“Cold Blooded” by an emerging artist Zuvie was released on Youtube recently. This hip-hop and rap style song has the potential to go up in the music charts for sure.

Zuvie is a talented artist based in Chicago. His main styles of making songs are hip hop and rap. He is a 20-year-old Somali artist that has both talent and passion for music. He’s been in this industry for three years learning and experimenting with music. He has released 21 songs on Soundcloud and his last song, “Troosli Type Beat,” got a hit on Soundcloud with more than 77k streams and counting. “Cold Blooded” is his latest release, which has already received more than 20k streams on Soundcloud alone.

Inspired by Lil Baby, Toosii, and Nipsey Hussle, Zuvie creates hip hop and rap style songs mainly, with some pop and trap style songs. He uses a synthesizer to make melodies for most of the songs and is very good at it.

“Cold Blooded” flows on an infectious hook that starts at the beginning. With some more synths and beats to shine, the vocals of the song highlight more than the music. Zuvie is more like rapping; although his voice has a tune, but it is perfectly balanced. The lyrics rarely uses dirty words, but it rarely grabs the attention.

By checking his latest releases, we can see an improvement in his skills, and we expect that he will continue to learn more and release more mind-blowing songs in the future.

Listen to “Cold Blooded” by Zuvie on Youtube. Check out his work on Instagram and LinkTree.

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