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Mess With My Cool by Rawiri James

Rawiri James from New Zealand drives this current Song with a silky sound and a thematically self-aware lyrical approach. At the same time, there's a straightforward and approachable sentiment in Mess With My Cool, with the hook serving as the key takeaway. A significantly deeper underlying storyline concerns the artist's personal road to success…

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For The Smile By Sasi Shalom

Uniquely ambient production haunts through your mind with an awesome vibe. Sensational melody, delicate vibe, Every bit as creatively experimental and free from the confines of expectation as you’d hope. Sasi Shalom has brought “For the Smile” to all the beloved fans as usual with a unique touch.  These awesome artists also collaborated to make…

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Crypto By TheGilFactor

TheGilFactor brings you his new song release “Crypto” on Spotify. TheGillFactor is the CEO of GillFactor Records, a music company founded in 2018 and based in New York City. They are specialized in Latin, Reggaeton, and dance style music. GilFactor record is a music publishing company, a record label, and an advertisement agency. They also…

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Chosen One By TTGDaSinger

Music is there for you always and music heals you, understands you and lives with you. Music unites reminds us we are a community. TTGDaSinger is one of the young and talented souls who is based in Durham NC. No one believed him when it came to music, but he has come this far…

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Rude Hancho – Pay Attention

Music is a way of communication and conveying a message to the listener. “Pay Attention” by “Rude Hancho” is an amazing song that just does that.If you pay attention you can feel its awesome melody combined with the meaningful lyrics and the skillful rap makes it a must listen to all hip hop lovers. He…

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New Song | Cold [Lyric Video]

Have you ever thought how beautiful that song can be to all the listeners throughout the world.? The outstanding song maker “Ethan le studio” has bestowed this magnificent music experience for their loving audience with a top rate creation. Their song “Cold” will be a new experience to all the listeners who are going through…

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