Marcus Moon introduces a decidedly distinct style to classical piano music with Moonlight Requiem– this new single takes listeners through a series of emotional states.

Marcus Moon is a Canadian composer based in Vancouver. He creates in the style and instrumentation of classical music, but with a distinct contemporary influence. Deeply influenced by the modern-day singer/songwriters he grew up listening to, his work is always centered on a story. Despite his wordless music, he paints the most vivid and heartfelt imagery with simple harmonies and straightforward melodies performed on classical instruments such as piano and cello.

Marcus Moon’s debut album came out in December. So far, it has resulted in TWO number one singles on the Classical iTunes charts in both the United Kingdom and South Africa. The album’s songs have been streamed over ONE MILLION times on Spotify.

The music in Moonlight Requiem keeps you hoping for the best at every turn, and you find yourself following this instrumental story with rapt attention. The classical genre would be a somewhat irrelevant label in this case, as the reality of the art is what grabs you when you listen. The title implies seriousness, devotion, and the music almost instantly explores the emotions behind the song, the notion, and it hints at what the song truly represents.

Marcus Moon is a name you won’t soon forget if you come across even one of his many compositions. His most recent release is far from an exception, with the artist broadening his horizons even further by combining the blissfully hypnotic nature of his piano-led melodies with elements that help build a slightly fuller, more detailed soundscape. These dashes of warmth add a sense of space within the piece, so you get to witness something much more significant, with a broader wash of artistry and perhaps a slightly more intricate sense of depth, rather than a simple and intimate solo performance.

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