Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul. JL THA KAD is an outstanding soul, who is from Orlando. This awesome soul is an all-rounder when it comes to his work. 

JL THA KAD is a content creator, model, and also singer. This amazing soul always tries to bring the best, quality, and unique music to his beloved audience. Blending the melodious bounce of dancehall with a heavy bassline and soulful, stunning vocal choirs for the chorus, “She got a thing” goes on to bring in a pure and clean hip hop verse, injecting further character and contrast for a refreshingly contemporary new track.

JL THA KAD” is trying to bring the different and attractive way of Hip Hop music through his recently released single “She got a thing” and once he proofs a woman is an amazing creature who ties down all the emotions together. Deep and attractive vocals always play a major role in this track and when you listen to the same you will figure it out soon. This is a rightfully energetic performance and an essentially addictive tune with an attractive video that leaves its mark with ease throughout the track which makes it an explosive and colorful journey.

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