Sweet Tea offers a pleasant yet creative musicality to endorse the rapper’s sheer high-energy and faultless bars, delivering together remarkably dreamlike, light synth tunes and strikingly massive, dirty bass lines and details.

Bryson Williams is a newcomer to the Charlotte/Atlanta rap scene. He recently released his first album in 2021, Graffiti, a 9 track 808 based project produced by “RM”. Bryson Williams is shown to be at ease in his element of chill but smooth production by “RM.” Bryson Williams and “RM” are back with their new single “Sweet Tea.”

Bryson Williams was born in Columbia, Maryland, and moved to Charlotte when he was eight years old. Bryson began rapping at the age of 13 and recording at the age of 18. Bryson met “RM” early in his life, but they became friends in high school through a mutual friend. They’d improvise and talk about music. Soon after, they began making music together, forming his sound, which evolved into the sound you hear now.

Sweet Tea, which has a dreamy soundscape but plenty of space and a heavy trap rhythm, combines detailed and impressive bars with a quickly memorable, subtly catchy hook.

Consistently returning to the title concept’s hook, relatable and catchy, the track includes verses between those moments that leave you eager to sift back via the lyrics for the work’s roots.

Sweet Tea makes light work of engaging its audience, speaking volumes for the artist’s musically humble yet lyrically confident, exquisite style and the upcoming mixtape. There is no room or need for filler at nearly two minutes; only the bars, riffs, and hook are required. When the live shows resume, this one is sure to be a hit.

Sweet Tea is An awesomely rhythmic vocal track with a charming ambiance and a welcome resolve and hook that actually enhances things – to spectacular and impressive realms at the very same time.

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