Slick and dreamy production meets with a contemporary vocal wash and deeply emotive, honest lyrics for this heartfelt story-telling Dreemy Yoey. Say sum offers up a catchy hook loaded with equal parts melancholy and addictive melody, and promises a modern sound but with heart-breaking truthfulness to the lyrical progression. He manages to craft an alt-pop, emo-rap style hyper-trap release, yet also a song that speaks volumes on behalf of personal life. Dreemy Yoey is Philly Delaware Maryland New York. and he got music in his blood. He started rapping when he was a boy and over the years managed to develop his talent. With Say Sum, he is ready to hit the mainstream.

This amazing soul always makes music that excites people. So rather than songs that spread negativity people like to listen to more of his positive songs. He takes a creatively free approach in this song and plays with fire. Literally, his wordplay is on fire. With the quality and vibe of his music surely he will be a star in the new wave of trap music. Once you listen you will keep coming back for more.

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