Can You Survive?” With this, their first single of the season, they aim high and hit the mark once more.

Can You Survive?” is a Southern California band that believes in using the unusual and dark to promote individualism and creativity. They primarily produce Metalcore. Their most recent single is “Still Heart.”

This band was inspired by ‘Motionless in White,’ ‘Ice Nine Kills,’ ‘Asking Alexandria,’ and ‘The Word Alive.’

Can You Survive?” comes with that distinct style and sound, certainly nailing the chemistry with this one, giving a beautiful synthesis of elements that all at once bring melody and distortion, rapidity to the point of near-breathlessness, and juxtaposing moments of peaceful introspection.

The music provides a captivating narrative that inspires contemplation while also contributing to the spooky, frightening atmosphere, cleverly merging robust ambient design with equal amounts of melody and screaming.

Still Heart‘ is a structurally complex song, with several unexpected moments throughout the composition, some with more lyrical clarity, some with space, some with weight and grit and intensity.

The song is multi-layered, complicated, and intense, yet it’s arranged in a way that allows all of that to stand tall alongside some far more delicate and contemplative passages.

The usage of melody in the verses contributes significantly to their distinct tone. The vocal performances here have an indie-rock intensity to them; it’s a terrific opportunity for listeners to gain a clear and crisp grasp of the lyrics and the message behind the music while also feeling a little closer to the producers at work.

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