Leksi Harris offers up an interesting approach to hip hop, one that brings together smooth melodies, passionate story-telling, and a surprisingly delicate soundscape. Routes lead with a confident and expressive vocal style that consistently reflects the underlying sentiment of each bar. Whether the moment is melodic or rapped, the flow or delivery meets its needs regardless. 

The song takes you on a journey. Meanwhile, the music continues to float through, those unexpectedly gentle riffs echoing around in the outer edges, creating a strangely dreamlike aura that actually entrances you and makes the artist’s voice and lyrics connect a little more intensely.

Leksi Harris is an American singer and songwriter. Born and raised in Staten Island, NY. She started making music on SoundCloud when she was 17. Over the years she has released many solos while improving her talents. As she is an intelligent songwriter her wordplay is strong and she always tries to give a valuable message to her audience. In that effort, her sweet vocals and the mellow melody play a huge role in keeping the attention of the listeners till the very end of the song. She likes to try new stuff without being too attached to one genre. Indie, Alternative, and R&B are her favorites. Leksi listens to music from artists like Ariana Grande, Mac Miller & TY Dolla Sign and takes inspiration while creating music with her own signature style and character.

 The very concept of the song inspires a sense of positivity – of moving forwards through struggle, continuing to progress. The calmness of the ambiance and the emotional variation presented in the vocal performance work well together to invite the listener into the experience. 

You get a strong sense of character from the whole thing, each verse and indeed each line has a strength of its own – this is far from a reading of lyrics, this is a full-throttle performance. The lyricism and eclectic flow alongside this make sure to introduce BackDraft Project as an artist with a rightful dedication to the art form. An easy song to get into but one that’s well worth revisiting afterward – a second and third listen helps it all sink into a greater effect.

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