With this catchy new release,” Easy Life,” indie rocker Chanidu kicks off a brand new chapter in his journey, with a fresh line-up and a whole new hit of enthusiasm.

Chanidu is a Singer/Songwriter based in Edison, New Jersey, who is influenced by folk pop-rock music and has gone from hobby to business as an Indie musician. Chanidu was raised in country and rock music. He was influenced by Dolly Parton, Cat Stevens, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones, and The Beatles.

This brand-new single from composer extraordinaire Chanidu is immediately elevated by stunning guitar work. A great riff frequently distinguishes the great from the good, and here we get an instantly recognizable yet softly complex, swiftly impressive one to lead us into Easy Life, a brilliantly explosive and optimistic new anthem.

As time passes, the intensity grows, and the mass of the soundscape envelops its audience even more. In the meantime, you crave connection with the lyrics – the title, and indeed each short line, draws you in, and the music keeps you there; hypnotic in its indie-rock rounds.

There’s also a stunning rambling electric guitar in the range, reverb-kissed for that alt-rock feel, though things get heavier and more tuneful elsewhere than any purely wistful genre allows.

The final version, from quiet vocals to the greatest hook, in particular, has a grungy feel to it. The hook has an intoxicating simplicity to it, and it boldly completes the single. The concept also provokes our passion as listeners, prompting a return visit. With each new session, we become more acquainted with and engaged in Chanidu’s latest single Easy Life melody. It is  Brilliant and a fantastic new single.

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