Sweet vocals and clear personality meet with a dreamy production style for this scene-setting, hard-hitting, and somewhat vintage new single from Amfg. This house is not a home, it is a track you won’t get to hear normally. The combinations are so unusual but it actually works pretty well. At first, you might think it’s a rock song given the guitar-based star that rocks the start. Then it turns to a smooth hip-hop song and a rap towards the end.

Amfg is an independent artist from Daytona Beach, FL. he is a creative talent who writes his songs, sings, and rap, and ultimately produces his own music. With that, he gets the freedom to experiment as it fits so he can produce music you never heard of and raise the bar. He keeps things honest and upfront throughout this true-story-based release. That has helped him to be closer with his audience and give his message to society in an efficient way. He gives his 100% to produce something that sticks in the memory of his fans. Though he was inspired by artists like Mac Miller with his own unique work, the sky is his limit to be one of the greats in the hip-hop industry. 

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