MPKS’ unique brand of single ‘The Savior‘ music delivers everything in the artist’s name. MPKS has crafted one of the most unpredictably addictive tracks of the year. The song is that good by efficiently taking dark synth and injecting it with haunting melodies with some irresistibly funky beats. Put this single on repeat and leave it.

MPKS is Mathieu Schreyer, a French electronic music composer born in 1982 in the desert land of Alsace. The Neon Moon EP has been written, composed, and recorded during quarantine days, overnight, in April 2020. The Mars Enigma EP has been written, crafted, and recorded during quarantine days, overnight, in 2021

MPKS is a versatile composer who mainly records Synthwave/ Cyberpunk. Perturbator and Com Truise inspire this popping star.

Leading with a certain eternal quality in the misty yet ever-relevant dance-pop realm, The Savior showcases a pure capacity for creative organizing and a notably existing way with product features. The fade-in, the rise up, the fragility and ensuing heft – everything is captured strikingly, professionally, to current listeners with an entirely fetching experience, one that loiters in mind long afterward the music has still.

Turn this one up loud for a delighted and stirring listen, with more than a couple of recognizable appeal behaviors, from the riff to the melody and the tone.

A producer and musician with a refreshingly free artistic reach, always worth the time it takes to listen to, MPKS offers a hit of diversion that quickly lights a fire within the imagination of its listeners. Professionalism and passion intertwine for this industrially cinematic dream. This single showcases the artist’s ability in Synthwave and Cyberpunk genres.

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