A teenage hip-hop artist Aydan Emoji has released his latest single, “Rock Star,” on Spotify.

Aydan Emoji is a 16-year-old talented hip-hop artist from DFW, United States. He likes to experiment with various music styles but stick with hip hop style more. Aydan Emoji has released 23 singles on Spotify, and “Rock Star” is his latest single released on Spotify. His vocal is passionate, mellow and soulful because he put his pain into songs.

“Rock Star” is a hip hop and rap style song that already got more than 16k streams on Spotify. The track goes on a mellow hip hop tune and strings and synths to shine the background tune. The vocal is mellow, soulful and confident that you can feel the love and pain listening to Aydan’s voice.

Aydan is the most talented young hip hop artist we’ve seen in a while. His voice, beats and melodies can create a mood in anyone. For his age, he has done an excellent job in all of his songs. We definitely see a hip hop superstar in Aydan because of his incredible vocal talent and a niche for finding a melody. His versatility alone can compete with any artist out there.

Listen to Ayden’s “Rock Star” on Spotify.

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