Possibly a personal favorite from Kama so far, Alcohol is a brilliantly smooth pop-EDM offering, which drives with a mellow synth progression and a distant, subtly soulful vocal. Classic synths inject energy and optimism into the room for this one, piercing the air with electronic energy and brightness – a sudden intensity that contrasts brilliantly with the smooth and delicate innocence of that leading voice. And what a voice, what a melody – not merely accepting the EDM aspect of the process, but taking on a tune that skillfully walks the line between melancholy and hope, minor and major, building something genuinely original yet still cleverly addictive and easily memorable.

Kama is a young upcoming talent from Malaga. His friends and family know him as Ka Jota Rey. he grew up in a multicultural background. Originally his parents are from Jamaica. He was born in London and later moved to Spain. He embarrassed his Jamaican heritage and created amazing music from exotic and fast-paced Spanish music to trap English vibes. Whether it’s a party anthem or hardcore hip hop he manages to bring something fresh and exciting and more importantly music that carries his own identity and character to it. Even though his songs are from different languages he has managed to gather a loyal fan base and is on the radar of everyone who is looking for new music that is nice to listen to and gives a refreshing vibe.

For a single that’s a mere three minutes long, Alcohol is stunning, a classic dance journey with a crisp and clean finish yet an overall weight and warmth that works beautifully at volume. A soundscape that hooks rain down and you’re filled with a sense of wonder and vibrancy. As is the role of great electronic music, and no one does it greater than Kama right now. Absolutely worth the time you spend listening to this artist.

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