Leading with the song’s hook, Link Wit Us turns its focus towards contemporary hip-hop fans. Still, all the while keeps a certain sense of delicacy and character about the Ceo verse’s vocal style and lyricism.

It’s Verse!!!! Big bag big Verse owner of So Dangerous Ent. This rising Richmond Va artist has his own style, swagger, wordplay, and unique melodies. Recently dropping “I still ain’t fall off yet,” it’s been picking up serious traction. This was not the first time he shook the local music community. Just last year, he arguably had one of the best singles from out of Richmond called “Recession” Now, he is back again with another wave of new videos on the way, and we are excited to see what he has this time.

Underneath the vocal progression, we get a notably impressive beat. Multiple layers of riffs, synths, and programmed strings, back-up a worthy bass line. And a reasonably light, unusual rhythm. A little over three and half minutes long, it’s this general musical aura that takes the lead for the most part. The vocal tone is second, and the lyrics are the last thing to connect.

Fortunately, there’s enough personality in the sound, a recognizable vocal style, to get listeners coming back for more hopefully. At which point the contemporary tones stand out all the more so – modern-day references to making money, succeeding, Link Wit Us. The entire single is an alternative, catchy take on a common topic, and Verse has crafted it well.

Link Wit Us is a savvy gem of hip-hop with an intelligent rap that feels authentic and has an emotional, competent vocal delivery at its heart which is worthy of your attention. And it’s over far too soon.

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