J Fox hits the scene with a smooth hit, initially leading with soulful softness, soon switching gears to become an equally laid-back yet slightly more energizing and confident take on contemporary hip hop and RnB. The type of vibe is a track you should listen to if you are searching for pure classical RnB music. 

Featuring production and vocal style that’s notably in tune with the sound of the moment, the Type of vibe takes a classical look at the concept implied by the title, blending inspiring ideas with intimacy and simple love for the good times.

J Fox is an upcoming talent from Tampa Florida. He is a creative solo artist who writes and produces his own music. J Fox’s quietly expressive, care-free vocal tone naturally ties in with this sentiment. You can feel his passion when you listen to this track. 

The smooth music combined with the vocals gives a pure RnB vibe which is nostalgic. In the modern days, it’s so refreshing to see an artist like J Fox who brings back the timeless classic RnB music. Chris Brown was J Fox’s idol. He wanted to make listeners enjoy the moment with his chill music just like Chris Brown. Luckily with the quality of his music, he is getting quite popular among RnB fans who are lucky enough to listen to J Fox’s music.

All the while, the soundscape works its magic with ease – a simple set-up, a memorable riff, and an overall mood that again suits the storyline pretty perfectly. Well crafted. A worthy addition to your playlist.

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