The mass and dawn darkness of the trap bonded with a story that refreshingly fascinates.

Emmanuel Guerrero, a blooming rap star, is a determined Hispanic rap/hip-hop artist from Deep East Texas. He is inspired by J. Cole, Lil Baby, and Logic. With creative flows and nifty wordplay, you can feel the upbeat vibes. His desire and dedication to succeed are unmatched with heavy energy.

He grew up listening to a local radio station that had introduced him to hip-hop/rap at an early age. As he got older, the love for Hip Hop/Rap had rapidly grown.

Emmanuel had a deep love for music that he started pursuing his rap career uploading tracks on Soundcloud in 2018 after gaining his music influences from artists such as Lil Baby, Logic, and J. Cole. In 2020, Emmanuel Guerrero finally went live on ALL platforms and is currently paving his way to stardom!

He is an 18-year-old music artist from Lufkin, Texas, who Hopes that he can accomplish his dreams of being a successful rapper.

His singles “My Life” and “No Hook” were racked up to 15k streams on Spotify.

Pouring with high-octane bars, Emmanuel Guerrero shows his capability in Rapping. The vocal transparency and the confidence in both storyline and performance are incredible. Emmanuel Guerrero’s latest single proves his drive and connection to the fashionable hip-hop scene.

The very idea of the track is to reveal individuality, the choice to meander over life and among genres and styles, to let creativity stray. The power of the bars and the flawless rhythm of the delivery all support this central confidence and arrogance. It’s an addictive track, the hook repeating and repeating to the point that it proves unavoidably striking.

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