Starting with some downbeat conversation, close to the mic, all lip-smacks, and breath noises, this kind of confessional half-spoken, half-sung delivery lives or dies on how cool the artist delivering it actually is . No worries on that score here though – it rapidly becomes obvious we’re in a very safe pair of hands: Spacewalk is just that impressive to listen to. With the smooth vibe, it brings you will feel relaxed, chilled  and all the stress is taken away from you instantly. 6ix Change is a talented hip-hop artist from New York. His music is refreshing and unique. Raw, fresh, no autotune insight, 6ix Change puts across a narrative with great clarity. 

This clearly explains the talent of this amazing artist. With his passion and hard work, it won’t take too long for him to make his mark in the industry permanently. Though he is a hip-hop artist mainly the use of Jamaican vibes makes this extra pleasant to listen to. You can expect more of these soulful tracks in his upcoming album “One of these Days’ ‘. It’s a classy piece, augmented further by the distracting visuals of an accompanying video that enhance the vibe of the song.

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