The promise of real vibes is fulfilled and easily the main takeaway from this single from Gemini. The chilled-out aura is stunning, designed to calm you to your core whilst also keeping things real and loaded with personality. The track takes its time to settle in, and rightfully so – that groove is blissfully dreamlike, offering a thick but mellow beat, upon which both artists introduce their style and sound in a manner that fits perfectly with the general vibe of the music.

Gemini is an artist we all were waiting for. He is a soulful hip-hop/rap artist from Los Angeles California. As a kid his past was eventful. Being the eldest kid in a single-parent family wasn’t easy. Later he had to work so hard to take care of their family. Though racism is a big issue in the country he always treated everyone as they treated him. Through his songs, he likes to talk about the problems in society and make a voice for change.

The song’s hook is a huge selling point, the beat falls away and lays bare this quietly passionate chorus of voices that softly haunts you in a powerful way. It’s an optimistic mood, and that melody has been heightened just so – above the verses with enough creative redirection to let it really stand out and leave its mark. This helped him to gain lots of followers and be on the radar of big artists like  The Game, Big Daddy Kane, and Dj Flip. Gemini was inspired by Drake when he started and now he impresses others to artists who understand the audience.

The sound is easy to lose yourself within, that hook resounds around you, envelops you, and even when the rap vocal comes into play the mood still keeps you captive. Things get a little more interesting, the pace picks up, but that central essence remains and this is what you hold tight to as the track plays out. An impressive release, a pleasure to listen through, and well worth adding to the playlist. 

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