Spicy Tempo blends a stunning melody that unites stunningly with the rising passion and fullness of the soundscape. Marrakech has the makings of an EDM classic and veers off into addictive dance realms with absolute power and precision.

Spicy Tempo started his musical journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on his own he performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before deciding to focus on working on his own compositions. The results were two albums ‘Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by a single and video ‘Garland’.

Following the release of ‘Spring Dance’ in February, ‘Mechanical Heart’ in March, ‘Blue Lotus’ in May and ‘Marrakech’ video in June, Spicy Tempo is introducing his best electronic music tracks and videos in 2021. Having accumulated a number of tracks, he is now releasing a new single and video every month.

Marrakech is a beautiful music track with passionate heartfelt sounds of piano, guitar, strings and flute accompanied by soft percussion, drums, and bass. The track has an excellent feel, and it’s addictive; the rhythm is steady, so it keeps you confined, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has a retro and fairly simplistic flora to it, yet notes add to the vibe. They add to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds, notwithstanding the music seemingly remaining on the same plain all over. Marrakech a clever bit of production by Spicy Tempo, and it’s interesting at all times.

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