Introducing another brand new piano cover from SOICHIROHeidenröslein begins uniquely emotive. In many ways, this is something entirely different from pianist and producer SOICHIRO. In some though, the piano cover Heidenröslein still represents those core values of exploring the connections between sound and life itself.

SOICHIRO is a composer engaged in music production and composing for over five years in Japan conscientiously and professionally with extensive experience working within a Japanese radio production company.

In Tokyo, he created background music for TV and Radio ads, radio Jingles, radio programs, company events, and an iPhone app. A highly organized and efficient individual whose thorough and precise work on projects has satisfied directors and listeners.

He started to play the piano at the age of 6 and now specializes in classical music through to pop music. SOICHIRO produced not only background music but also popular songs in varied genres. He steps up from the London College of Music in London for music technology in 2016  to further his knowledge of music. Recently, he has released Easy Listening Music(Electro, Ambient, New Age)

Following the notes of the progression in a hypnotically smooth and wave-like way, SOICHIRO showcases all at once a fine ear for original compositions, an evident ability to present the changing energy and emotions of a musical journey – the softer moments, the quicker, more electrified ones – and a strong sense of artistic identity.

Essentially, this experience, the changes you witness as the composition pours through, effectively represent the track’s title. The latter half sees the pace increase, and a brief instance of manic uncertainty appears before everything falls away again to resolve the journey with peace and hopefulness.

A talented and passionate musician. With a fine ear for compelling, engaging melodies and chord progressions. These cover introduce his work strikingly and memorably.

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