Occasionally you come across an artist or a song that just fits, one that instantly warms you up and calms you down the moment you press play. Deeper To The Core by Sweet Imperfections brilliantly exemplifies this type of warmth.

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer-songwriter Bri Schillings and a group of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers. Bri was drawn to music as a child, sensing the connection and energy between nature and sound. Following this magnetic pull, she found herself playing melodies she’d heard on various instruments and recalls feeling awe and magic, as if she’d unlocked a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and learned what love was. Her relationship blossomed further, and she experimented with any instrument she could find, discovering that each device had its own voice and would write its own song. She enjoys sitting down with music and saying, “Let’s go on an adventure,” allowing her heart, hand, and voice to flow.

Sweet Imperfections’ vocals are gentle but powerful, like a massively important soft voice that you know you need to listen to above everything else in the house. Along with this, the piano playing is truly mesmerizing; it has a mesmerizing quality to it that never wavers or fades. The ambiance is held together with tenacity all across, softly gradually building until this massive, delightfully tumultuous end section, where everything comes together again and falls away. Really efficient, a great way to define this type of song, and the output fits the songwriting style perfectly.

Deeper To The Core by Sweet Imperfections is a pretty fantastic way of feeling within a single song, and the entire track has a certain legendary flair to it. It would be great to hear it now, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

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