“Well known creator and producer Spicy Tempo returns this month with yet another handsomely impressive banger.

Spicy Tempo is a music performer and composer of electronic dance music and chill electronic music from the San Francisco Area. His music features the ‘get up and dance’ driving energy and groove of bass, drums, and percussion mixed with lilting tones of guitars, strings, synth, pan flutes, and piano.

Spicy Tempo started his musical journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on his own, he performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before focusing on his own compositions. The results were two albums, ‘ Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by singles and videos ‘Garland’, Spring Dance’, ‘Mechanical Heart’ and ‘Blue Lotus’.

The opening and title track of ‘Blue Lotus’ have a reasonably familiar feel to it, in terms of what you might imagine from electronica with an innovative edge. Still, almost instantly, it strikes as something exclusive. The synths and chosen sounds are remarkably heavy, as is the beat, and so this outline to the whole Blue Lotus concept is notably renewed. The chunkiness of the sound and the fundamental element of darkness creates a soundscape within which you’re inclined to let both your mind and your mood stroll. The music builds up and breaks away according to its own storyline and wisdom of character, so despite being a fan of electronic music and instrumental escapism, on the whole, it’s pretty challenging to predict the way that things will go. The track leads the way for you, as true escapism should, and it captures and expresses something new.

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