Rich with acoustic guitar and electric guitar parts, this indie song, Life in the Wrong Lane is the next upcoming hit of Conor Buckley.

Conor Buckley is a singer, songwriter, and English teacher based in Ireland. He is a graduate in Music and technology and creates Indie style music. Conor has produced Music for American television and has performed on Old Town Square in Prague for St.Patricks Day.

Conor uses acoustic guitar for some of his songs and electric guitar for the others. In Life in the Wrong Lane used a blend of both guitars to give this song a fresh melody. He also collaborated with a female singer to freshen up the song.

Many singers struggle when it comes to songwriting. But, to Conor, songwriting comes naturally. They are not glossy and smooth, but they do their job perfectly in the song. Conor shows his feelings, ideas, and emotion in Words and Music, but they are raw and visceral. The vocals are not masked up with any shiny persona or a sonic embellishment, which opens up his true voice in the song.

Conor is been singing since the 2000s and has worked with talented engineers and studios since then. As he is both an educated and experienced artist, we can expect more fantastic songs from him coming years.

Listen to Life in the Wrong Lane on Spotify. Conor Buckley’s official website.

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