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THE HAUNTED by Fantastic Trees

"THE HAUNTED" is a brand-new track by 'Fantastic Trees.' the recording radiates with immediate warmth and things get more and more interesting as the track progresses. Fantastic Trees is a Boston-based indie rock band that formed in the early days of the COVID pandemic. Members of the band come from a variety of influences ranging…

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King Of Creation by SUMO ft. Wayne Paul

Alex and Fred Sumi, often known as Sumo, are two brothers with a solid musical background. They only lately branched off in their own unique route for their new solitary endeavor collaborating with Wayne Paul. "King Of Creation" is a standout Electro-Dub-Rock blend from their most recent effort, a brilliantly uplifting song that serves as…

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Siget by TreBell08

TreBell08 presents a gloriously nostalgic union of melody and the uplifting, mesmerizing traditional strength of Metal and Hard Rock to listeners. If it weren't for the early moments of peaceful simplicity and the transition towards Metal and Hard Rock, "Siget" would be an easy song to appreciate with its gorgeous visual. TreBell08 is a 14-year-old…

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Janis by Charlotta Kerbs and The Strays 

Beautifully conscious Pop, Soul, and Singer-Songwriter akin to contemplative releases from a simpler period, artfully mixed with ambient, dreamy soundscapes, irresistible rhythms, and soulful hooks — the incomparable Charlotta Kerbs and The Strays stand tall with their recognizable new song "Janis." Charlotta & The Strays is a band co-founded by Finnish singer/songwriter Charlotta Kerbs and…

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SIMULATION THEORY by Joel Hesselgrave

“SIMULATION THEORY” by Joel Hesselgrave is a fantastic few minutes of music. The rhythm put out from the very beginning is one that takes control of the space around you; the melody and lyrics that follow simply add further to this hypnotic effect. The experimental and theoretical nature of Joel Hesselgrave’s music is superbly strong…

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