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Routes by Leksi Harris

Leksi Harris offers up an interesting approach to hip hop, one that brings together smooth melodies, passionate story-telling, and a surprisingly delicate soundscape. Routes lead with a confident and expressive vocal style that consistently reflects the underlying sentiment of each bar. Whether the moment is melodic or rapped, the flow or delivery meets its needs regardless. 

The song takes you on a journey. Meanwhile, the music continues to float through, those unexpectedly gentle riffs echoing around in the outer edges, creating a strangely dreamlike aura that actually entrances you and makes the artist’s voice and lyrics connect a little more intensely.

Leksi Harris is an American singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She started making music on SoundCloud when she was 17. Over the years she has released many solos while improving her talents. As she is an intelligent songwriter her wordplay is strong and she always tries to give a valuable message to her audience. In that effort, her sweet vocals and the mellow melody play a huge role in keeping the attention of the listeners till the very end of the song. She likes to try new stuff without being too attached to one genre. Indie, Alternative, and R&B are her favorites. Leksi listens to music from artists like Ariana Grande, Mac Miller & TY Dolla Sign and takes inspiration while creating music with her own signature style and character.

 The very concept of the song inspires a sense of positivity – of moving forwards through struggle, continuing to progress. The calmness of the ambiance and the emotional variation presented in the vocal performance work well together to invite the listener into the experience. 

You get a strong sense of character from the whole thing, each verse and indeed each line has a strength of its own – this is far from a reading of lyrics, this is a full-throttle performance. The lyricism and eclectic flow alongside this make sure to introduce BackDraft Project as an artist with a rightful dedication to the art form. An easy song to get into but one that’s well worth revisiting afterward – a second and third listen helps it all sink into a greater effect.

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Come My Way by SHROOM

SHROOM blends dance and emotive songwriting throughout this dreamy yet rhythmically engaging new single Come My Way, offering a nostalgic yet refreshingly delicate take on contemporary pop.

SHROOM is an uprising star in the music industry from Houston. He is a versatile young 24 yr old artist with 2 EPs Under his belt (Mood Swings & The Shift) Been making music since 2020 who mainly records pop and rap. He released  his First Official music video in June of 2021, which was produced by Wonderlust, Mixed & Mastered by Director Joe-D, Filmed by Director Joe-D, Directed by Director Joe-D & SHROOM, and titled Come My Way 

SHROOM is influenced by artists such as Andre 3000, Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, J.Cole, Tame Impala, Post Malone, and others.

SHROOM injects pure-pop color and confidence into the mix, brightening up the room. Come My Way is a soft and elegantly catchy single, a strong emergence, and an excellent display of the artist’s poetic perception and musical embrace.

The song’s very nature, particularly the easy repetition of the title for a hook and the groove’s fifties-style do-wap rhythm, fits the visuals perfectly. The whole thing draws you in for its slight familiarity as well as the unpredictable storyline implications, and that’s not easy to do these days.

Everything about SHROOM’s sound has a distinct sense of identity, from his voice to his writing to the very setup of each track. As Come My Way begins, there is an immediate feeling of hope and silence, but those specific characteristics – the voice, the flow, the tone, the production – all lean confidently in the direction of unwavering personality and preference.

Brilliantly done, with an extended melody than most pop songs, mixing R&B meandering with a more satisfying structure for something that effectively delivers the best experience.

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“I WANT IT ALL” – QUEEN (Rock Guitar Cover) by Joe Amir

Joe Amir is a rock guitarist with more than 30 years of experience. He was playing on various stages with original music bands and cover/tribute bands. He is recording with numerous artists, teaching guitar, and releasing his own instrumental album, “flying into the sunset,” which features progressive rock metal guitar. Solos and techniques and a couple of blues melodic emotional ballads Joe Amir is a #1 award-winning guitar player (1994) from the state of Israel, where he was born. He has been a resident of Los Angeles, California, since 1998.  

This is a solo guitar cover of “I Want It All” by Queen in 1989. It was a rock hit in the UK back in the days and is still loved by rock lovers worldwide. Joe Amir has excellently played the guitar covering both vocals and music parts with his guitar, showing off his advanced level skills that will blow away the listener.

The production, the performance – there’s a chemical balance of passion and precision that allows the natural warmth and uplifting energy of this single to connect.

In a nutshell, it’s a brilliant cover, complete with cascading guitar tunes and a full-throttle organic rock set-up, finished to a crisp and contemporary standard. Give it a high-volume stream and see if you don’t feel instantly refreshed.

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Midheaven by Antehero

Are you ready for a musical journey? Stylishly blending melodic ambiance and intentional story-telling “Antehero” is another significant Alternative Rock band based in Los Angeles, CA. Having a true and talented gang will always guide you to the correct path and “ Antehero” is also a flock of birds who fly all over the sky with true and marvelous music chords with them. They have recently released another single “Midheaven” to all the beloved audiences out there. 

 Antehero has started its journey by playing the local club circuit in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. And soon, almost all audiences found their true talents and made their path more comfortable by believing them at the same time. The music of Antehero fuses soulful vocals with sophisticated arrangements that capture the spirit of renaissance periods of Rock music, galvanized with a contemporary edginess.

 As the audience, you all will figure out the great song-writing, a softly passionate delivery, all blended with unusual sound design for a truly interesting and also decidedly unique hit of artistry with Alternative Rock. The band built a following opening for acts like Blind Melon, Blue Oyster Cult, and Buckcherry, and from showcases of its music videos in regional Film Festivals as well. 

 Antehero is offering something of a nostalgic yet also refreshingly delicate take on contemporary rock, these amazing souls fuse soulful vocals with sophisticated arrangements to create a sound that is contemporary, yet captures the spirit of earlier renaissance periods of Rock music. Having been inspired by Soundgarden, Rush, Led Zeppelin, Alice In Chains, Radiohead, Antehero always focuses their work with so much passion and with a positive vibe as well. 

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Stay With Me by Catchy

An impressively thoughtful remix, with a modern mainstream sound yet more than enough realism and personal depth to connect on a genuine level. Catchy is a well-talented and awesome artist who loves to coop up with Hard Dance, Bounce genres. Catchy has recently released his single “Stay With Me” to all the audience out there. Catchy is from Doncaster and he always tried to find the different and unique music vibes from his childhood. Some people have music in their blood because they do have a strong bond with music. Catchy is one of them who loves to cope up with different types of music. 

“Stay with me” is the second release of catchy and if you want a true chilling vibe, this is the most right platform for you. The 1996 happy hardcore smash ‘Stay With Me’ by DJ Demand has been covered in massive style by Kyle ‘Catchy’ Catchpole, who’s given it a more trancey bounce feel for today’s crowds. There’s also an enormous remix from our resident Scouser Groove Control, which combines the hardcore vibes of the original with his trademark thumping UK hard dance sound. ‘Stay With Me’ has been heavily supported by Amber D, DJ Brisk, John Neal, General Bounce all year and is sure to be one of the hard dance scene’s biggest summer anthems.

There’s something to be said for striking a fine balance of this amazing track. The whole thing is loaded with awesome, unity, passion, and somewhat mysterious reflections on modern Hard Dance and Bounce music. It’s immediately easy to escape into the sound and feel the track more and more. This is a really well-done track and you all will agree with me when you listen to the same. 

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Miss Sophie by Tom Poly

Tom Poly’s return this summer strikes with a clear air of high energy and synth-soaked single “Miss Sophie”. This is one hell of a catchy dance-pop hit. The verses and the production introduce things fairly well, but the drop to the hook is where the power really kicks in – a huge moment that lights up the room and proves immediately engaging. It’s a nostalgic yet refreshing song that helps to enjoy the moment to anyone who listens to it.

Tom Poly is the talented artist who brings us this piece of art. He is a creative soul from Cologne, Germany. Since his childhood, he was always interested in music.  He learned to play classical and jazz guitar. And went on to play in various rock and alternative bands. Currently, he is busy with work all week but making music on weekends for the love of music. Bands like The Weekend are his favorite. But he always tries to make music with his own style and signature to them.

Well-written, short lines and a heavy beat, likable progressions, and a simple, satisfying chorus – the release proves an easy highlight from the Tom Poly catalog to date. He has already built a large fan base who loves the happy vibes of his songs. And they love the positive energy and old-school ambiance it brings which reminds the good old days of all of us. 

Miss Sophie is a must-hear for dance, disco, and pop fans far and wide. Not too many artists, if any, are making this type of music at such a professional level right now. Well worth a listen. Tom donates all of his earnings as a musician to the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) which itself is a good reason to support this amazing artist. 

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Don’t Be Like Them by FieNine

FieNine showcases an impressive lyrical ability and flows on this latest release “Don’t Be Like Them”. Lighting up the room with a colorful and fresh beat, the track offers a calming ambiance that suits the personality and depth of that leading voice perfectly well. On top of all of this is the performance though, the ideas, and the rhythm of the delivery – all of which helps make Don’t Be Like Them the captivating hip hop release that it is. It is an awesome track to anyone who is looking for a smooth yet refreshing hip-hop track with chill vibes.

FieNine is a young talented solo artist from Minneapolis. As a kid growing up he didn’t have an easy childhood. Through his ups and downs, hip-hop music was his passion and happy place. G Herbo was his hero and his music made him pursue a career in music. 

FieNine is thoughtful with his bars, you can hear a depth of perspective and that lets these connect on a whole new level. At the same time, this isn’t an artist merely aiming high to give off a conscious rap aura, this is an artist naturally rooted in that style of writing. The whole thing flows through flawlessly, effortlessly, with confidence yet a mellow and humble presentation. This suits the lightness and the slightly retro vibe of the soundscape beautifully. He wants to inspire his ever-growing audience through his music and to give a better life for his mom since she worked so hard to take care of him.

There’s a softness to the approach, nothing flashy or fake is needed – you just get this collected outpouring of considerate ideas and story-telling. it feels like it could go on for much longer. Things grow more impressive as the track moves along, and that voice makes certain you’ll recognize it again – even with such a brief appearance. 

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NoOxygen – Call Me by Michael III & Kelly Ru

Dreamy production and laid-back yet lyrically catchy vocals infuse the uniquely engaging Call Me with a sense of color and confidence, and the track quickly gains momentum.

Michael III & Kelly Ru are incredibly talented brother and sister duo in hip-hop and rap artists based in Colorado. They bring their talent online on Youtube to impress the listener and hit the charts.

Call Me blends rap and melody in an anthem-like manner, keeping things fresh yet simple – short lines that are quick to connect – with somewhat classic layers of melody and a passionate bass-line and beat.

The dynamic between the two leading voices is brilliant, and the production continues to wrap listeners in its addictive and unique soundscape.

The whole thing marches to an excellent mix of rap and hip hop vocals, but with just enough hints of influence and familiarity to connect authentically.

Clever bars, one-of-a-kind sound design, passion, and precision fused – Call Me stands out for its character strength, skill, and professionalism all at once. This summer, it’s well worth a few spins.

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Love Myself by Cassius Cobain

Throughout Cassius Cobain’s new single, Love Myself, bright and multi-layered alternative-rock meets a surprisingly humble, tired, and almost emo-Esque vocal lead.

Cassius Cobain is an artist born in Louisville, KY, currently residing in LA. The central pinpoints in his music are mental health and the beauty within the struggle.

Before striving in music, Cassius Cobain’s goal was to be an MMA fighter (hence the name Cassius) before getting kicked out of high school his senior year because of drug addiction and losing his wrestling Scholarships crushing his first dream. His best friend/artist Truveli got him to come to the studio, and the rest was history. Cassius has been in and out of traumatic situations within his whole life from many difficulties.

He moved to LA at 18 years old (currently 23) with $1000 in his pocket, spent it in 3 days, and made nothing to something. Recently even moved his family to California from Kentucky.

Cassius makes alternative rock music inspired by Nirvana, Blink 182, & Future. Love Myself is the latest song released on Youtube.

Love Myself is an easy anthem to kick off the summer listening, gritty and confident, rhythmically intoxicating, musically entrancing – all the makings of an alternative rock track, with that unmistakable, powerful vocal at the forefront.

The lyrics flow like heartfelt diary entries that also happen to be flawlessly rhythmic and rhyming – a natural singer in his element, doing what he does best. Cassius Cobain is a refreshingly honest and engaging rock artist who blends genres from various sources to create a much-welcomed new sound.

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Sweet Tea by Bryson Williams

Sweet Tea offers a pleasant yet creative musicality to endorse the rapper’s sheer high-energy and faultless bars, delivering together remarkably dreamlike, light synth tunes and strikingly massive, dirty bass lines and details.

Bryson Williams is a newcomer to the Charlotte/Atlanta rap scene. He recently released his first album in 2021, Graffiti, a 9 track 808 based project produced by “RM”. Bryson Williams is shown to be at ease in his element of chill but smooth production by “RM.” Bryson Williams and “RM” are back with their new single “Sweet Tea.”

Bryson Williams was born in Columbia, Maryland, and moved to Charlotte when he was eight years old. Bryson began rapping at the age of 13 and recording at the age of 18. Bryson met “RM” early in his life, but they became friends in high school through a mutual friend. They’d improvise and talk about music. Soon after, they began making music together, forming his sound, which evolved into the sound you hear now.

Sweet Tea, which has a dreamy soundscape but plenty of space and a heavy trap rhythm, combines detailed and impressive bars with a quickly memorable, subtly catchy hook.

Consistently returning to the title concept’s hook, relatable and catchy, the track includes verses between those moments that leave you eager to sift back via the lyrics for the work’s roots.

Sweet Tea makes light work of engaging its audience, speaking volumes for the artist’s musically humble yet lyrically confident, exquisite style and the upcoming mixtape. There is no room or need for filler at nearly two minutes; only the bars, riffs, and hook are required. When the live shows resume, this one is sure to be a hit.

Sweet Tea is An awesomely rhythmic vocal track with a charming ambiance and a welcome resolve and hook that actually enhances things – to spectacular and impressive realms at the very same time.

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Hold On by BFG C-Mac

Bringing together soulful RnB melodies and hard-hitting bars with a clear sense of identity – BFG C-Mac draws focus to his lyricism and inspiring energy with his new single Hold On.

BFG C-Mac from Milwaukee, Wi, is a revolutionary star of the music industry. He is a multi-talented young artist who primarily records hip-hop and rap. Famous Motion Films produced his most recent single, Hold On.

A brave, melodic, haunting, heavy, intimate introduction, identity and confidence challenge true to the artist’s style.

Impressive bars, diverse pace, elegant and laid-back, but when needed clever – working well with the creative nature of music.

Hold On is more reflective, almost like a diary in which BFG C-Mac gives details of his own attitudes and his role worldwide. With a rather nostalgic finish and production-specific effects.

Reality stands high, and Hold On weaves in a contagious and passionate hang so that the gap between artist and audience is effectively bridged.

The backdrop consists of heavy bass, trapping rhythms, and haunting synths. While the voice of BFG C-Mac has a bit of self-tuning, it otherwise has a tight and upfront presentation.

Clear, dynamic, and diverse tone and delivery style are sufficient to maintain exciting things. The whole thing ticks a lot of boxes for what it wants to be relevant and hard-hit within the scene.

Musically, Hold On pays homage to the simpler hits of the past by focusing on a deeply moving subject matter and voice through a subtly upbeat piece of music that generally feels good to break free into. The writing is profound, the delivery matches with calm trust, and the whole thing only asks you to hear about it more than a few times.

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Type of vibe by J Fox

J Fox hits the scene with a smooth hit, initially leading with soulful softness, soon switching gears to become an equally laid-back yet slightly more energizing and confident take on contemporary hip hop and RnB. The type of vibe is a track you should listen to if you are searching for pure classical RnB music. 

Featuring production and vocal style that’s notably in tune with the sound of the moment, the Type of vibe takes a classical look at the concept implied by the title, blending inspiring ideas with intimacy and simple love for the good times.

J Fox is an upcoming talent from Tampa Florida. He is a creative solo artist who writes and produces his own music. J Fox’s quietly expressive, care-free vocal tone naturally ties in with this sentiment. You can feel his passion when you listen to this track. 

The smooth music combined with the vocals gives a pure RnB vibe which is nostalgic. In the modern days, it’s so refreshing to see an artist like J Fox who brings back the timeless classic RnB music. Chris Brown was J Fox’s idol. He wanted to make listeners enjoy the moment with his chill music just like Chris Brown. Luckily with the quality of his music, he is getting quite popular among RnB fans who are lucky enough to listen to J Fox’s music.

All the while, the soundscape works its magic with ease – a simple set-up, a memorable riff, and an overall mood that again suits the storyline pretty perfectly. Well crafted. A worthy addition to your playlist.

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Blue Skies by Tori Catalano

Blue Skies introduces a beautifully artistic, refreshingly exciting take on contemporary pop and visual imagery – musical impact and emotional undertones united in one passionate, powerful single.

Tori Catalano is an emerging female pop artist based in California. Although she has published only a couple of songs to the public, the songs prove that this is the next pop celebrity we were waiting for as she is an extremely talented artist. Her beauty stands out among others which is a plus point in order to be famous. Along with Blue Skies, she has published two more songs on online streaming sites including Spotify, Apple Music, and Pandora.

Blue Skies features striking production as well as vocals and lyrics that are uniquely expressive, creating an uncompromising web of intrigue around listeners. The ascending guitar riff and varied vocals help keep things interesting throughout, staying close to the familiar threads that make the release distinctive while veering off just enough to keep the listener entertained for the entire post-three minutes.

Blue Skies exhibits a commendable level of vulnerability and passion, both lyrically and musically. The sound is incredibly unique, distinguished by the fusion of groovy drums and lighter vocal melodies.

Well worth adding to your playlist this summer.

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Hopped Outta Bed by Gemini

The promise of real vibes is fulfilled and easily the main takeaway from this single from Gemini. The chilled-out aura is stunning, designed to calm you to your core whilst also keeping things real and loaded with personality. The track takes its time to settle in, and rightfully so – that groove is blissfully dreamlike, offering a thick but mellow beat, upon which both artists introduce their style and sound in a manner that fits perfectly with the general vibe of the music.

Gemini is an artist we all were waiting for. He is a soulful hip-hop/rap artist from Los Angeles California. As a kid his past was eventful. Being the eldest kid in a single-parent family wasn’t easy. Later he had to work so hard to take care of their family. Though racism is a big issue in the country he always treated everyone as they treated him. Through his songs, he likes to talk about the problems in society and make a voice for change.

The song’s hook is a huge selling point, the beat falls away and lays bare this quietly passionate chorus of voices that softly haunts you in a powerful way. It’s an optimistic mood, and that melody has been heightened just so – above the verses with enough creative redirection to let it really stand out and leave its mark. This helped him to gain lots of followers and be on the radar of big artists like  The Game, Big Daddy Kane, and Dj Flip. Gemini was inspired by Drake when he started and now he impresses others to artists who understand the audience.

The sound is easy to lose yourself within, that hook resounds around you, envelops you, and even when the rap vocal comes into play the mood still keeps you captive. Things get a little more interesting, the pace picks up, but that central essence remains and this is what you hold tight to as the track plays out. An impressive release, a pleasure to listen through, and well worth adding to the playlist. 

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Amazing Grace-Equal in God’s Heart by Sanders & King’s We ’73 Band

Building up beautifully and featuring the vocal delicacy of Mayra Sanchez, Sanders & King’s We ’73 Band’s new single Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart stylishly unites, love, and possibility. Leading with a powerful, immersive, and organic introduction – soaked in strings and gentle vocal warmth – “Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart” goes on to evolve into gospel territory with a clean-cut vocal lead and multiple layers of subtle keyboard sound play. 

The song is based on the life-changing experience of slave trader John Newton. The way he found Jesus through his struggles and how it transformed his life. Then he dedicated the rest of his life to Jesus and worked so hard to end slavery. He became not only a preacher, but He also shed light on the inhumane treatment of his African brethren. 

It’s a song that gives us so many valuable lessons. He wasn’t a good man but a wretched soul who found God and changed for the good and started a new life. It shows us that if we change, God will forgive us for our sins. Will Sanders adapted this version of Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart so this generation would know exactly what John Newton was asking to be saved from, and how the grace of God ended the destruction of a human soul that was dedicated to the evils of slavery.  

Mayra Sanchez is the sweet voice behind this masterpiece. She is a devoted Christian from  Allentown Pa who sang gospel songs from the age of 9. She is an elementary school teacher who helps young children to find God. This song is so relevant to the modern-day too. Though we hear much about slavery now racism is a real problem in our society. 

Slowly but surely, this Amazing Grace Equal in God’s Heart is transforming the country. It’s a beautiful world when we acknowledge that all are equal in God’s heart. The song was released under the Sanders and King’s We ‘73 Band. Will Sanders’s lyrics and Mayra Sanchez’s vocals make it an amazing listen to everyone who is seeking God’s message.

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EVERYWHERE I GO, the latest single from CHI MENACE is one of the most infectiously melodic hip hop alternatives to be released this month. Combining rhythmic bars, a bass-driven immersive soundscape, and a varied flow, CHI MENACE creates a track that is sure to drag listeners’ attention.

An up-and-coming, multi-talented musician who primarily records rap/trap and hip-hop is CHI MENACE, a rap artist with many talents who has been operating in the underground rap circuit since 2010 for over a decade. MESSIAH MOBB ENTERTAINMENT produced his latest single, EVERYWHERE I GO.

Far from his debut, but a significant step forward in aspects of complex bars and the sheer intensity of the voice, EVERYWHERE I GO amuses for its ability to hold your attention solely on vocal ability.

The soundscape is straightforward and a little familiar, with a beat and a synth evolution working together to guide the listener through the experience. In other places, it’s CHI MENACE who draws you in, creates a scene, and lays the groundwork for the story’s development.

EVERYWHERE I GO injects a powerful story into the scene simultaneously as the stylistic elements appeal with ease. This varied flow veers through the details, impressing with the artist’s rhythm and explosiveness and intriguing with the feelings changes in volume and overall delivery.

In an equally straightforward manner, the hook resolves cleverly enticing interest from the broader hip-hop community for that trust and anthem-like recognizability. However, in between these moments, a varied flow and increasing tempo meet with compelling, powerful, and specific lyrics to really elevate the entire thing. Very well done.

EVERYWHERE I GO is an effectively addictive new track that features CHI MENACE’s talent at its core and professionalism and brilliant, likable songwriting—getting the chemistry right in modern hip hop and trap.

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Cycle by Robot Highway

Robot Highway’s new single Cycle combines a thoughtful and passionate hip hop core with a brilliantly unexpected structure and sample; the track is nothing like you’d expect, but it’s everything you could want in an original, alternative, and addictive song.

Robot Highway, who was born in Guyana, South America, and raised on Long Island, New York, creates music that combines two very different cultures. His family has influenced Robot Highway’s work ethic, and he even co-owns an Auto Detailing business with his father. His sound is self-described as “Wholesome Trap,” and after listening to a few songs, you’ll quickly see why. He lays more time and energy into the game than those around him. Robot Highway’s catchy flows and thoughtful lyrics will captivate any casual listener and keep his songs on repeat.

His TikTok video has over 11 million views, and his TikTok account has over 30 thousand followers. Onset, he’s collaborated with itsbizkitt, Uncle Murda, Benny the Butcher, Rah Swish, Nathaniel the Great, Capella Gray, and 10k. Top New York DJ Hip Hop Mike has also reposted him.

With a track like this, simplicity is vital, and the layers work well together. Easygoing rhymes that feel familiar and relevant to the title concept flow through a colorful soundscape with a heavy beat that appears only occasionally – adding dynamic and assisting in maintaining a groove that works well given the song’s topic. Even though Cycle is only a little more than three minutes long, the hook stays with you.

Listen at total volume to get the full effect: multiple layers of synths and heavy bass notes and beats rain down, revealing a structurally entertaining and engaging piece.

Cycle is a fine little boost of energy as the sun begins to set, a final grasp at musical warmth and optimism before the winter months set in.

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Fool4u by PARKKR

Hip Hop rhythms combined with RnB melodies and a dreamlike, trip-hop soundscape on this single from PARKKR. Fool4u offers a quickly memorable and entrancing melody, as well as a fast-paced outpouring of lyricism that delicately fuses widespread relevance and personal story-telling. 

Production-wise the softness on this track stands out among the album’s surrounding songs. The vibe is something you quickly get into, and that voice is a leading trait that’s fairly easy to recognize once you’re familiar with PARKKR’s music. This particular track has a definite concept about it though, so where there are certain references that seem fit for the contemporary hip hop wave in general, there are also plenty that helps explore the intriguing ideas of that title. 

PARKKR is a creative hip-hop rap artist from Hattiesburg, MS. Since his start, he has always wanted to do something special so he can manage his own identity. You get a partly classic hip-hop-inspired vibe from this, and partly a touch of the more Post Malone style of melodic-rap that’s taken the mainstream by storm in recent years. 

PARKKR walks the line well, all the while making sure to bring in his own personal experiences and emotions when it comes to writing and performing. He is a talented piano player too. What makes him stand out from the rest is that he adds emotions to his songs so when you listen to him he will take you to an imaginary world. Artists like Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar and  J. Cole was his idol and inspired him to pursue a career as a musician. 

The finish on the mix is beautiful, the down-tempo mood and the artist’s mellow, near-whispered delivery all work together in unison to craft something calming and easy to vibe to. It doesn’t hit hard, but rather, it offers escapism – the sort of late-night tune we turn to when things get overwhelming or noisy out there in the real world.

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Moonlight Requiem by Marcus Moon

Marcus Moon introduces a decidedly distinct style to classical piano music with Moonlight Requiem– this new single takes listeners through a series of emotional states.

Marcus Moon is a Canadian composer based in Vancouver. He creates in the style and instrumentation of classical music, but with a distinct contemporary influence. Deeply influenced by the modern-day singer/songwriters he grew up listening to, his work is always centered on a story. Despite his wordless music, he paints the most vivid and heartfelt imagery with simple harmonies and straightforward melodies performed on classical instruments such as piano and cello.

Marcus Moon’s debut album came out in December. So far, it has resulted in TWO number one singles on the Classical iTunes charts in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. The album’s songs have been streamed over ONE MILLION times on Spotify.

The music in Moonlight Requiem keeps you hoping for the best at every turn, and you find yourself following this instrumental story with rapt attention. The classical genre would be a somewhat irrelevant label in this case, as the reality of the art is what grabs you when you listen. The title implies seriousness, devotion, and the music almost instantly explores the emotions behind the song, the notion, and it hints at what the song truly represents.

Marcus Moon is a name you won’t soon forget if you come across even one of his many compositions. His most recent release is far from an exception, with the artist broadening his horizons even further by combining the blissfully hypnotic nature of his piano-led melodies with elements that help build a slightly fuller, more detailed soundscape. These dashes of warmth add a sense of space within the piece, so you get to witness something much more significant, with a broader wash of artistry and perhaps a slightly more intricate sense of depth, rather than a simple and intimate solo performance.

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Deeper To The Core by Sweet Imperfections

Occasionally you come across an artist or a song that just fits, one that instantly warms you up and calms you down the moment you press play. Deeper To The Core by Sweet Imperfections brilliantly exemplifies this type of warmth.

Sweet Imperfections is led by singer-songwriter Bri Schillings and a group of Southern California’s most talented musicians and writers. Bri was drawn to music as a child, sensing the connection and energy between nature and sound. Following this magnetic pull, she found herself playing melodies she’d heard on various instruments and recalls feeling awe and magic, as if she’d unlocked a secret door to a magical world where she felt safe, understood, beautiful, inspired, and learned what love was. Her relationship blossomed further, and she experimented with any instrument she could find, discovering that each device had its own voice and would write its own song. She enjoys sitting down with music and saying, “Let’s go on an adventure,” allowing her heart, hand, and voice to flow.

Sweet Imperfections’ vocals are gentle but powerful, like a massively important soft voice that you know you need to listen to above everything else in the house. Along with this, the piano playing is truly mesmerizing; it has a mesmerizing quality to it that never wavers or fades. The ambiance is held together with tenacity all across, softly gradually building until this massive, delightfully tumultuous end section, where everything comes together again and falls away. Really efficient, a great way to define this type of song, and the output fits the songwriting style perfectly.

Deeper To The Core by Sweet Imperfections is a pretty fantastic way of feeling within a single song, and the entire track has a certain legendary flair to it. It would be great to hear it now, tomorrow, and ten years from now.

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Easy Life by Chanidu

With this catchy new release,” Easy Life,” indie rocker Chanidu kicks off a brand new chapter in his journey, with a fresh line-up and a whole new hit of enthusiasm.

Chanidu is a Singer/Songwriter based in Edison, New Jersey, who is influenced by folk pop-rock music and has gone from hobby to business as an Indie musician. Chanidu was raised in country and rock music. He was influenced by Dolly Parton, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

This brand-new single from composer extraordinaire Chanidu is immediately elevated by stunning guitar work. A great riff frequently distinguishes the great from the good, and here we get an instantly recognizable yet softly complex, swiftly impressive one to lead us into Easy Life, a brilliantly explosive and optimistic new anthem.

As time passes, the intensity grows, and the mass of the soundscape envelops its audience even more. In the meantime, you crave connection with the lyrics – the title, and indeed each short line, draws you in, and the music keeps you there; hypnotic in its indie-rock rounds.

There’s also a stunning rambling electric guitar in the range, reverb-kissed for that alt-rock feel, though things get heavier and more tuneful elsewhere than any purely wistful genre allows.

The final version, from quiet vocals to the greatest hook, in particular, has a grungy feel to it. The hook has an intoxicating simplicity to it, and it boldly completes the single. The concept also provokes our passion as listeners, prompting a return visit. With each new session, we become more acquainted with and engaged in Chanidu’s latest single Easy Life melody. It is  Brilliant and a fantastic new single.

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Over You by Varski

Varski delves into music and sound design with a fine balance between skill and unquestionable passion. The results speak volumes, and his latest single Over You makes for a beautiful introduction to his work. Featuring sublime vocals from Cammie Robinson, Over You extends its soulful grasp with humanity and instrumental melodies intertwined. 

The summer energy rises and rises, the increasing layers of bass and rhythm slowly but surely creating a dreamlike, euphoric space; within which listeners can truly let go of their troubles. Varski is a talented independent Dj from Uk and his genre is House music as well

Varski began releasing music back in 2013 and had a breakthrough year in 2017, since then he is creating some amazing melodies which amaze house music lovers.  ‘Jeddah’  was his first track which was released under Macky Gee’s label. His collaboration with Proper Tings and Local made him a rising star and one to keep an eye on. 

Artists such as Michael Jackson, The Prodigy, and Avicii were his idols when he started producing music. Over the years he has managed to create his own identity Using his charisma and talents which helped him to achieve a lot during the past decade. 

Varski got the valuable opportunity to grace events like Ultra Europe, Jeddah World Fest, Creamfields, SW4 which speaks for the talent of this soulful artist. Subtle in its recognizable air of character, but effective enough to keep you coming back for more. And this is far from the start of his catalog. With the momentum and amazing fanbase on his back, Varski is ready to take 2021 by storm with the upcoming music.

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Talk Facts by Mace the Amazing feat. Ruste Juxx

Mace the Amazing keeps things real with a uniquely smooth yet conceptually gritty new track aptly titled “Talk Facts”. The single intrigues for its title alone right now, and what you find within is rightfully on point, yet not overly so – it’s entertaining and unexpected at the very same time. 

The soundscape on this track tips its hat to classic hip hop – simple yet dark and slightly haunting riff loops out in the distance, meanwhile, a heavy beat appears intermittently and often laying the vocal nearly bare as the artist pours his ideas into the mix. The rhythm and overall movement of the track is a definite selling point, it sounds good as far as contemporary hip hop goes at present – there’s a refreshing sense of clarity and intention to the whole thing. 

Then you get the lyrical delivery – Mace remains calmly confident throughout yet still barely pauses to breathe. Mace the Amazing is collaborating with Ruste Juxx to bring you this amazing track. Mace the Amazing is an underground hip-hop emcee from Kettering, UK. His style is unique and refreshing. As an artist, he uses music for the greater good of society. His ideas compel the listener, feeling partly familiar yet partly in line with that initial intrigue offered by the title. 

Mace holds close to the song’s underlying concept throughout, rather than rambling away in an arbitrary fashion. His voice is easy to like, his bars too, and all of this connects in a genuine way thanks to that consistency and that flow. He loves hip-hop culture and while preserving its core elements he adds his own signature which makes him popular in the industry.

Mace is inspired by underground hip-hop, mainly socially conscious artists. Such as KRS-One, Nas, Rakim. The whole thing is mellow yet dark, calm yet poetic, uplifting thanks to the motivational elements in the performance and indeed in the concept. There’s an anthem at the heart of it, and that makes it a reliable go-to when you need a little push to keep working towards the right things.

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Mighty PLUTO – Life Is A Trip (Feat. RAjaw) prod. by Nyombo

Mighty PLUTO, a rising rapper, comes through with a self-created animated music video for his song “Bacon.” Watch the video just to see how engaging it is!

Mighty PLUTO is a versatile artist From Massachusetts with roots in New Jersey who mainly records Hip Hop/Rap. MF DOOM inspires this young star

With this brand-new animated video for his latest single, Mighty PLUTO tackles the big dream with upfront vocals and contemporary rhymes meeting with a bass-heavy trap beat to create a homemade fusion of country melodies and modern rap.

The tone, the perfect rhythm, the clever bars, rhymes, its intelligence, and the refreshing way in which the concept of adversity and self-drive is re-crafted – all of this fascinates, connects in a profoundly human way, and engages the listener from start to finish.

Musically, Mighty PLUTO pays homage to the simpler hits of the past by focusing on a deeply moving subject matter and voice through a subtly uplifting piece of music that naturally feels good to escape into. The writing has depth, the delivery matches this with calm confidence, and the whole thing begs you to listen more than once.

Refreshingly interesting, timeless, and an artist with a smart and uniquely contemplative writing style that genuinely elevates the entire creative approach. I’m excited to hear more.

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Bliss by Mixlo

For this latest release, Mixlo’s name meets his style of artistry in a perfectly fitting way. Bliss is a heavy-hitting Electronic track that alternates between being melodic and dreamlike – intense and fairly gnarly once the build-up and subsequent drop crash onto the scene.

Mixlo is a classically trained musician and multi-instrumentalist known for the electronic, glitch, and hip-hop in Manchester, UK, a musical prodigy from a young age, and an artist drawn to fusing ancient music with new formats and innovations. Mixlo worked in post-production audio and music for the film and gaming industries. His main influences include Aphex Twin, David Bowie, and Fela Kuti. 

The retro layers and gamer-like melodies combine with the drums’ live-style kick and snare to create an immediately interesting, captivating story, which evolves consistently throughout the track – with new layers and even unsettling new sounds woven in the latter half to really recapture any wandering minds.

Bliss begins with a quickly familiar and impressive acoustic, then incorporates elements of modern synths and tribal rhythms, ultimately presenting a splash of electric music vibes and a hit of cleanly crafted escapism all at once.

In a simple yet satisfying way, the various layers loop out and around listeners. The song engages the listener, promising both familiarity and novelty in the details and intricacies.

Bliss moves through various moments and moods, with intriguing, openly intimate lyrics and combining energy from the production – particularly during the latter half instrumental drop.

From simple, piano-led emotion to dubstep and trap-like realms of tripped-up rhythm and outright weight, the set-up flawlessly reflects the rising passion of the vocal and the concept. Mixlo’s vocals are massive, genuine, and powerful in their dedication to the moment. And the music is more than adequate to meet the demands of this evolution.

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Can’t Talk To Yall by Romero Quinell

Freshly released hip hop hit from his catalog, Romero Quinell creates ambient, dreamlike soundscapes and addictively rhythmic melodies throughout this new single. Can’t Talk To Yall

Originally from Sacramento, California, Romero Quinell is a hip-hop/rap recording artist, producer, and model specializing in authentic-sounding HipHop/Rap music. Romero Quinell’s Blue Velvet Cake EP is now available on all music platforms. Rico Nasty, Drake, and T Pain, among others, are artists who inspire Romero Quinell.

The clean blending of the voice contrasts with the overpowering fuzz and mass of the bassline. In addition to the dreamy feel created by the dabs of synthesizer (irony intended), the voice has a similarly laid-back quality to it, as it is not drenched in autotune or other effects but rather appears almost naturally.

The entire setup manages to be visually arresting, drawing attention to itself with its boldness while also clearly retaining a contemporary hip hop edge that is still relevant today.

Can’t Talk To Yall goes to great lengths with cinematic detail and scene-setting. Variable vocal inflections break up the verse and hook, eventually resolving slightly with a powerful air of melancholy that lingers throughout—space and juddering bass storm across from the background.

The arrangement has a slightly homemade feel to it, but this adds authenticity and backs up the vocal recording’s refreshing clarity in a relevant way.

The simple setup actually works in favor of Romero Quinell’s style and confidence, maintaining a distinct sound within the current scene while nodding to the legends of yesteryear in the same strike.

Can’t Talk To Yall brings Romero Quinell as a creator with his own path in mind, blending melody and punk, a carefree storyline, and meandering vocal work throughout. It is fascinating to see where the music takes him next.

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LEMON PEPPER FREESTYLE mixes rap and melody in an anthem-like manner, holding things fresh yet simple – short lines that are swift to connect – with somewhat retro strands of melody and a fierce bassline and beat. Always that personality stands out – the voice, the image, the intentions, and the carefree approach to modern music, untouched by the scene, forging his own path.

Cra Raccs is an aspiring hip-hop artist from Brooklyn’s Crown Heights neighborhood. About a year ago, the up-and-coming New York City rapper began releasing tracks on SoundCloud. His first two singles, “Breech” and “Hollow,” were slow-moving, downbeat Trap grooves. In his new song, he switches up his style in order to reach a larger audience.

Cra Raccs will make his debut on all streaming services in 2021, with a brand new song and a completely new sound. Cra Raccs’ latest single, ” LEMON PEPPER FREESTYLE,” is now released worldwide. On the new track, the rapper ups the tempo significantly. He’s bringing some impressive technique along with the faster beat.

It’s challenging to look out these days, but there’s no denying Cra Raccs has captured the art. The lyrics here and the sound bites from genuine newsreels captivate and raise awareness in a meaningful way. Intelligent idea framing, with a hip hop ambiance to highlight the feelings and effect of the storyline.

The entire setup manages to be eye-catching, grabbing attention for its boldness while also clearly maintaining a contemporary hip-hop edge.

LEMON PEPPER FREESTYLE exposes Cra Raccs as an artist with his own path in mind, mixing melody and freestyle rap, a free-spirited storyline, and meandering vocal work throughout. It will be rousing to see where the music takes him next.

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Boulevard by Andrew Farstar

Andrew Farstar is an artist with a fine ear for melody and musical expression, as well as a clear level of talent for writing bars and performing with a natural air of character and confidence. He impresses increasingly throughout this single. 

Featuring a refreshingly organic, colorful, and live-sounding backdrop, the track goes on to make fine use of vocal theatrics, varied flows, and melody. “Boulevard” is a sweet song by Dan Byrd and this cover adds color and gives it a refreshing new vibe to the original song. 

Andrew Farstar is a singer, songwriter, and music producer from Australia. Since 2016 he has been releasing his own singles and albums while making covers for popular songs. He is known for his pop and jazz music with a slight hint of electricity which listeners find so amazing to listen to. He has made covers for songs by legends such as Elton John, Air Supply, and Phil Collins. 

What’s nice about his covers is that he always adds his own style and signature to them without copying the original song. Managing to reach the top 10 songs in the US radio chart was a high point of his musical life. As a person who is blind, his remarkable work is precious and priceless. 

The passion can be felt through his amazing vocals to anyone who listens. Brilliant, a personal favorite from the year so far for its fine balance between creative freedom and the known to be effective building blocks of worthwhile, memorable, and popular music. I look forward to hearing from this inspiring musician soon.

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AI by K Roll ft. Maxi Max

Absolute clarity, classic beat design and vocal integrity in swathes – AI introduces the artist K Roll in a quickly impressive, engaging, and memorable way. He is teaming up with Maxi Max to bring you this energetic rap sensation. Bringing back the original depth and intention of the hip hop genre, the track leads with story-telling, creative production, and subtle passion united with unquestionable personality and truth. 

Throw in a completely captivating storyline and a choir of voices for the hook, and contrast works its magic to make sure the audience remains enthralled in the experience until it’s over.  K Roll is a creative hip-hop rap artist who has been making soulful music since 2013. He is a talent from the DMV area. His passion to create something unique and refreshing combined with the effort he put in helped him to grow steadily and to be on the radar for anyone who is looking for new refreshing hip hop music. 

K Roll takes on a plethora of topics from the contemporary world and the personal realm alike throughout his increasingly hypnotic collection. Artists like  Lil Wayne, Logic, Cordae inspired him to make music that makes people happy and forget about the problems they go through. This late-night anthem drives with confidence and swagger, slightly less personal but showcasing clever word-play and faultlessly motivating energy and detail as it progresses. 

An aptly-titled alternative to AI, laying bare eclecticism yet still holding close to those artistic roots that give K Roll’s sound such integrity and realness. He is making and producing his own music under the alias Hibachi Entertainment. An artist seemingly lightyears ahead of many of his peers in terms of everything from musicality to flow to lyrical framing and conceptualization. Never boring – far from it – a collection of projects that are incredibly refreshing to get lost within right about now.

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GHØSTS by David Maxwell

GHØSTS is initially compressed into a side-chaining pattern, ensuring that the mix is pulsing, breathing, and alive. It also features some supremely laid-back vocals from David Maxwell, which go perfectly with the summery synths.

David Maxwell is a young artist living in Los Angeles, California. He is a French and Canadian residing in the USA. Rap, alternative hip hop, experimental hip hop, as well as French and English music are some of the genres he works in. GHØSTS is David Maxwell‘s second single, and it features his trademark delivery in both French and English. This song is a dark-toned ode to his love of music as well as his daunting workaholic nature, which is explored in-depth in this song. He is building a new bridge between French and English while ensuring that both sides feel and relate to the music in the same manner.

David got the inspiration from top artists like Kanye West, Booba, ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, IAM, and Drake. GHØSTS is a compact, laid-back, and effortlessly cool piece of music that brings euphoria to the listener.

GHØSTS is Smooth, well-syncopated rapping with inventive rhymes that never feels forced. It doesn’t hurt that David Maxwell provides a fantastic and evocative delivery for the lyrics to cling to. It quickly draws us into the bars by combining conversational, laid-back delivery for verses and rise and energetic, pervasive vocals for other segments.

Outstanding output. GHØSTS is a brilliant hip-hop gem with a massive rap that feels authentic and an interpersonal, clever vocal delivery at its heart that is deserving of your attention. And it begs for a second viewing.

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