Barcelona by Naz Sloane has been released on Youtube hoping for a hit in rap/ hip hop hit.

Derrick Jones Sr. aka Naz Sloane, was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, is a Rap/HipHop/R&B/Pop artist. He was once a high school football star turned street hustler, now hip-hop artist. Even though his future was bright to play college football, he turned to the streets to make ends meet due to his rough upbringing. After losing his mother due to congestive heart failure in October 2011 and losing his two best friends, he turned to music to release his stress and anger.

Naz recorded his first track called Groovin while playing around in the studio. Once the song hit the streets, he received numerous calls to feature on other local artists tracks. At that moment, he realized that he had the talent to take himself to the next level.

Naz signed to BML (Big Money Living) at the beginning of his music career. Unfortunately, he knew he had a different calling to get to where he needed to be in his music career. He paid and bought himself out of his contract. Naz Sloane and the owner of BML still remained cool and cordial.

Since then, Naz has created his label and is now the founder and owner of {LOOK Records, LLC}. One day, while Naz was recording a song in the studio named LOOK, the song resonated with him on a different level. He realized at that moment; this would be the name of his entire brand. The energy he felt that day, he believed in himself and changed himself as an artist. He created an LLC{LOOK Records} that day in the studio, then walked next door and got it tattooed on his forehead.

Running through an infectious loop, a downtempo beat start after few seconds of the song. I just know I can move Naz Sloane opens up his vocals just right after the beat starts with another singer, which he did mention. The song is a tribute to the falling Kings of Barcelona. Barcelona is created mainly with synths, and they are super cool.

Watch Barcelona on Youtube. Check out Naz Sloane on Instagram.

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