Back once again with a brand new project, Preztone’s single weekend offers a fresh creative dance-pop track of all the melodic and engaging groove. Featuring a likable soundscape with plenty of space between colors and beats, Weekend delivers a familiar pop vocal lead that meanders through these personal lyrics in a genuine and stylish way. The track is loved by many who listen to it due to its cool and happy vibe without being too loud. Preztone is a Dj who was born in the ’80s in the beautiful country of Belgium. His dad too was a Dj so his early days were with vinyl and going to record stores to collect new songs. With that experience, he started his music career while being a model. 

The special talent of Preztone was to understand what people wanted. Thanks to his amazing music and that understanding he managed to gather a large audience and perform in many gigs before covid. It changed many lives and his life too was included in that. But he took it as a blessing and composed this amazing song for his audience and everyone else who will love him after checking out this track. The track is all at once recognizable and unpredictable as it makes its way through a short yet satisfying three minutes. 

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