Delicately uniting dreamy layers of synth, voice, and gentle rhythm, amidst a poetic, equally dreamlike series of lyrics, angelically whispered into the mix like distant fragments of a church choir – Fin creates an immersive, alternative trip-hop experience with Soylent Groove. The track utilizes a barely detectable beat on occasion, and elsewhere follows the breath-like waves of vocal melody as each line rises and falls within the soundscape. 

Fin is an upcoming artist from Austria. He is interested in making cinematic, lofi, emotional electronic music, combined with elements of post-rock and trip-hop. Since he is producing music because of his love for music and just for fun you can bet he isn’t afraid to take risks to create music we have never heard before and elevate the trip-hop genre to new heights. Being a guitarist and writing songs for fellow artists helped him to think in a refreshing way and polish his born talent. Fin was inspired by artists like Tycho, 65 Days of Static, Portishead, Deftones and is already on the correct path to be one of the greats in the industry with his unique music. People who were lucky to enjoy his early shows would know his talent. And many of them are already following his music. 

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