Undoubtedly an artist who revels in the live aspect of writing and performance, one to look out for in the coming months as the global music scenes shift back into gear, David Bell leads with an evident passion for the process.
David Bell is a versatile musician based in Norman, Oklahoma. He is popping artist Norman, who mainly records Dance, Rock, Alt, and Indie.
Will, You is the third track from David Bell, features Amanda Martindale on Vocals.
The hook has a cheerful addictive simplicity to it, affecting the project with nerve. The concept also furthers our interest as listeners, motivation a re-visit, and with each new session, we grow more accustomed to and engaged in the sound of the track.
Featuring a spectacular set of visuals to accompany the storyline, Will You assumes a humble groove and carries together warm bass-work, stylish guitar, and smooth indie-pop melodies to build up in a magnificently immersive fashion.
Excellent vocals light up the headway here; the soundscape comforts and embraces. The vocalist adds character and emotion, which in turn furthers that of the story and scenes revealed.
Easily a personal favorite from an already impressive David Bell, Will You presents some dreamy, hypnotic production behaviors yet balances this well with organic clarity. As the seductive visuals gradually draw you in, the music takes a more substantial and firmer grip.
Soft-rock territories of the hook growing up, the difference is mastered to the point that each new section offers a joyful sense of passion and compels you to tune in all the more closely, effectively drowning out the rest of the world for a few short minutes.
Handsomely designed, familiar in structure but originally written and executed, with a delicate fusion of intrigue and simple human interest at its core.

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