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Double Dribble by QHop

A carefully wistful feel drags us into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully created, beautifully twisted new single from QHop

QHop is a versatile Upcoming artist from Mobile, Alabama. He is a popping artist in Mobile, Alabama, who predominantly sings HipHop and Rap. The Memphis rap sound and Starlito influence QHop.

In a simple yet effective style, the beat exploits contrast well – balancing higher synths and a touch of jazz with that massive and undisputable bass line. Together with this, QHop makes sure to take a total plus of every second. Whether with melody or rap, his story is told at a powerful and again conflicting degree, and being that his voice is just unique enough to stand out, he manages to hold your attention right the way through.

From the outside, Double Dribble hits like an impressive and smooth-flowing contemporary hip-hop track. Double Dribble is a track that hikes up with each changing section. The varied flow, the switching of the rap-like melody are remarkable. When you pay enough attention, what you also find within is an artist with genuinely refreshing bars.

Barely surpassing almost two and half-minute mark, Double Dribble is over and done within no time, but the anthem-like quality of the music and that title concept helps make it one of the more prominent to arise in the genre of late.

QHop has impressed in this track marks a further climb higher up that ladder. Even the best gifts just enough character and alternative vibes to demand on a broader level – the synths and triad progression appear superbly in Double Dribble.

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Marrakech by Spicy Tempo

Spicy Tempo blends a stunning melody that unites stunningly with the rising passion and fullness of the soundscape. Marrakech has the makings of an EDM classic and veers off into addictive dance realms with absolute power and precision.

Spicy Tempo started his musical journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on his own he performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before deciding to focus on working on his own compositions. The results were two albums ‘Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by a single and video ‘Garland’.

Following the release of ‘Spring Dance’ in February, ‘Mechanical Heart’ in March, ‘Blue Lotus’ in May and ‘Marrakech’ video in June, Spicy Tempo is introducing his best electronic music tracks and videos in 2021. Having accumulated a number of tracks, he is now releasing a new single and video every month.

Marrakech is a beautiful music track with passionate heartfelt sounds of piano, guitar, strings and flute accompanied by soft percussion, drums, and bass. The track has an excellent feel, and it’s addictive; the rhythm is steady, so it keeps you confined, but the sounds are all very unexpected and unusual. The leading riff has a retro and fairly simplistic flora to it, yet notes add to the vibe. They add to the intensity, which somehow builds and builds, notwithstanding the music seemingly remaining on the same plain all over. Marrakech a clever bit of production by Spicy Tempo, and it’s interesting at all times.

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Way I Am by Gabe XO

Nicely produced and presented with a great vibe. Undoubtedly an artist with a brilliantly unpredictable, appropriately 2021-style sound. Freshly released single “Way I am” will give you a positive vibe for sure.

Gabe XO is from Stockton, California is a talented Hip Hop artist. He always has a  unique melodic flow that keeps you intrigued and makes you want to listen to more. Gabe XO has always been influenced by Polo G, Lil Tjay to his music career and this amazing soul has been born to collaborate with Hip Hop and R&B music. Success usually comes to those who are too busy to look for it. As of now, Gabe XO achieved over 12k streams on his song “Myself” which also has 11k views on YouTube. He has also achieved 13k views on his video “Relentless” as well.

Undoubtedly, Gabe XO is an awesome singer who has a fine ear for melody and a willingness to keep things genuine. Great lyrics and great vocals blend nicely throughout the track with a great passion as well. Gabe XO is so clever to bring down the soft and smooth flow to this amazing track. The tunes are unique with great vocals, without a doubt, you all will love this track for sure.

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Beyonce by RM201

Smooth vibes and summer brightness unite for a catchy, cool, and rhythmically addictive new single. Featuring infectious vocals that lead with confidence and faultless skill as they meander through various verses, Beyonce is a pop hit waiting to happen. The soundscape has a simple, minimalist arrangement – recognizable in a subtle way. The production is superb, and the first vocal draws you in for its confidence and style. The smooth vibes it gives are good enough to make you calm while keeping your attention till the very end. RM201 is an RnB duo from Hackensack New Jersey. Who are immensely talented and creative. 

The Icon X Mr. R&b. The two began their music careers creating music in the late 2000s. They are originally from Trinidad and Tobago and they carry the sweet Caribbean sounds with their songs. reigning from 90’s r&b, rapping styles from the likes of Maze and LL Cool J inspired  RM201’s musical journey. But with their own identity fans started to get behind and adore their music. With over 13 years of experience and fan favorites like ‘Cause, I Like Ya’ to ‘Can I’ they are ready to hit the mainstream with their new single. As their musical endeavors continue, they look to bring an enchanting feel from the music for people to adopt within the influence of love. Smart RnB done with style, contemporary, and easy to get into the summertime vibes and inherent confidence of the performances. 

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She Got A Thing by JL THA KAD

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. JL THA KAD is an outstanding soul, who is from Orlando. This awesome soul is an all-rounder when it comes to his work. 

JL THA KAD is a content creator, model, and also singer. This amazing soul always tries to bring the best, quality, and unique music to his beloved audience. Blending the melodious bounce of dancehall with a heavy bassline and soulful, stunning vocal choirs for the chorus, “She got a thing” goes on to bring in a pure and clean hip hop verse, injecting further character and contrast for a refreshingly contemporary new track.

JL THA KAD” is trying to bring the different and attractive way of Hip Hop music through his recently released single “She got a thing” and once he proofs a woman is an amazing creature who ties down all the emotions together. Deep and attractive vocals always play a major role in this track and when you listen to the same you will figure it out soon. This is a rightfully energetic performance and an essentially addictive tune with an attractive video that leaves its mark with ease throughout the track which makes it an explosive and colorful journey.

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Birthday X by RUSTY

Music always heals you and no matter what, music is gonna stay with you till the end. Rusty is one of the truly talented artists and he has released this awesome single “Birthday X” to all the audience with a unique vibe. 

Born and bred in Prague, and having a great vision towards music, this amazing soul started to follow Big Beat and Post Punk music. It is a fact that everyone has to have some inspiration in their lives. Being inspired by Jimmy Hendrix, Prodigy, Limp Bizkit, Apollo440, Rusty always keeps going with a positive attitude as well. Rusty always has a passion for Violin, Guitar, and  Filmmaking in his life. 

To have a vivid and meaningful picture, you all have to check this amazing track with the video and you all will figure how beautifully Rusty has brought his deeper thoughts to his audience. An addictively rhythmic track with an attractive ambiance and a welcomed resolve and hook to help elevate things – to memorable & impressive realms all at once. Being different is unique and beautiful, likewise, this amazing piece of work will be memorized. 

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Spiral Staircase by GEOMETRY OF CHAOS

Retro mind-blowing visuals meet with an amazingly heavy fusion of fuzzy guitars, bass and utter pace for this classic rock and roll blast that is Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase begins as mildly conversant soon evolves into musically imposing, immersive rock realms and tops off this manner with a superb vocal lead that tips its hat back to the glam rock legends of a humbler time.

Italian band Geometry of Chaos is a new project from Fabio La Manna, mainly guitarist, bassist, and writer of the music, Davide Cardella, drummer, and more. The task is the fusion of his solo work and what relics of the Alchemy Room band in their last embodiment with Davide on drums.  It has a fresh novel metal progressive sound with effects from classic rock to cinematic music.

Excellent guitar work, strong musicianship overall from a band united in their thirst and skill within the moment. The leading words are stunning, the singer pouring every grain of required emotion and presence hooked on the delivery to give these lyrics heft and meet the firm power of the music surrounding them.

Approaching in at a meandering and mighty eight and half minutes, Spiral Staircase hits with effect, drawing comparisons with yesteryear but more particularly crafting its own organically expressive and robust impression. There’s a hard rock ambiance to things that seems to blend the likes of Audioslave with the more performative, theatrical bands of an earlier time. In the long run, GEOMETRY OF CHAOS paves its own way. Well worth a listen at volume.

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Music is unique and attractive at the same time. Contrasting melancholic undertones with absolute energy & brightness both conceptually & structurally, DEEP SCHULZZ proudly released his single “Decisions” to all the beloved audience out there. 

DEEP SCHULZZ lives in Berlin and his homemade rhythms back up an immediate hit and also his music is always inspiring,  melodic & organic as well. The quality of the product, melody, music, and all other relevant things always highlights in a different way in a nicer way. This amazing soul performs on the acoustic bass, the materialization of analog sound too. Featuring multiple layers of lightness and color, rising into passionate realms of digital scallywags down the alley. 

If you are looking for unique and different awesome music, this is the right platform for you. DEEP SCHULZZ always tries to make a change with melodic & organic jazzy Deep/Tech-House, House, Electronica, Jazz music and also he has already released 2008 CD-Album “KURS”, 2020 Album “DIVISION BY ZERO” on all relevant streaming platforms like I-Tunes, Spotify as well. 

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Praise the Glory by Pivotal Awakening

God can calm the storms in you, believe in god. Pivotal Awakening is of a Contemporary Christian band from the United States. With having the greatest faith in God and music.  Pivotal Awakening was the Finalists in the 2020 and 2021 Detroit Music Awards as well. Pivotal Awakening released one of the single “Praise the Glory” to all the music lovers out there and it will show and guide you through the right path too.  

Having a great and unexpected start from the beginning,  Pivotal Awakening decided to come up with good and amazing music for all the audience out there. Having a great and true passion for music so much these amazing and talented souls came a long way. 

Stunning and attractive vocals of a breathy and soulful quality lead us through this softly enveloping soundscape. A unique dreamy ambiance leads us into an equally hypnotic rhythm and soundscape for this blissfully produced, beautifully crafted as well. Stunning, attractive vocals slowing things down to a mellow pace, and soulful music bringing down the most delicate tunes for every listener without a doubt. You all can develop faith towards the god and have faith in him as well. 

Having been inspired by all kinds of music, Pivotal Awakening could participate as the debut artist in the 2020 American Red Cross’ Detroit-area ‘Rock the Red Kettle’ concert series as well. 

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Die by Doi

Long-time rockers Doi returns with a bang to remind listeners that creative, intentional, and immersive rock is still alive and thriving. Blending the raw energy of punk and the expressive depth of tone more commonly found in eighties rock, with some superb songwriting that introduces a plethora of absolute anthems, this self-titled full-length project is an indie-rock dream to turn up loud. The clean and simple beat helps to highlight the amazing lyrics which are sweetened by the wonderful vocals of Doi. he is a talented solo artist from Melbourne Australia. 

Doi’s main focus is on indie music with a touch of pop, rock, and electro vibes. Since he is writing and producing his own music he got a clear idea of what should be the output. So he works tirelessly till he gets the perfect outcome so he can satisfy his ever-growing fans with quality music. His mission is to influence society in a positive way and to empower those who are struggling with their lives. So Doi makes music that is awesome to hear and can change your life as a person. Artists like The killers, Matt Maltese, Daniel Caesar, Joji inspired him to pursue a career in music and help millions to have some happy moments. 

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SPACEWALK by 6ix Change

The master of rap and Hip Hop returns. 6ix Change’s brand new track SPACEWALK soaks you in soulful sounds and good vibes, at the same time as once again pushing the term alternative to the absolute limit.

6ix Change is a versatile musician originally from Southside Jamaica Queens and now located in New York, USA. He is a popping rapper in New York who predominantly sings Urban Hip-Hop. Mixtape- “One Of These Days” is his Impressive achievements as an artist. 6ix Change is inspired by some great artists like Drake, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, Partynextdoor, Nicki.

This latest release, SPACEWALK, is all we quickly fell for about The Music Demo. 6ix Change’s artistry fuses so vividly with this musically hefty, funk run into hip-hop sort of sound, all of which strikes hard from the offset and booms around in your head for the remainder of the portion. The artist’s lyricism is on form in this case; the flow is slightly unyielding, at times making you feel the need to press pause and head back to catch a few more words – something you’re possible to refuse to do till it’s over, for fear of missing a second of the action. SPACEWALK is all over just under three minutes, then the swift sounds and ideas expressed make this feel like something much bigger just happened.

6ix Change is the artist who crafts this unusual, unpredictable, dramatically composed music that makes you feel absurd when you listen and showcases that he is indeed one of a kind. 6ix Change is the artist who boons us with this precise style and sound, first and leading. It’s the sound of a master at business, and there’s comfort in knowing that anything he puts out will satisfy your needs – forever surprising you, at every crook turned, but always holding fast to that winning recipe.

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This house is not a home by Amfg

Sweet vocals and clear personality meet with a dreamy production style for this scene-setting, hard-hitting, and somewhat vintage new single from Amfg. This house is not a home, it is a track you won’t get to hear normally. The combinations are so unusual but it actually works pretty well. At first, you might think it’s a rock song given the guitar-based star that rocks the start. Then it turns to a smooth hip-hop song and a rap towards the end.

Amfg is an independent artist from Daytona Beach, FL. he is a creative talent who writes his songs, sings, and rap, and ultimately produces his own music. With that, he gets the freedom to experiment as it fits so he can produce music you never heard of and raise the bar. He keeps things honest and upfront throughout this true-story-based release. That has helped him to be closer with his audience and give his message to society in an efficient way. He gives his 100% to produce something that sticks in the memory of his fans. Though he was inspired by artists like Mac Miller with his own unique work, the sky is his limit to be one of the greats in the hip-hop industry. 

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Zukunft by 2×2 Beatz

Great sound design and colorful optimism kick off this new single from 2×2 Beatz in a creatively fresh, organic way. What follows is an equally likable groove and a faster-paced vocal that blends rap and melody in a manner that feels mellow yet energetic all at once. Zukunft is a song that can be enjoyed by a wide range of fans. 2×2 Beatz showcases a few different flows throughout this single. 

Fast bars layout the detail and rhythm keep things chilled and genuine musically, and all the while the structure allows for multiple resolutions and changes in direction to keep you interested. 2×2 Beatz is a hip-hop rap artist from Germany. What makes him special is his vision and creativeness when it comes to new music. His raw talent and fearless nature help him to create new beats that feel so organic to his fans. He understands what his fans want too. So he works hard to produce beats with a new feeling that can elevate his audience.

It’s a refreshing approach and speaks volumes on behalf of what we can hopefully expect creatively from 2×2 Beatz as time goes by. 

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The First Song by Pan Rich

Straight from the brand new single, The First Song marks a creatively unique introduction to the artist Pan Rich. Featuring a simple soundscape that stylishly unites ambient, dreamlike delicacy with a relentlessly paced yet subtly mixed rhythm, The First Song goes on to keep things spacious and clear, yet to follow along with a freely expressive, meandering vocal, as it details the emotions and stages of the story in a poetically captivating way. The artist gives a new meaning to pop music and raises the culture from this unusual track which gained a lot of traction in the pop industry. Richard Blaha, known as „Pan Rich” is a creative composer. 

And Pan Rich is a newcomer to the scene. Since the world is going through a pandemic many lost their jobs and going out is a safety concern too. So he started composing conceptual music from home. Artistically unusual, refreshing in being so, yet also considerably short at just 3 minutes  – the track is a fine example of the uninhibited creativity with which Did Not Play approaches music. Thanks to his special talent of giving a clear message quickly he got the chance to compose music for Volkswagen advertisements and much more. His 80ies pop music, 70ies punk, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, Drake, or The Residents inspired music with a modern touch is enjoyed by a wide variety of listeners around the globe.

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Weekend by Preztone

Back once again with a brand new project, Preztone’s single weekend offers a fresh creative dance-pop track of all the melodic and engaging groove. Featuring a likable soundscape with plenty of space between colors and beats, Weekend delivers a familiar pop vocal lead that meanders through these personal lyrics in a genuine and stylish way. The track is loved by many who listen to it due to its cool and happy vibe without being too loud. Preztone is a Dj who was born in the ’80s in the beautiful country of Belgium. His dad too was a Dj so his early days were with vinyl and going to record stores to collect new songs. With that experience, he started his music career while being a model. 

The special talent of Preztone was to understand what people wanted. Thanks to his amazing music and that understanding he managed to gather a large audience and perform in many gigs before covid. It changed many lives and his life too was included in that. But he took it as a blessing and composed this amazing song for his audience and everyone else who will love him after checking out this track. The track is all at once recognizable and unpredictable as it makes its way through a short yet satisfying three minutes. 

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Soft Lie by Now Open Smokes

Sounding a little meaningful of Swedish songstress, with perhaps a slightly milder, mellower tone, Now Open Smokes’ clever vocal delivery informs the nerve of Soft Lie.

Swedish saucy pop. Now Open Smokes is the sum of several years of exploration of the musical diaspora – a study in sausage stuffing. The duo comes from different genre backgrounds and has played and produced music for themselves and other constellations for the past ten years. The pair consists of songwriters and producers Vasse Bartziokas and Ludwig Rostedt, Gothenburg/Malmo, Sweden, who joined forces in 2021 and started Now Open Smokes. Their debut single “Soft Lie” is mixed by Tobias Ekqvist (SunnanÅ studio) and mastered by Brian Lucey (The Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys, Depeche Mode, David Lynch).

Vocally, Now Open Smokes ‘gentle and drained vibrato ends notes in a smoothly fantastic way, and their characteristic voice also works amazingly well in laying down clean and clear vocal plugs to support the lead. But the vocals also exhibit a knack for pivoting on the spot – a boney trait that lets notes change direction with the least effort that’s both skillful and, possibly, the cause of earworms. Now Open Smokes flicks between chest voice and falsetto in such a gentle way that the state change is barely distinctive, making their vocal feel smooth, slick, and organic, warming us through to the song, Soft Lie’s conclusion with confidence and ease.

The soulful, bluesy shade of the lead vocal generates a superbly thick vocal sound that’s routinely compelling. The occasional instants when the two voices harmonize or apply a word or two of repetition are perfected further by the generous space that’s left in the keyboard part, while time ticks and flicks away on the hi-hats and claps, and sparing bass notes and kicks warm things up. 

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CRYPTO by TheGilFactor

Back once again through a brand new track, TheGilFactor’s latest single offers a fresh set of a creative dance-pop song – not least of all the melodic and engaging groove of an emotive Crypto

Amaury Gil, the artist behind TheGilFactor, assures that “CRYPTO” is just the beginning in the music industry with its unique and dynamic mix of hip-hop, trap, and pop. Coming from the Dominican Republic, he trained in the US. More precisely, in the Bronx, immersed in a diversity of musical genres such as Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B, he managed to discover the passion he felt for music from an early age.

Under the support of TheGilFactor, as CEO of GilFactor Records, they released D’MA’s first single, “Tus Amigas,” in 2020. The track was an exploration of a genre full of discoveries endless opportunities. Working since 2006, Amaury has been working on original music and perfecting himself as a DJ. Although he is currently the true artist and music producer, he enjoys and shares his vision in the music industry with its vibrant combination of hip-hop and pop.

Add to this an inventive instrumental that continues to allow the piece to grow – not to stand tall on the strength of the voice merely, as is the pop-dance way for the most part – and the track efficiently relights that TheGilFactor sense of artistic freedom and production personality.

Holding things abstractly relevant, easy-going yet confident, and striking occasionally, the Crypto’s energy and sense of anticipation rise and rise – the instrumental and the hook dropping in with just the right level of addictive and immersive beat to allow for genuine escapism.

Hypnotic and mellow, with some enjoyable synth warping for a solo-like feel towards the end, the track Crypto is all at once recognizable and erratic as it makes its way through a short yet satisfying two minutes and fifty-one seconds.

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Will You by David Bell

Undoubtedly an artist who revels in the live aspect of writing and performance, one to look out for in the coming months as the global music scenes shift back into gear, David Bell leads with an evident passion for the process.
David Bell is a versatile musician based in Norman, Oklahoma. He is popping artist Norman, who mainly records Dance, Rock, Alt, and Indie.
Will, You is the third track from David Bell, features Amanda Martindale on Vocals.
The hook has a cheerful addictive simplicity to it, affecting the project with nerve. The concept also furthers our interest as listeners, motivation a re-visit, and with each new session, we grow more accustomed to and engaged in the sound of the track.
Featuring a spectacular set of visuals to accompany the storyline, Will You assumes a humble groove and carries together warm bass-work, stylish guitar, and smooth indie-pop melodies to build up in a magnificently immersive fashion.
Excellent vocals light up the headway here; the soundscape comforts and embraces. The vocalist adds character and emotion, which in turn furthers that of the story and scenes revealed.
Easily a personal favorite from an already impressive David Bell, Will You presents some dreamy, hypnotic production behaviors yet balances this well with organic clarity. As the seductive visuals gradually draw you in, the music takes a more substantial and firmer grip.
Soft-rock territories of the hook growing up, the difference is mastered to the point that each new section offers a joyful sense of passion and compels you to tune in all the more closely, effectively drowning out the rest of the world for a few short minutes.
Handsomely designed, familiar in structure but originally written and executed, with a delicate fusion of intrigue and simple human interest at its core.

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YCSMP by Elles Moca

YCSMP  introduces the Elles Moca sound and style in a lasting way. Setting the mood with ease, a slowly emerging ambiance creates a cinematic sense of immersion – as well as tipping its hat back to the simpler hip hop set-ups of times past. To then weave in a clearly contemporary vocal sound, from the shape of the bars, the flows, to the auto-tune and production, is to effectively give listeners a stylish fusion of yesteryear and the sound of today. Elles Moca keeps a fast-paced and hooking us with her amazing vocals. Elles Moca is a Bold, creative and diplomatic, young female hip hop artist from Toronto Canada who is taking the groove by storm and she is here to make her mark. 

In a male dominant industry what she is doing is remarkable. Since her early days, she made music and polished her skills over time. Having to make her way through obstacles because of her gender and background built her character and made her strong as an artist. And you can feel it through her music too. She wants to talk about those hardships and empower women through her heart-touching music. Moments of melody and various structural shifts help keep things engaging every step of the way. Meanwhile, the story is told, personal and intriguing, with the occasional familiar reference for feelings of confidence and drive.

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Goosebumps by Jayo

Kicking off with the quickly atmospheric and rhythmically, lyrically engaging Goosebumps takes no time at all to grab attention – and holds tight to it throughout. This is high-quality story-telling, intellectual rhymes that tie in skillfully with emotionally loaded intimacy and unwavering honesty. That combination mixed with the amazing rap gives real goosebumps to anyone who listens to this masterpiece.  

Jay Omar is known as  Jayo more commonly in the groove and is a new boy to the rap scene who is creating a buzz with his new track. The track captivates every step of the way, increasingly so as it progresses – resolving just in time to give you a breather, letting that hook offer a moment of calm before more of that heavy reality rains down. A superb track, and the perfect way to introduce him to the industry. Since he is writing his own music it’s meaningful as well. He writes music to encourage and empower the community with positive vibes and good energy. That makes him on the path to be a great hip-hop rapper to bless our ears with cool music. You will be glad to find this gem and would want to listen to his other songs.


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Deserve by Jayo

This cracking single Deserve is intimate and immensely fantastic in design. Superb production truly allows the natural assets of the track and the delivery to stand tall. Indeed, there’s plenty more music where this came from.

Jayo is a versatile musician based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a popping Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Producer in Brooklyn who predominantly records Rap, R&B, Trap, Drill.

Outstanding with a somewhat nostalgic vibe from the kickoff, the bump of the beat and the distinct melody builds a vastly handy pop-like mood. Float in these long-form rhymes, warm and cleanly mixed, and things softly but surely lean towards energizing new territories.

Jayo’s bars are regularly melodic, but it’s delicate – the whole thing well strolls along the line flanked by rap and melody, and the flow switches gear more than a few spells.

Below the vocal progression, we get a notably imposing beat. At close to three minutes long, it’s this overall musical aura that takes the lead for the most part. The vocal tone is next, and the lyrics are the last thing to connect.

Making sure to keep things related topically and tossing in more than a few personal references – to introduce a sense of uniqueness – Jayo works to the best of his abilities as a versatile artist and writer. At the same time, the track Deserve feels decidedly natural, almost like a freestyle but a little more prepared and rhythmically faultless.

That balance is a massive part of what works and appeals about the single. This quality continues throughout the single Deserve. Undoubtedly one to watch, the clarity, in particular, makes for a refreshing alternative to much of mainstream and even indie hip hop of late. 

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Clutch Orbital by Vice-Like Clutch

Vice-Like Clutch fearlessly blends genres and keeps things refreshingly creative throughout this captivating new single. Leading with a reverb-kissed and breathy vocal hook, layers of synth, and plenty of space, Clutch Orbital initially connects for its lyrical intrigue. This quality continues throughout, he manages to hold attention with his unique scene-setting and framing of ideas, but it’s also soon accompanied by an arrangement, vocal tone, and overall production style, that further the uninhibited artistry of the whole thing. Vice-Like Clutch is an upcoming rap artist and a songwriter from Liverpool, UK. Just like for many of us since his small days his passion and the happy place was music. With no parents around and no siblings, he had a very difficult past as a kid.

Vice – Like Clutch started his music career as a drummer but always loved rap music and its potential to speak to the audience in a personal way. Then he started writing his own songs in hope of self-relaxation and to be a support and impact others who go through problems just like him in a good way. Since he became a one-man army who writes, sings, and produces his own music he could control everything and make music that understands the audience well. Artists like Danny Brown, Aesop Rock, Boards of Canada, Playboi Carti, Kanye, Radiohead inspired him to be an artist that makes a difference in society. With his popularity rising quickly he got the opportunity to produce music for some short films and do other gigs.  Clever writing, a breath of fresh air in terms of creativity, and still passionate and professional enough to keep you coming back for more. I look forward to hearing where else the music takes Vice-Like Clutch.

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Osiris by Skywatcher

Osiris opens up with absolute impact; a crisp, cool drum beat, seductive and melodic line, followed almost immediately by the swift and smooth hit of a distorted yet stylish guitar. For every soul who loves rock music and amazing guitar play, this is a must-listen for all of you. If this doesn’t get you goosebumps nothing else will. Trust me it’s that good. It feels like a symphony made for rock fans. Actually, the lack of lyrics helps to feel the rhythm and the energy more and be in the same mindset as the artist. 

Skywatcher is the artist who brings this awesome track for our pleasure. He is a very talented rock artist/composer from Boxtel, The Netherlands. He produces all kinds of music which go under the rock genre. It can be instrumental, progressive, or metal. With each song, he will inject his own identity and flare. Even though his instrumental songs he tries to give something positive to his loyal audience. John Browne of Monuments is great in the rock music industry  Skywatcher admires and inspired him to continue his creative work. Help give great music the support it truly deserves.

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Osiris by Skywatcher

Presenting some of the very best guitar-work and melodic story-telling around, with organic rock soundscapes to backing and boost the mood of each track, Spirits proves as nostalgic as it is inspirational and continuously begs for you to turn up the volume.

Skywatcher has crafted a talented progressive metal instrumental with extremely complex guitar playthroughs in this music track, Osiris.

Joey de Punder is the artist under the stage name Skywatcher. He is a 29-year-old performer from The Netherlands, Boxtel. He was a member of a metal band, “Combined Fragments,” and now recording his latest single under the name “Osiris.”  

 Inspired by John Browne of Monuments, Joey makes Instrumental, Progressive Metal, Djent, Arabic Metal type music. This music track is mainly a guitar playthrough to show his skills.

Osiris is a dominant piece of music, and it completely blows you away – so much so that it feels like a lyrically guided song; there’s no doubt as to the heartache at its core, and this is what it attaches to within the listener.

Eccentric, beautifully performed – organic yet crisp and clean enough to let listeners really turn up the volume and escape into the moment. Also, a strong outline to Skywatcher as an inventive performer and artist. Absolutely one to look out for as and when the live scenes return.

Storming over with the unapologetic weight and pace of power metal and hard rock, the aptly titled single hit the scene with an exclusively creative, unpredictable fusion of fashionable sound design and the classic roar of heavy metal.

He is mostly active on Instagram.

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It Could Be Over by Tyreak Hakeem

Hitting the scene with style and offering a brand new single for this year, artist and songwriter Tyreak Hakeem drives with addictive melodies and immersive grooves throughout this original release. It Could Be Over is a stunning pop song, blending dreamy and catchy production with equally catchy tunes and a voice that’s up-front, cleanly mixed, and softly soulful as it pours through. Brilliantly structured, dance-ready yet also mellow in concept and delivery during the verses. The track is an early stand-out and creates both an emotional and uplifting mood that urges you to turn up the volume. Tariq Rassoul, better known by his stage name Tyreak Hakeem is a rap artist and a songwriter from Cleveland Ohio. 

Tyreak Hakeem started rapping when he was just 10 years old. With the experience, he got over the years now he is ready to enter the mainstream and make his mark as a unique artist. Since he is writing and vocally his own music he knows the perfect combinations and always manages to impress his audience with music they have never experienced before. With his first mixtape  “TheFREEtape” he got a lot of traction among the community due to the quality of the song and the underlying message is conveyed to every soul who got lucky to check it. 

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Weekend by Preztone

Preztone keeps things crystal clear, honest and colourful with this easy-going new single, Weekend.

Preztone was Born in the ’80s as Toon Porrez in Ghent, one of the most lovely cities in Belgium. Having a DJ dad, he grew up in between vinyl. He spent much time every week in record stores discovering all the newest songs in his teenage years.

​In the fillies, he became an entrepreneur and started a lounge bar in Ghent that turned into a dancing club after two years. His DJ career started. Besides being a DJ, he became a great photographer. He was successful in modelling next to his nightlife.

Preztone has built a significant audience throughout the years and played many gigs in the Ghentian night scene and country. His monthly event Love Boat Party became an iconic sensation in the city.

Yet another release certainly worth experiencing is the creative highlight Weekend. The production is top-notch, artistic EDM with a mellow yet elevating core, plus a strangely compelling video of Preztone himself roving throughout nature – retro once more, but captivating.

The single Weekend has a simple, soulful hook that resolves and satisfies brightly. The dance energy is refined, but there’s room for a remix. Eventually, this one urges you to turn up the volume and escape into the moment—a personal favourite from a versatile and driven artist and producer.

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Voodoo Beads by S.C.A.R

If you’re at the crossroads, what choice will you make when the spiritual world crosses paths with the physical world. Voodoo beads, The true story of S.C.A.R.

S.C.A.R – Sacrificed. Crucified. And Resurrected Surrounded by drugs, violence, and prostitution; somehow, he managed to rise above all tribulation. Living life fearing death, being afraid that opposing cartels and enemies his family had accumulated would get him, he held close to God for protection. He tried to find a better way. Walking through the valley of death was not only a nightmare but a reality after losing his closest family and friends. Music became a stimulate and an escape for him to face reality and seek change. As the struggle continues, he gives the world his life through a “Blood Raw” perspective, delivering it with precise precision, hard-heartfelt tracks, and passionate lyrics. S.C.A.R Misunderstood but never underestimated. commercial but never commercialized –S.C.A.R.

S.C.A.R. captures the energy of his name with this wonderfully nostalgic, jazz-cafe-Esque journey through rap and hopeful, imagery-loaded lyricism.

The lyrical morality all over the track is notably endearing, reaching out to attach with realism and bravery alike – showcasing vulnerabilities in an amazingly pure way. As mentioned, every complexity comes to be rounded off well. The ease of that hook thrills in once again nicely.

Voodoo Beads leads with a modest, haunting beat, a new rap flow, yet an amazingly raw, unaffected performance. Not hiding after auto-tune, but slightly riding the track’s energy and pleasing the opportunity to toss in more than rare bars related to the modern hip hop and trap scenes.

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Blue Lotus by Spicy Tempo

“Well known creator and producer Spicy Tempo returns this month with yet another handsomely impressive banger.

Spicy Tempo is a music performer and composer of electronic dance music and chill electronic music from the San Francisco Area. His music features the ‘get up and dance’ driving energy and groove of bass, drums, and percussion mixed with lilting tones of guitars, strings, synth, pan flutes, and piano.

Spicy Tempo started his musical journey playing guitar with the pop group ‘The Thunders’ appearing on TV and at clubs and concerts. Branching off on his own, he performed at concerts and events in the San Francisco Area before focusing on his own compositions. The results were two albums, ‘ Cool Spice’ and ‘Mirror of Dreams’, a video ‘Silver Lining’ followed by singles and videos ‘Garland’, Spring Dance’, ‘Mechanical Heart’ and ‘Blue Lotus’.

The opening and title track of ‘Blue Lotus’ have a reasonably familiar feel to it, in terms of what you might imagine from electronica with an innovative edge. Still, almost instantly, it strikes as something exclusive. The synths and chosen sounds are remarkably heavy, as is the beat, and so this outline to the whole Blue Lotus concept is notably renewed. The chunkiness of the sound and the fundamental element of darkness creates a soundscape within which you’re inclined to let both your mind and your mood stroll. The music builds up and breaks away according to its own storyline and wisdom of character, so despite being a fan of electronic music and instrumental escapism, on the whole, it’s pretty challenging to predict the way that things will go. The track leads the way for you, as true escapism should, and it captures and expresses something new.

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No Atmosfear by Marcus Moon

Introducing a decidedly unique approach to classical piano music, Marcus Moon offers up No Atmosfear, a track that takes audiences through a series of emotions and moods. The song showcases a fairly raw and authentic presentation – the performance feels unedited as if taking place right there in the room with you; unaffected for the most part. Even though it’s a modern-day classic with tempo combined with the soothing piano melody takes anyone who listens to it to an imaginary world. Marcus Moon is a creative composer from  Vancouver, BC, Canada. He is a guy who creates classical music with a modern-day touch to it. Though his songs are without words his use of piano and cello creates songs that paint a sweet picture in our minds.

This is the best possible example to understand the power of music, the ultimate global language. He is a well-educated soul. But after discovering his music was his passion he self-taught how to play piano and other classical items within 3 years. He enjoys music from artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits, Taylor Swift, Lana Del Rey and gets up to date with modern trends so he can have his own fusion with classical music. Marcus Moon released his album last December and already made it to the top 100 in the UK and South Africa. 

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FOR THE MOB by Gino Banz

FOR THE MOB is something exceptional, above all for you hip hop or conscious rap fans out there. The music on FOR THE MOB has the delicacy of sensibly crafted, creative track, and on top of this, Gino Banz as a performer and rapper works hard to paint a clear picture for you and open your mind.

Gino tells us a different side of local rap in Colorado Springs. “FOR THE MOB” is guaranteed to be a classic with its provocative choice of words.

Gino Banz is an upcoming musical sensation hailing from Flint, Michigan, but since 2009 he’s been putting Colorado Springs, Colorado, on the map With the attention he commands lyrically. The blend of Michigan swagger & West coast charm in his music and character make him someone you want to be around. Back in 2013, his troubled past led to a State conviction of six years in the Colorado Department Of Corrections but oddly enough to help give his harmonious “GANGSTA” pleas credit. What is life like for a young black kid from Flint, Michigan, being raised across the country? We’ll have to hear it from that kid himself. Stay tuned and jump on the “Banz Wagon.”

Production-wise the music is on the plug, artistically and professionally created, and so well mixed. The supplementary video gives you an accurate idea of who Gino is and what was possibly the intended output of the song – what was going through Gino’s mind, what these particular moments of expression tell.  

The outpouring of lyricism is outstanding at specific points. Above all, you consider how open and natural the lines are. What’s more, nothing at all looks to be there purely for the sake of satisfying up space. It develops and grows in intensity and power through the clever arrangement of lines and effective utilization of musicality.

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