Ruling his own style, his unique way to break through the noise and repetition of recent contemporary hip hop, Sendo ofRMS leads with a surprisingly delicate soundscape and vocal presentation on Rich Sex.

Sendo ofRMS is a 24-year-old versatile artist from the South and East side of Chicago. He lived in Iowa for five years. Co-Founder of Real Music Society & CEO of Humble For Greatness. He is an outstanding upcoming artist in Chicago who mainly records HipHop /Pop -New Era. 

Great artists like Lil Wayne & Drake & Lil Bibby inspire This youngster. Once, he had Performed/Opened For Lil Bibby, Calboy, and Taylor Gang. It was one of the Remarkable achievements of his music carrier.

Imaginatively balancing a dreamy, trip-hop-soaked framework with a distant and mildly affect voice. Somewhat melodic, partly rapped – Rich Sex leans back and forth between the emo-rap tenors that made waves in recent years and the more characteristic hip hop and RnB fusion sounds that hit it significant an era or so earlier. On the whole, though, nothing precise comes to mind – a welcomed trait that aids rebuild the scene with something new and genuine by what came before.

The soundscape rises in subtle intensity and energy. The layers come in one by one as part of this progression. The switch from melody to rap works brilliantly in creating different dynamics and holding tight to your interest throughout.

Leading with personality, skill, and passion combined, Rich Sex introduces a honed sound and style that ties with ease. The track makes you want to change. It brings a level of incentive; it energizes. At the same time, it makes you likely to head off and explore the rest of Sendo ofRMS’ catalog. Defiantly an artist with songwriting at the forefront of his abilities, the genre is merely a suggestion, not strict confinement. Nicely done.

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