Driving with a different level of identity and creative freedom, producer and artist ռǟʍʝǟʍ more than delivers on the implied unpredictability of his name.

ռǟʍʝǟʍ is an Artist/Designer/Producer in Philadelphia. Although he mostly makes Hip-Hop/Lo-fi/Bedroom pop/alternative music, he loves to experiment with all music genres as he loves music. ռǟʍʝǟʍ says, “I love the art of music-making, abstract and complex songs (of every genre) attract me, as well as producing music & beats/instrumentals.”

ռǟʍʝǟʍ got the inspiration to be an artist from artists such as Frank Ocean, Tyler the Creator, Nymmano, cooking soul, and Kanye West. All the music tracks he released on Spotify are self-produced and edited. All tracks were created by him and only himself.

The authentic music style and the vocals of Retrospect take the listener to a different universe.

The track flows on a mellow tempo and some computerized synths. An infectious hook runs along the track to keep the music inside your head even after the track finishes. Occasional pausing of music freshens the listener’s mind, and the track gives incredible energy to the listeners. Retrospect is a lo-fi style track with some touches of hip hop and pop styles—excellent music production for an upcoming artist.

Listen to Retrospect on Spotify. Follow ռǟʍʝǟʍ on Instagram.

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