Retro mind-blowing visuals meet with an amazingly heavy fusion of fuzzy guitars, bass and utter pace for this classic rock and roll blast that is Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase begins as mildly conversant soon evolves into musically imposing, immersive rock realms and tops off this manner with a superb vocal lead that tips its hat back to the glam rock legends of a humbler time.

Italian band Geometry of Chaos is a new project from Fabio La Manna, mainly guitarist, bassist, and writer of the music, Davide Cardella, drummer, and more. The task is the fusion of his solo work and what relics of the Alchemy Room band in their last embodiment with Davide on drums.  It has a fresh novel metal progressive sound with effects from classic rock to cinematic music.

Excellent guitar work, strong musicianship overall from a band united in their thirst and skill within the moment. The leading words are stunning, the singer pouring every grain of required emotion and presence hooked on the delivery to give these lyrics heft and meet the firm power of the music surrounding them.

Approaching in at a meandering and mighty eight and half minutes, Spiral Staircase hits with effect, drawing comparisons with yesteryear but more particularly crafting its own organically expressive and robust impression. There’s a hard rock ambiance to things that seems to blend the likes of Audioslave with the more performative, theatrical bands of an earlier time. In the long run, GEOMETRY OF CHAOS paves its own way. Well worth a listen at volume.

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