It is often more beautiful when there’s diversity and it’s true for music as well. when RnB meets Pop it creates a wonderful atmosphere. Its specially much more enjoyable when it is from a band. Ambient production with good vibes and a smooth, seductive progression lead us into this thoughtful new single from BrokenToiz Take On The Day is a track that will  awake your sound buds and make you feel alive  and happy. The combination of male  and female voice makes it a pleasant few moments to anyone who loves to  have a good  time with their music. The song is Nostalgic in style yet contemporary in its dealing with the subject matter. Really nicely crafted. BrokenToiz is a band from  Los Angeles who have a rich history and an amazing catalog of tracks which will cheer you up. You can enjoy their beautiful tracks , follow them by visiting their website.

Follow them by visiting their website.

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