Two minutes of ambient, intentionally thoughtful calm. Tru Blaise knows how to craft something that washes over you like a wave of color but impresses and provokes thought in the same instance. U is something of a creative masterpiece for this genre right now. The song is beautiful, incredibly unique, and crafted to a professional and considerate degree. The vibe is soothing and helps you to relax, if you focus on lyrics it will help you to look into your inner self. Tru Blaise is an army veteran who turned into a hip-hop star. He is from Atlanta, Ga. since his early days he is a humble down to earth guy who believes in God. 

As an artist, he blends his spiritual personality with his passion which is music in a good way.  Tru Blaise makes unique music to encourage and empower everyone who listens to his songs and to have a positive impact on their lives. Though he is inspired by the likes of Drake he always has his own identity. Tru Blaise makes this about the listener, a rare and wonderful trait – it’s not outwardly about him. The subject is, sure – the storyline, the emotional ups, and downs – but not the experience on the whole. It’s not overly indulgent or here to show off, it’s music being the true gift that it should be. A brilliant song that impresses more and more so with each revisit. 

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