If you are into unique music this track is for you. With their impressive single that speaks volumes on behalf of unique style and artistic intention, CoLoRFooL brings through the new Homemade sound in a smooth, likable, and powerful way. It’s a beautiful collection of layers of music from different organic instruments. The whole thing feels authentic, like a live delivery, and showcases only the natural intentions of the song – nothing flashy or false, just great music and a group of artists increasingly lost in the moment.

CoLoRFooL is a bunch of young souls from Bordeaux, France who are passionate about what they do. So you can guarantee that they will give their best to make something pure and enjoyable to a wide audience who love the calmness and the details of the instrumental symphony. Their bravery in taking risks with the genre and the instruments they use has paid off massively in their mission to create authentic music so different from everything we get to listen to nowadays. 

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