Tom Poly’s return this summer strikes with a clear air of high energy and synth-soaked single “Miss Sophie”. This is one hell of a catchy dance-pop hit. The verses and the production introduce things fairly well, but the drop to the hook is where the power really kicks in – a huge moment that lights up the room and proves immediately engaging. It’s a nostalgic yet refreshing song that helps to enjoy the moment to anyone who listens to it.

Tom Poly is the talented artist who brings us this piece of art. He is a creative soul from Cologne, Germany. Since his childhood, he was always interested in music.  He learned to play classical and jazz guitar. And went on to play in various rock and alternative bands. Currently, he is busy with work all week but making music on weekends for the love of music. Bands like The Weekend are his favorite. But he always tries to make music with his own style and signature to them.

Well-written, short lines and a heavy beat, likable progressions, and a simple, satisfying chorus – the release proves an easy highlight from the Tom Poly catalog to date. He has already built a large fan base who loves the happy vibes of his songs. And they love the positive energy and old-school ambiance it brings which reminds the good old days of all of us. 

Miss Sophie is a must-hear for dance, disco, and pop fans far and wide. Not too many artists, if any, are making this type of music at such a professional level right now. Well worth a listen. Tom donates all of his earnings as a musician to the UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency) which itself is a good reason to support this amazing artist. 

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