SHROOM blends dance and emotive songwriting throughout this dreamy yet rhythmically engaging new single Come My Way, offering a nostalgic yet refreshingly delicate take on contemporary pop.

SHROOM is an uprising star in the music industry from Houston. He is a versatile young 24 yr old artist with 2 EPs Under his belt (Mood Swings & The Shift) Been making music since 2020 who mainly records pop and rap. He released  his First Official music video in June of 2021, which was produced by Wonderlust, Mixed & Mastered by Director Joe-D, Filmed by Director Joe-D, Directed by Director Joe-D & SHROOM, and titled Come My Way 

SHROOM is influenced by artists such as Andre 3000, Chance The Rapper, Young Thug, J.Cole, Tame Impala, Post Malone, and others.

SHROOM injects pure-pop color and confidence into the mix, brightening up the room. Come My Way is a soft and elegantly catchy single, a strong emergence, and an excellent display of the artist’s poetic perception and musical embrace.

The song’s very nature, particularly the easy repetition of the title for a hook and the groove’s fifties-style do-wap rhythm, fits the visuals perfectly. The whole thing draws you in for its slight familiarity as well as the unpredictable storyline implications, and that’s not easy to do these days.

Everything about SHROOM’s sound has a distinct sense of identity, from his voice to his writing to the very setup of each track. As Come My Way begins, there is an immediate feeling of hope and silence, but those specific characteristics – the voice, the flow, the tone, the production – all lean confidently in the direction of unwavering personality and preference.

Brilliantly done, with an extended melody than most pop songs, mixing R&B meandering with a more satisfying structure for something that effectively delivers the best experience.

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