“Jealousy” by an emerging artist KB was released on Spotify not so long ago. This beginner artist expects
to hit the charts in Hip Hop genre with his unique style of singing.

KB is a beginner Hip Hop artist based in South Africa. Born and raised in Pretoria Gauteng, this beginner artist is inspired and influenced by Drake. He wishes to be a better singer than Drake someday. KB is still 16 years old but has the capacity of being a great musician. Singing is his passion and being a hip hop celebrity is his dream.

“Jealousy” is created for the adult audience with adultery language. So, it may not be suitable for your children to listen to this song.

The song is about a girl who broke up her love with a boy. And the subject of this song is the boy. The boy is desperate without her. He says, “I know you said that we should move on”, but he doesn’t want to leave her.

“Jealousy” has both hip hop and rap parts which make it falls into both categories. The lyrics of this song has some dirty words, which make it not suitable for children. Although KB is new to this industry, his works are interesting enough that his two songs already got more than 10k streams. We can expect more enthralling songs from KB in the future.

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