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City View by Groove Marro

Leaning synths, complimentary raps, and mindblowing vocals, City View is the new craving of the hip hop genre. City View is another superb work done by an extremely talented artist who went viral on Facebook.

Groove Marro is a hip hop/ rap artist in Philadephia/ Norristown area. He is currently serving his 6th year in the USA army national guard and juggles working as an American soldier and pursuing his full-time career in music.

This unique artist got inspiration from artists like LUDACRIS, JAY Z, T.I, EMINEM, MAC MILLER, ANDERSON PAAK, HOPSIN, DIZZY WRIGHT, AND JOEY BADASS. Groove has performed on multiple stages for multiple companies such as Dj Dior Cartel’s Industry Exposure 2, Original Block Hustlers, Uptown Open-mic, Vibe Star Ent, Sb Entertainment, And Spill Music Group Llc. Most Notably, He Has Performed Alongside Wu-Tang Clan Affiliate Juda Priest.

The song starts with a watery synth that works as an infectious hook and complementary vocals to shine up the music. Groove enters into the song with a strong, confident, and sharp rap verse, and the rest is astonishing. Music production is top-notch so is video production.

Groove Marro is a famous artist on Facebook. His previous song Stop Me got over a million views on Facebook and he is hoping to go viral with his latest song release, City View, too.

Watch Groove Marro City View Offical music video on Youtube. Follow him on Facebook, Instagram,  and Twitter.

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Resurrection by Xeksol

EDM is a genre we love thanks to its magical ability to make us forget our problems and enjoy the moment. Resurrection is a track that got Stylishly blending the multi-layered, euphoric energy of EDM and intricate sound design, with powerfully passionate vocals and a clear sense of rising anticipation,  Xeksol’s new single fearlessly fuses genres, and drives with absolute strength of song-writing and artistic intention. He is an Electronic Music Producer from Florida who works tirelessly over 12 years to produce music that will ultimately make listeners’ day and the mood better. Xeksol is an artist who makes music based on his current mood so each one of his songs got a unique taste and melody which makes him a better artist with a huge variety. His talent in playing guitar and piano helps him to make nice melodies that please his audience. Check out his social media to get to know more about this wonderful artist and to chill your mind with some quality music.

Follow the artist on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Spotify.

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Pain by Bombay

An electronic song from an infrequent country, Pain by Bombay masked e-fiddler (BMeF), is now available on Youtube.

BMeF is a musician from Bombay, India. Learned classical music with a violin at an early age in Delhi School of Music under renowned Violinist Mr Ivan Rodrick. He has done his studies under the London curriculum. While in school, he could learn about classical musicians like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Kreisler. He then moved to Australia to pursue an Elder conservatoire Music degree. There he studied under Australian Violist and conductor Mr Keith Crellin and encountered electronica music. He suddenly fell in love with electronica and started crafting his own sound with the violin dubbed water music.

This is a mini-song project by BMeF. He says, In today times, Music production or song production needs practising learning adapting, and exploring at a very faster pace. Most musicians can’t turn some amazing song ideas into final songs, and the whole thing goes down the drain end of the day. I want to keep things simple with this new project, and the idea is to finish a song Or a mini song in a day so as to learn faster methods and not overproducing.

The song has quite unique music with progressive electronic tones, frequent violin water music parts, guitar tones, and electronic beat instead of drums. The song is unusually satisfying with classic and poetic lyrics. The vocals are mellow and confident; we can experience his years of learning from his voice itself.

Check out Pain on Youtube and follow BMeF on Instagram and Facebook.

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Concrete Jungle by Pryme Sinister

Often people think hip hop music doesn’t give anything useful to society. Listen to this epic track to change your mind. Brilliantly creative sound design, thoughtfully inspiring lyricism, and the unmistakable tone of the artist’s voice, all kicks off yet another impactful Song from the one and only Pryme Sinny. It describes the world we live in perfectly. How people are with fewer emotions and just working like urges us to enjoy life with its uplifting melody and the vibe it creates with its purposeful lyrics. With over two decades of experience, Pryme Sinny knows what he is doing and all the love he gets from his fans is proof of that. He plans on engaging in few more projects before retiring. Check this amazing track to chill your mind and to think like a different person.

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Just Like Me by Juice Boy Dead

Just Like Me by Juice Boy Dead was released on Youtube, hoping for a Rap/emo rap/hip-hop/hardcore genre hit.

Juice Boy Dead is a Rapper, vocalist, drummer, producer and audio engineer based in Steinbach MB, Canada. He produces his own beats as well as records all of his music in his home studio. Having played the drums through high school in different bands, he decided to get into rapping and began learning how to use FL Studio.

His main genre is rap, except for some hardcore tracks. In late 2019 he was forced to undergo a mental examination after someone reported him to be a threat to himself and others due to lyrics in his previous releases, Southlander and  Listen. He was deemed to be not a threat by the doctor assigned to evaluate him but was diagnosed with clinical depression. His more recent releases shed light on his struggle with depression, past alcoholism, and self-harm. His debut music video was released on March 26th of 2021.

Several artists inspired juice Boy Dead;  Travis Barker, Eminem, Hopsin, Jarren Benton, Kato On The Track, Xxxtentacion, $uicideboy$, City Morgue, Pouya, Deftones, and Mortality Rate. The song is more on the horror side and is more hardcore than rap. He says, No. You don’t want to grow up to be just like me disappointed in the way he lives; he advises not to be like him in the song. The vocals are clear, strong and confident, making the listener feel the urge to listen more. The sound quality is quite good, and overall the song is excellent.

Watch the official music video release of Just Like Me on Youtube. Be aware that This video has been identified to trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy potentially. Viewer discretion is advised.

Follow Juice Boy Dead on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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Jealousy by KB

KB brings you his latest song release, “Jealousy,” on Youtube, hoping for a hip hop hit. The song has already got more than 1.2k views on Youtube within three days of publishing. Little more to the dirty side, “Jealousy” may not suit for your children to listen.

KB is a young artist based in South Africa. He creates music in hip hop genre. Inspired and influenced by Drake, this young artist is hoping to be better than Drake someday. KB says, “Definitely working towards being the closest or even better than Drake one day you can hear the influence in the song.”

KB is a 16-year-old musician who grew up in Pretoria, South Africa. He is trying to be a hip-hop celebrity as it is his dream. His debut song release “Devis Lullaby” has already got more than 9K streams on Spotify alone. The debut song was released about a month ago.

Vocals of the song start right away initially, and the music runs through a drumbeat that highlights throughout the song.

“Jealousy” is about a broken relationship, a girl who broke up and moved away.” I know you said that we should move on” starting rap part describes how desperate the lover is without her. However, the lyrics of this song are on a more dirty side. The rapping parts include non-suitable words for the child audience. Overall, the music track is quite good for a beginner. We definitely can expect more great songs by KB in the future.

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Wolf Party by Video Village

Wolf Party by Video Village was released on Youtube hoping for a stoner rock hit.

Video village is a stoner rock band from Chicago, Ilinois. They have been in the industry for years and have been uploading their tracks on Youtube for four years. Inspired and influenced by Queens of the Stone Age, Kyuss, All Them Witches, and Black Sabbath, the band creates stoner rock music and has created five singles so far.

The track starts with a rock guitar tone that loops throughout the song. Soon after beginning the guitar part, the singer enters into the song with a surprising hard vocal. Wolf Party is a true rock song that hit rock music lovers, souls, straight away.

The video part of the song is exceptional. Focusing everyday activities of the singer (actor), the video is recorded, concentrating only on the actor’s face. Not a usual way of video producing, but that ok with a song like this. To tell the truth, we didn’t like the video production at all.

However, the song itself is interesting, with lively guitar sounds and strong, lively and confident vocals that can induce euphoria extraordinary for rock music.

You can watch the official music video of Wolf Party on Youtube. Check out Video Village on Instagram.


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Y U Trippin’ by TAY-LAH

Proudly introducing a brilliantly flowing sound, with the most soulful vocals by TAY-LAH, a new upcoming soul from Vienna/ Austria. “Y U Trippin” weave creatively melodic and conceptual web all around the audience hearts with a positive vibe. This awesome track brings unique vocal drive and organic simple touch to all the listeners. With the combination of all these, a stylish presentation also brings a different color to the same.

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Level Up By Quano Bandz

“Level Up” flowing through a mellow beat and melody and a smooth, self-willed voice brings you a new level of Hip Hop style that can induce euphoria of the listener.

“Level Up” is created by Quano Bandz, who is a hip hop and rap artist based in Norfolk, Virginia. Lil Wayne inspires this talented artist, and he wishes to be a star like him. Having a not-so-good past, Quano isn’t still broken. His desire is strong even though he doesn’t have any accomplishments at the moment.

The song flows on a mellow piano tune that keeps you up high in the clouds. Progressive drum beats can make you dance in a slow rhythm, and background running synth shines the song’s music. The vocals are fast, strong, and confident with soulful feelings. Overall the theme runs on a mellow beat all along the time of fewer than two minutes.

“Level Up” is a small track and is Quanos’s first track available to the public. The lyrics are more suitable for adults, not children. Although it is small, the quality is top-notch for a beginner. We can expect more exciting music creations from Quano Bandz in the future.

Check out Quano’s “Level Up” on Youtube.

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Fjorgar by Sunrostern

When you want to hear some music but don’t want any voices, Fjorgar will fulfil your needs. Fjorgar by Sunrostern is a classic and electronic track without any vocals.

Sunrostern is a Youtuber from the United States that publishes shows on Finance and Technology. In addition to that, he uploads his own musical creations. Sunrostern enjoys creating informative content for enjoyment and education.

Sunsrostern produces music in the classic and electronic genre. He gets inspiration from many classical composers, as well as contemporary ones like Tiesto and Ferry Corsten.

The track is made with a synthesizer and a computer program. A mix of classical music and electronic music combined together, not harming both styles. Sunrostern attempted to beautify the track with violin tones that are made with a computer. Still, if you are experienced in music, you can clearly see that those are artificial violin parts, not the real deal. The track flows on various synths and beats, sometimes mellow and sometimes complicated.

The quality of this music track is quite good for a beginner though it has some flaws. Sunrostern has a lot more to learn about music and sound engineering. We guess that he will learn fast as he is a computer geek.

Listen to Sunrostern’s Fjorgar on Youtube.


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Highway75 by 7FIFTY7

RnB is a genre that we all love. An addictive RnB track with a contemporary finish, strong vocals – upfront and personal yet still gentle in nature; in keeping with the uncertainty and realisation of the lyrics. A smooth track, melancholic and hypnotic, finely tuned for this change in season. Highway 75 is a track with the perfect mix and match of each element of an amazing RnB track. 7FIFTY7 has done a sweet job with this marvellous track. He hopes to bring positivity to his beloved fans and find his mark and his lightning bolt in the industry. You can follow this upcoming star by following his social media to be up to date. 

Follow this artist on Instagram and Twitter.


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Prisoner by Melany Sharon

A true artist needs to sing well, and dance will add a different color to increase the quality of the work. This is bringing together familiar melodic loops, lightness, with boldly raspy, recognisable lyrics on a different platform. Melany Sharon, truly passionate about music and dancing nicely recreate the cover “Prisoner” by Miley Cyrus ft. Dua Lipa. A widely positive thinker, from Holland born as a performer, is doing a magnificent job in the music industry. Stay tuned and enjoy more covers and true music.

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A Song For You by Soichiro

Nicely done with a true passion for music. A composer, arranger, advertising jingle writer and also a producer, Soichiro has brought up piano instrumental music to the next level so far. With a well-experienced background, he has played his roles in many backgrounds by producing background music for TV ads, radio ads, radio Jingles, radio programs, company events and an iPhone app. A true talented soul always knows his path and is born to do music to entertain a clever audience. “A song for You” is an attractive piano cover that will talk to your heart and will be good medicine to your soul as well.


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“Pain” by Bombay masked e-fiddler (BMeF)

BMeF is a musician from Bombay, India. Learned classical music with a violin at an early age in Delhi School of Music under renowned Violinist Mr. Ivan Rodrick. He has done his studies under the London curriculum. While in school, he could learn about classical musicians like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Kreisler. He then moved to Australia to pursue an Elder conservatoire Music degree. There he studied under Australian Violist and conductor Mr. Keith Crellin and encountered electronica music. He suddenly fell in love with electronica and started crafting his own sound with the violin dubbed “water music.”

This is a mini-song project by BMeF. He says,” In today’s times, Music production or song production needs practicing learning adapting, and exploring at a very faster pace. Most musicians can’t turn some amazing song ideas into final songs, and the whole thing goes down the drain end of the day. I want to keep things simple with this new project, and the idea is to finish a song Or a minisong in a day so as to learn faster methods and not overproducing.”

The song has quite unique music with progressive electronic tones, frequent violin “water music” parts, guitar tones, and electronic beat instead of drums. The song is unusually satisfying with classic and poetic lyrics. The vocals are mellow and confident; we can experience his years of learning from his voice itself.

Check out “Pain” on Youtube and follow BMeF on Instagram and Facebook.

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Glow by Joseph Birch

Glow, an Adult Contemporary song by Joseph Birch was released on Youtube on March 25, 2021.

Joseph Birch is from Haw River, North Carolina, and creates Alternative, Adult Contemporary songs. Joseph Birch grew up in San Diego, Southern Carolina, and that’s where his music career started. In the late ’90s to 2000s, Joseph Birch played his music in front of thousands of people in the clubs and other live venues in Southern Carolina. The band he was fronting was nominated for a San Diego Music Award and other national acts while he was the band’s star.

Then he moved to North Carolina for personal reasons. After a long interval from music, Joseph Birch is back in the industry again, creating music, writing, performing, and producing all of the new music himself in his home studio in North Carolina.

When he shined as a music star in Southern Carolina, he was a San Diego Music Awards Nominee in the best alternative category. He could open slots for The Fixx, The Call, Dramarama, and Jane Weidlin of the Go Go’s. He has an incredible voice and born talent for making amazing lyrics. Both are mixed together in this song with a piece of lovely slow-motion melody.

Watch Glow Official Lyric Video on Youtube. Follow Joseph Birch on Facebook and Instagram.

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Popping Shit by Mack Ben Widdit

Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe)by Mack Ben Widdit was premiered on Youtube not so long ago, hoping for a Rap/hip hop genre hit.

Produced by Ran and Lay, labelled under Don’t Fold Entertainment, Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe) is an energetic and desirous rap and hip hop song.

Mack Ben Widdit is a hip-hop and rap artist based in Richmond, Virginia. The idea of this song popped into normal rival south side street gangs, and they started collaborating with each other to make this song. The final result is this song. Mack has released five singles to all streaming platforms, being Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe) the latest one. He has been in this industry since 2019.

This song’s official video release is not suitable for children as it promotes some sort of nudity. However, the song quality is top-notch, with infectious loops, rapping parts, and some singing. The music runs on a slow tempo, but the rhythm is enough to make you dance. Vocals are clear, strong, and confident, which can catch your attention.

Watch the official music video of Popping Shit (feat. HBK JohnDoe)on Youtube. Follow Mack Ben Widdit on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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Zuvie – Cold Blooded (Official Audio)

“Cold Blooded” by an emerging artist Zuvie was released on Youtube recently. This hip-hop and rap style song has the potential to go up in the music charts for sure.

Zuvie is a talented artist based in Chicago. His main styles of making songs are hip hop and rap. He is a 20-year-old Somali artist that has both talent and passion for music. He’s been in this industry for three years learning and experimenting with music. He has released 21 songs on Soundcloud and his last song, “Troosli Type Beat,” got a hit on Soundcloud with more than 77k streams and counting. “Cold Blooded” is his latest release, which has already received more than 20k streams on Soundcloud alone.

Inspired by Lil Baby, Toosii, and Nipsey Hussle, Zuvie creates hip hop and rap style songs mainly, with some pop and trap style songs. He uses a synthesizer to make melodies for most of the songs and is very good at it.

“Cold Blooded” flows on an infectious hook that starts at the beginning. With some more synths and beats to shine, the vocals of the song highlight more than the music. Zuvie is more like rapping; although his voice has a tune, but it is perfectly balanced. The lyrics rarely uses dirty words, but it rarely grabs the attention.

By checking his latest releases, we can see an improvement in his skills, and we expect that he will continue to learn more and release more mind-blowing songs in the future.

Listen to “Cold Blooded” by Zuvie on Youtube. Check out his work on Instagram and LinkTree.

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Barcelona by Naz Sloane

Barcelona by Naz Sloane has been released on Youtube hoping for a hit in rap/ hip hop hit.

Derrick Jones Sr. aka Naz Sloane, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, is a Rap/HipHop/R&B/Pop artist. He was once a high school football star turned street hustler, now hip-hop artist. Even though his future was bright to play college football, he turned to the streets to make ends meet due to his rough upbringing. After losing his mother due to congestive heart failure in October 2011 and losing his two best friends, he turned to music to release his stress and anger.

Naz recorded his first track called Groovin while playing around in the studio. Once the song hit the streets, he received numerous calls to feature on other local artists tracks. At that moment, he realized that he had the talent to take himself to the next level.

Naz signed to BML (Big Money Living) at the beginning of his music career. Unfortunately, he knew he had a different calling to get to where he needed to be in his music career. He paid and bought himself out of his contract. Naz Sloane and the owner of BML still remained cool and cordial.

Since then, Naz has created his label and is now the founder and owner of {LOOK Records, LLC}. One day, while Naz was recording a song in the studio named LOOK, the song resonated with him on a different level. He realized at that moment; this would be the name of his entire brand. The energy he felt that day, he believed in himself and changed himself as an artist. He created an LLC{LOOK Records} that day in the studio, then walked next door and got it tattooed on his forehead.

Running through an infectious loop, a downtempo beat start after few seconds of the song. I just know I can move Naz Sloane opens up his vocals just right after the beat starts with another singer, which he did mention. The song is a tribute to the falling Kings of Barcelona. Barcelona is created mainly with synths, and they are super cool.

Watch Barcelona on Youtube. Check out Naz Sloane on Instagram.

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Poverty by YoungB

“Poverty” by YoungB, a beginner Hip Hop artist, was released on Youtube on March 25, 2021.

YoungB is a beginner Hip Hop artist based in Miami, Florida. He plays Hip Hop and Rap style songs to the public.

The black American Rapper Lil Boosie is his favourite idle. YoungB got the inspiration to be an artist from him.

YoungB is singing and making songs since 2015. “Poverty” is his second song release initially released in 2019 on Spotify. He has released nine other songs so far, “Let ‘em Hate” being the latest. Although the song “Poverty” has released more than a year ago, he managed to release an official video for this song just now. 

The song is about his real-life struggles, which he face day by day. Poverty is the main problem many people struggle with in their life. Not a usual topic used by artists as many artists use love, desperation or money as their topic in many songs.

The song overall is acceptable quality though the video is not. YoungB has a lot to learn from pro artists to sharpen up his skills.

Watch the “Poverty” official music video on Youtube. Listen to YounB’s other song releases on Spotify.

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Crypto by TheGilFactor

“Crypto” by TheGilFactor was released on Youtube on March 18, 2021.

TheGilFactor is the leading artist of a music company founded in 2018 and based in New York City, United States. GilFactor record is a music publishing company, a record label, and an advertisement agency. They also operate two subsidiaries: GilFactor Records Concerts, an event promoter featuring artists from New York City and abroad; and GilFactor Records Promo, an agency that promotes projects not directly linked GilFactor Records. They have so far produced Latin, reggaeton, and Dance style music videos. “Crypto” is the official album cover video of TheGilFactor, the CEO of GilFactor Records.

The song flowed through a strong beat suitable for dancing and remixed with various tones to shine the song. The sound quality is top quality, and the music is from pro artist level. The song is created in the Latin language, and they have produced several other songs with another artist as well.

GilFactor Records accepts advertisements, promotions, and music recording orders from artists around New York City. You can contact them on their website

They have 3 Instagram accounts: @TheGilFactorTv @GilFactorRecords @TheGilFactor

Listen to Crypto on Youtube. The song “Crypto” is available on all streaming platforms as well.

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Forfeit by Layzi and L.ucas

“Forfeit,” a pop song by Layzi and L.ucas, premiered on Youtube on 22 February, 2021 hoping for a hit in Indie pop.

L.ucas and Layzi are two beginner pop artists in Boston. Although they are new to this industry, they have released phenomenal songs so far. Both musicians have their own recordings in addition to this song.

Indie pop style song, “Forfeit”, is a calming song that plays through a calming melody with an incredible acoustic guitar tone. Both singers have a lovely voice that pleases the listeners. As you start playing the song, you can’t wait until it finishes as it catches your full attention.

“Forfeit by Layzi and L.ucas is surely a masterpiece of indie-pop genre songs. We are sure that it will go high up on music charts. Both musicians are solo artists that have solo song releases. L.ucas has been in the music industry since 2018 and has released several songs in Spotify and Apple Music. Layzi has been in the music industry since 2019 and has released several songs on Spotify and Apple Music.

Both artists are born talented, but they have more to learn in this industry. But, they will stay shine as indie-pop artists for years to come.

Watch the official music video of “Forfeit” on Youtube. Listen to Forfeit on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Shyvana by Germanistic

“Shyvana” from a beginner artist Germanistic has released on Youtube on February 21, 2021.

Germanistic is from Germany and makes music for 15 years. He creates HipHop, Electronic Music, Movie & Games Music and is inspired by lots of artists.

Germanistic has been uploading music videos on Youtube for eight months. “Shyvana” is the latest music work done by him.

“Shyvana” is an electronic music track without any voiceovers. The music track runs on a robust and fast beat that can quench electronic music lovers’ thirst. “Shyvana” can be a perfect track as club music as it has the ability to make the listener dance without any effort.

This psytrance remix can make you feel good for a short time span of less than 7 minutes total; that can be a short break from your job to fire up your strength again.

Germanistic also appears on Spotify, and he has released 16 music tracks on Spotify since 2019. All of them being just music tracks, he has a long way to go in this industry with better music with someone to sing with.

Listen to “Shyvana” by Germanistic on Youtube. Find him on Spotify and follow Germanistic on Instagram: Germanistic

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Perfect by Lester Sanchez, Tah O, Quincy Jamal

“Perfect” by Lester Sanchez, Tah O & Quincy Jamal was released on Youtube hoping for a Rap genre hit.

Lester Sanchez is a singer and songwriter based out of Orlando, FL. He has 15 years of experience writing, recording & producing records. This deep thinking artist is planning on going through a long path in Rap industry.

Having a tragic childhood as homeless, Lester uses his sad experiences to fuel his music. He has a personal style of rapping that makes you dive in and really feel what he is saying. Inspired and influenced by Frank Sinatra, Nas, and Babyface, Lester has a wide range of music libraries to display globally.

“Perfect” was the best and most known masterpiece of Lester Sanchez. His most recent EP is “I’m Only Packing One Suit.” The EP includes five songs that take you through every step of love and will have you appreciating every feeling along the way. 

Lester has a remarkable ability to write relatable and emotional lyrics to make you feel. He uses his past memories, good and bad, to fuel his music and uses it as his primary tool to express his love and pain.

“Perfect” is accompanied by a brilliant video production produced by Beats By Pro and Stevi Young and is recorded, mixed, and mastered at Syce Studios Orlando, FL. The song is top quality that fired the listeners back in 2019.




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Home Alone by Ghost on the Second Floor

“Ghost on the Second Floor” is a musical band that produces indie-pop-style songs. The artists are from Hong Kong and Paris. The band is inspired by REM; an American Rock Band formed in 1980. 

Ghost on the Second Floor has released 14 tracks so far in their SoundCloud Channel, and they’ve been in this industry for more than six years.

Home Alone reminisces old music that rose and shined in the 1980s so that it will quench the thirst of 1980′ music lovers.

The song is about a female ghost that nobody can’t see or hear. They talked about her sad life story when she was alive and how she spends her ghost living in this song. A bit scary but compelling music with old-type vocals brings you into a Ghosty place in your mind. The “Home Alone” song is overall enthralling with an exciting beat and guitar tones. Although the song didn’t go viral, it has a viral song’s qualities if there were more 1980s music lovers.

Watch “Home Alone” on Youtube. Follow Ghost on the Second Floor on Facebook and Instagram.

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Not Very Far by J Palso

“Not Very Far” by J Palso has released on March 21, 2021, on YouTube, hoping for a hip hop hit.

The “Not Very Far” release is based on his book Fallen from Heaven by John Palso. The book is currently selling on Amazon.

John Palso lives in Montreal. He is of Romanian origin. After completing his bachelor’s degree, J Palso decided to write a romance novel called Fallen from Heaven. He wrote this song to incorporate it with his book. He speaks Romanian, French, and English.

Inspired by Collie Buddz, Sean Paul, and Akon, J Palso is a beginner Dancehall, pop, hip-hop artist that hopes to write and sing many more songs in the future.

For a beginner artist that composed his first song, he has done an excellent job. The beat, tone, and vocals don’t show off J Palso as a beginner. He sings in the song as a pro artist. The lyrics are outstanding, and by the words of this song, we can assure that his novel will also blow readers’ minds. We expect many more exciting songs by J Palso in the future.

Listen to “Not Very Far” on Youtube and follow J Palso on Instagram. Buy Fallen From Heaven book from Amazon.


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Monkey by Sasi Shalom

The Jazz artist Sasi Shalom brings another superb music track, “Monkey,” with an impressive team of Ole Mathisen on Saxophone, Richard Hammond on Electric Bass, and Horacio “el negro” Hernandez on Drums.

Resides in New York City, this Israeli artist is a prodigious composer, producer, and performer. He is a Jazz bandleader and toured with his team across the USA, Europe, and Israel. Sasi Shalom appreciates music from all over the world and has incorporated this diversity into his writing and improvisations.

Sasi has released five Jazz records as a leader so far. They are Modus, The Way I See It, Long Time Coming, Endless Nights, and Moments of Eternity. This track is a part of the full-length album “Moments of Eternity.” He has worked with so many artists. Some of them are Gary Thomas, Teodross Avery, Ole Mathisen, Donny Mccaslin, Matthew Garrison, Richard Hammond, Oz Noy, Arie Volinez, Kai Eckhardt, Horacio “el negro” Hernandez, Antonio Sanchez, Davide Pettirossi, Buster Williams, Al Foster, Jerry Bergonzi, Adam Nussbaum, Abe Laboriel Jr, Ralph McDonald, Ravi Coltrane, and Will Downing.

Inspired by weather Report, Joe Zawinul, Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock, Keith Jarrett, and Miles Davis, Sasi Shalom is a Jazz/ Fusion/ Jazz-Rock artist that produces and composes excellent music. He is a fantastic pianist and a performer.

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Premium Bundle by Louie dripp

Classic Rap music connects cleanly mixed vocals in a unique manner “Premium Bundle” has one of the bold introductions and is done by Louie dripp. Even Though it’s fast-paced it can be satisfying as well. Almost all ideas are refreshing, relatable, but this smart soul presents this awesome track in a reflective way. Hope this amazing track completes you and will give you a positive vibe as well.



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Y U Trippin by TAY – LAH

TAY – LAH is an awesome, upcoming, talented soul who is based in Australia. “Y U Trippin” is the first-ever debut single that she has done as of now. The whole thing is into the next level, the vocals, the video, melody, will bring you the right delicense to your ear and for the soul as well. When you listen to this awesome track, you will figure out how nicely flowing the song with good music and will catch your ear easily as well.

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Everyday by Cra Raccs

Nicely expressed, magnificent vocals with an awesome flow. “Everyday” is a brilliant creation by “Cra Raccs” who is from Crown Heights Neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.  Pouring through like something of a freestyle awesome rap music, This interesting track leads into confident and intimate references alike throughout its verses, You all will love the nice and chilling flow of this amazing track too.

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The Radio by CJ STAIN

An immediately soulful and infectious hook starts off this new release from Stain in the best possible way. Progressing from the stylish, melodic and angsty confidence of the hook and intro, this track goes on to bring in a heavy rap vocal, classic and cleanly mixed, offering a mighty contrast with the lightness and soulful swagger of the hook and the soundscape. He is a Canadian producer who mainly focused on  R&B and soul influences. He has received many endorsements for his amazing work .recently for the breathtaking remix of “Cold Water” by Justin Bieber. Not only that his talented work helped him to win many academic awards too.

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