Great sound design and colorful optimism kick off this new single from 2×2 Beatz in a creatively fresh, organic way. What follows is an equally likable groove and a faster-paced vocal that blends rap and melody in a manner that feels mellow yet energetic all at once. Zukunft is a song that can be enjoyed by a wide range of fans. 2×2 Beatz showcases a few different flows throughout this single. 

Fast bars layout the detail and rhythm keep things chilled and genuine musically, and all the while the structure allows for multiple resolutions and changes in direction to keep you interested. 2×2 Beatz is a hip-hop rap artist from Germany. What makes him special is his vision and creativeness when it comes to new music. His raw talent and fearless nature help him to create new beats that feel so organic to his fans. He understands what his fans want too. So he works hard to produce beats with a new feeling that can elevate his audience.

It’s a refreshing approach and speaks volumes on behalf of what we can hopefully expect creatively from 2×2 Beatz as time goes by. 

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