This creation is unlike anything else you’ll hear this season, and it’s safe to say Johannes Bauer (jb-music) is a master guitarist. Still, his music is far more of an emotional and creative audio experience than a display of impressive ability. Without a doubt, his abilities have been honed to an awe-inspiring level, but it is his approach to composition that truly distinguishes Introduction.

Johannes Bauer (jb-music) is a Munich-based award-winning classical guitarist, musician, and music teacher who primarily plays Spanish guitar. He enjoys music and wishes to spread joy from Munich.

This Romanian musician has toured Europe, performed for radio, and won several awards in Germany. John Williams and Carlos Santana are two of his musical influences.

Beginning with a lovely melody, the crisp acoustic sound of the slide guitar provides the ambient glow and gentle musicality of any of the best, minimal yet magnificent instrumental releases from the last few years. His playing is fascinating, and the harmonies are brand new, so it’s like a breath of fresh air.

The instrumental story is unique to each listener. Still, when the components are so expertly crafted and with authenticity at their core, it’s not hard to link the dots and find yourself in a virtual world with the artist and the rest of his audience.

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