“Level Up” flowing through a mellow beat and melody and a smooth, self-willed voice brings you a new level of Hip Hop style that can induce euphoria of the listener.

“Level Up” is created by Quano Bandz, who is a hip hop and rap artist based in Norfolk, Virginia. Lil Wayne inspires this talented artist, and he wishes to be a star like him. Having a not-so-good past, Quano isn’t still broken. His desire is strong even though he doesn’t have any accomplishments at the moment.

The song flows on a mellow piano tune that keeps you up high in the clouds. Progressive drum beats can make you dance in a slow rhythm, and background running synth shines the song’s music. The vocals are fast, strong, and confident with soulful feelings. Overall the theme runs on a mellow beat all along the time of fewer than two minutes.

“Level Up” is a small track and is Quanos’s first track available to the public. The lyrics are more suitable for adults, not children. Although it is small, the quality is top-notch for a beginner. We can expect more exciting music creations from Quano Bandz in the future.

Check out Quano’s “Level Up” on Youtube.

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