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Zhihao Qiu

Zhihao Qiu Redefines Boundaries with Groundbreaking Composition “Losing Times”

Zhihao Qiu, the visionary composer and music educator, embarks on an extraordinary journey with his latest project, "Losing Times." Breaking away from conventional norms, Qiu explores the realms of "Maximalism" music, crafting mesmerizing melodies and captivating hooks that defy industry standards. With a diverse range of genres, spanning from Metal to Experimental, Qiu's compositions push…

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Hummingbird By Spicy Tempo

“San Francisco-based EDM artist Spicy Tempo has just released a fresh and electrifying new music track and video entitled "Hummingbird." With a hypnotic drive reminiscent of Saw and sweet, plucked melodies of the Chinese instrument Guzheng, Spicy Tempo's spellbinding beat will transport you on a journey you'll cherish forever. The song begins with the sweet…

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Let it go by Prince Swisher

There’s something completely surprising about this single that perhaps comes as a stark contrast with what the artwork for the release seems to imply. The artwork is striking, for sure, but it gives off something of a heavy or quirky aura – which turns out to be far from the reality of the music. What…

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Night Sky by Spicy Tempo

“Night Sky” by “Spicy Tempo” is another magnificent track to all the audience out there. Spicy Tempo was inspired to compose ‘Night Sky’ while on an ocean cruise journey to Alaska.   Being on the ocean and far from city lights he could observe the beautiful glowing night sky that has inspired poets, musicians and…

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Ca Podi Para by Ti Santos

Ti Santos’s latest offering “Ca Podi Para” has a distinctly calming mood about it. The artist’s leading voice lays soaked in reverb and rides softly alongside of the ambiance – his performance and its placement within the track bring a feeling of both rap and melody all at once. Structurally the track evolves in a…

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Como Te Sentes by Ti Santos

“Como Te Sentes” by “Ti Santos” showcases a fairly raw recording upon which the leading artists lays their stories and their flow in a way that appears as appropriately mellow and easy going. The music in itself has a distinctly retro or vintage hip-hop feel. The beat has a simple lightness to it, and this…

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Momentos Di Vida by Ti Santos

Momentos Di Vida by “Ti Santos” is a gorgeously colorful release that offers up a smooth, creatively detailed soundscape, alongside of both a compelling new melody and a subsequent rap vocal that adds further to the evolution and unpredictability of the whole song. The riffs on this track are actually fantastic, and the rhythm of…

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I Never Realized by Ti santos

I Never Realized by Ti santos presents music fans with a creatively free and notably down to earth take on hip hop music. His soundscape comes soaked in the sound of hip hop and rap. The instrumental performance he puts forth meanders in a way that feels like a freestyle or a jam session, unexpectedly…

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Nobody Escapes by Fourplus999

“Nobody Escapes” by “Fourplus999” is a track that doesn’t simply fall into any particular category of genre. The music is beautiful in a unique and unusual manner, and from the first few moments – the sound sets a mood and conjures up certain emotions that are powerful and memorable. The concept indicated by the title…

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