots for The Fixx, The Call, Dramarama, and Jane Weidlin of the Go-Go. And also, he was a San Diego Music Awards Nominee in the category of Best Alternative.

Welcoming drum beats and refreshing guitar parts make the listener ready for the song My Falling. Joseph enters into the music a few moments after with a contemporary vocal, and the lyrics are flawless and poetic. Mellow tempo makes the listener move subconsciously to a rhythm—excellent video and
voice production.

We look forward to more interesting contemporary-style songs from Joseph Birch.

Watch the official music video production of  My Falling on Youtube. Follow Joseph Birch on Facebook and Instagram.

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Falling From Grace by Eric Val

Some people are falling love with music suddenly and unexpectedly, Eric Val who is from Williamsport, PA has happened to face a sport injury during his high school, and he started to spend more time in music. His friend Alex Boyce has done a lot when it comes to Eric’s music career and that priority, and dedication of Alex made him come this far as well. 


Nicely produced and presented with a great passion along with great dynamics, Eric Val freshly released his new single “Falling from Grace” to all the beloved audience out there. With fantastic lyrics, a melancholy melody this awesome track steals your heart at first and the unique vibe will heal your heart as well. 

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Sitting Ducks By On Ithenfal’s Wing

Introducing a collaborative project and On Ithenfal’s Wing Brilliantly crafted, immediately prompting the rock and metal fan to turn up the volume a few notches. 


On Ithenfal’s Wing is from the USA and they are an alternative rock band with a metal touch. Great lyrics always give you a hint for a marvelous song. These guys have a great vibe, a heartfelt and emotive track from the outset, All Around features a reverb-soaked vocal lead and a melody that quickly feels passionate and powerful as it rises up. 





Social media links of the artist :

Apple Music





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Dolla $ign Tylz- D&D- Prod. By Dierbeatz [Official Video]

Dolla $ign Tylz is a Detroit based artist. He grew up on the likes of Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Jay Z. Signed to Detroit-based label Ascendancy Digital; he has begun to put out songs consistently over the past two years and is starting to gain traction on Spotify with over 15000 listeners a month on average.

“Dolla $ign Tylz” got the inspiration to be an artist by Drake, Kanye, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, & Cyhi the prince. He has released six singles on Spotify and appears on four albums of other artists.

D&D flaws on infectious hook and sound can be described as more as a distorted grand piano and mid tempo carried by a pounding 808. The piano is intense but still subtle enough to give space for Dolla $ign Tylz to showcase his vocal performance Professional quality music and video make the user hang on until the song finishes. The song “D&D” is produced by Dierbeatz and Visuals Directed By Jimmy Lenses.

Watch the official music video of “D&D” on Youtube. Follow Dolla $ign Tylz on Instagram and Twitter.


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Intoxicated by Rhythm

Intoxicated by Rhythm

Mellow music and slow vocals, Intoxicated is a mixture of more than two music genres; hip-hop, rap, new wave & trippy.

Rhythm is a musician from San Antonio, Texas, United States. He loves experimenting with different music genres and create unique songs by himself.

Rhythm came to this music industry in 2018. Rhythm has developed his skills a lot by releasing new songs frequently using music on RnB, Hip hop, and rap genre.

Rhythm has released many songs on YouTube, Intoxicated being the latest one.

Intoxicated flows on a plodding tempo, making it a good choice as a relaxing song. Hip hop singing and rapping parts juggle around the song giving it a shine. The song also has some new wave and trippy music trails where you will wonder which genre this song falls into.

Watch “Intoxicated” on Youtube.

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Prince baby Jesus X Eastside-Dollasign- In My Thoughts (HQ)

Prince baby jesus & Eastside-Dolla$ign is from NC/VA and released their latest track “In my Thoughts (HQ) to all the Hip Hop lovers out there.

Mind blowing, nicely collaborated with a true color and you all will love the positive vibe of this awesome track throughout the track. Strong and deep voices are adding a true unique color to the track as well.

Every person has some stages in their life and also major ups and downs. Prince baby jesus was in prison and his turning point of life was music. He eagerly wants to share his experiences, past events and how positive his mind is now to the present world. At the moment he is working for “Brown Pride Black Power” new project with North Carolina Artist Eastside-Dolla$ign.

Eastside-Dolla$ign is one of the most talented rappers out there, having worked with Ruben Paz and Lil Shock he has come through a long way with multiple experiences as well. He always found passion in old school rapping and modern latin rapping as well.

Check the track through

Follow them through IG

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Toosii x Naz Sloane

Toosii x Naz Sloane- “Battle” (Unreleased Track)

Here comes an exquisite artist who is from Philadelphia, and brings you his freshly released track “Battle.”

Born and bred in Philadelphia, was a football star, street hustler now one of a great Hip Hop artist. This amazing soul went through a lot after losing his mom and two best friends. Music is a great medicine for all who are going through hardships in their lives, Naz Sloane also dealt with music to find out a cure for his wounds inside him. 

His very first track “Groovin” changed his life and brought him this far as a better artist. He is the owner and the founder of “LOOK” records and as of now he made this title as a brand as well. This amazing and talented soul came through many barriers and has given a great  and a positive example for his own audience.

“Battle” is nicely produced and presented with a deep and attractive vibe all over the track. Delicate vocals with catchy sounds always bring a unique color to the song as well. 



Follow Naz Sloane through  IG 

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ABOUT AN ARTIST: Meet Billy Wilkins!

If you are the sort of person who looks for the story of a song and wants to learn more about the artist this video is a must watch for you. This is all about Billy Wilkins. He is a talented musician from New Jersey, USA.  He is a singer , guitarist and a songwriter who is mainly focused on producing indie, pop and rock music. Through out the video you can learn more about his life , the start of his music career and how he learned to play guitar by himself . not only that you can enjoy some of his classic beauties which is so sweet to listen makes it an interesting watch till the very end.

Collaborating with multi Grammy award winning producer, Jerry Wonda and releasing music via Wonda Music and EMPIRE distribution is a special high point of his journey. He is hoping to make more amazing song that will make home inside his fans hearts. You can follow him on social media and popular streaming services to stay in touch of his new releases and to enjoy the classic beauties.






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Black Kid Rock by BigLeem Addydvddy

We all love music. When it comes to Hip Hop music we all have an idea of what’s the perfect hip-hop song. A kid had this vision when he was 14 years old and with time he studied hard to sharpen his natural talent. Black Kid Rock was the fruit of that hard work. BigLeem Addydvddy was that kid with a big vision who was raised and born in Philadelphia. BigLeem Addydvddy is an artist with a clear love for music in all of its forms, his rhythmic vocals bring a level of personality from the offset – a tone and style that’s easy to pinpoint. 

With the study of old-school boom-bap and gangster rap, most of his flows and wordplay delivery originated from it. He is inspired by many Philly artists and certainly, he carries that culture within him with his music. And he is clever enough not to be stuck in one genre but to gather valuable things from each type of music. Creating music gave him the opportunity to create music that we have never listened to before. Hope you will love the uniqueness of this amazing track.

Get a sneak peek at what he is up to by following him on Instagram.

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Nomad by Songs of Petrichor

“Nomad” is a unique rock song with some serious rock guitar parts, actually a whole lot of it. 

Many musicians have taken a break with actual instruments and make music on computer programs with emerging technologies. But, with that music, you can’t get the soulful music which we receive through instruments. Now, this song has the total energy of the rock guitar, drum, and some other percussion instruments.

Songs of Petrichor is a beginner rock band from Jeddah. Inspired by Tool, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath, this rock trio write songs based on their personal experiences and melancholic songs. For example, this song is about the drummers belonging issue.

Complemented with meaningful and poetic lyrics, Nomad is actually a mixture of Oriental Grunge and Progressive Rock genres. The narrator or “Nomad” of this song describes his nomadic life of not belonging to a single location, perseverance, moving on, pain, loss, vengeance, and yet finds space for hope.

“Songs of Petrichor” is a genuinely talented band that focuses on the international music industry with unique musical creations. The guitar tones, drumbeats, and other music are outstanding, and the vocals are unique as their accent is not native.

Check out their debut song release “Nomad” on Youtube. Follow “Songs of Petrichor” on Facebook and Instagram.

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Freestyle by Disrespectful Tezz

Music is our main source of happiness and relaxation. It lifts your mood when you are feeling down or empty. Music adds rhythm to our lives. Hip hop is a genre that is closer to us because it often speaks about the reality in life. Featuring a dreamy soundscape but plenty of space and a heavy trap rhythm, Freestyle brings together detailed and impressive bars with a quickly memorable, subtly catchy hook. It’s a creation by the talented rap artist Disrespectful Tezz who is from Cleveland Ohio. Speaking volumes on behalf of the musically humble yet lyrically confident, captivating style of the artist and the upcoming mixtape, Freestyle makes light work engaging its audience. Disrespectful Tezz works so hard to produce music that speaks to the soul of its listeners which makes him so popular among hip hop lovers. Check him out on social media to get update more about this amazing artist.


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Quiet Shit by Gino Banz

A rap and pop song within a hip hop beat and tone, that’s what “Quiet Shit” is. A perfect combination that makes you dance subconsciously and excellent video production to make things more excited.

“Quiet Shit,” created by Gino Banz, is a hip hop, rap, and pop style song freshly released on Youtube. Gino Banz is a hip-hop/ rap/pop artist based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is a seasoned artist with experience with mainstream artists such as Rio da Yung Og and YSR Gramz. Gino Banz has worked with up-and-coming producers Prodbydet, Bamondabeat,  Prodby, Palaze.

Inspired and influenced by Drake, Payroll Giovanni, Tee Grizzley, Allstate JR, Peezy, YG, Lil Wayne, and Lil Durk, Gino Banz sings about his life struggles in all his songs. He says, “I would say my work is a reflection of the struggles around me. Sometimes it’s a nice story; sometimes I’m just bragging.” So far, he has released 50+ songs on all platforms and is a Spotify verified artist.

It starts with computerized synths; the song’s beat begins about 10 seconds after. A hip-hop beat can move you to the rhythm and a mellow infectious hook that will continue in your ears after the song finishes. Gino enters the song with a rapping part that is strong, confident, clear, and straight. In the middle of the song, all things freshen up with some whispering, and we liked it a lot. It has flawless lyrics and excellent audio and video production. This song will surely be a hip-hop hit on all streaming platforms.

Gino Banz is planning to release a new ep named “BRAZY, BRACKIN BOGUS” soon. The date is yet to be revealed.

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WE GONE RISE by Nasz Dawg

Rap music has one of the most powerful vocals and presenting when it comes to the music. Nasz Dawg from Cleveland, Ohio is a magnificent rapper who has started to see the passion of rap from his school days. This talent made him come this far and he tried to present at festivals and talent shows as well. After making a crew by his own Sony records noticed him. This amazing soul is influenced by many rap artists and he has collaborated with  Royal Rulerz Entertainment LLC and was able to release a few tracks with them as well. You also can check those on digital platforms. Check this mind-blowing track “WE GONE RISE.”



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Come up by Dr.eamz

Awesomely featuring a surprisingly extended introduction, the most powerful vocals, beat and flow of the entire track. Dr.eamz is presenting this magnificent track to all his beloved audience. People can have music in their life, but everyone can not be a good singer. This talented soul has crashed the barriers and brought up this track “Come up” in a very strong manner. This is a short edited film and he has done it in a nicer way. “Come up” is talking about our day to day life and how people try to come up with their social status somehow.


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Take On The Day by BrokenToiz

It is often more beautiful when there’s diversity and it’s true for music as well. when RnB meets Pop it creates a wonderful atmosphere. Its specially much more enjoyable when it is from a band. Ambient production with good vibes and a smooth, seductive progression lead us into this thoughtful new single from BrokenToiz Take On The Day is a track that will  awake your sound buds and make you feel alive  and happy. The combination of male  and female voice makes it a pleasant few moments to anyone who loves to  have a good  time with their music. The song is Nostalgic in style yet contemporary in its dealing with the subject matter. Really nicely crafted. BrokenToiz is a band from  Los Angeles who have a rich history and an amazing catalog of tracks which will cheer you up. You can enjoy their beautiful tracks , follow them by visiting their website.

Follow them by visiting their website.

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Attention by Dj Delete

This is the sort of song you should check out if you love RnB and you want to dance for an amazing beat. It’s commonly known as Dancehall Music. Beginning with the smoothness and bounce of chilling vibe, the music brings together dancehall rhythms and contemporary pop sensibilities. Not family-friendly, but soaked in RnB melodies and vocal accessibility regardless. Dj Delete is the amazing talent behind this track. He is a hard-working guy from Dallas Texas who always tries to come up with music that inspires people and helps them to have a good time. I guess it’s high time to pay attention to this uprising star and check out his sweet collection of songs. You can follow his work on social media which is given below and encourage and engage with him to create more amazing songs like this.

Follow the artist on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter.

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