Blissed-out hip-hop hypnosis doesn’t come more nicely packaged than this. Jamelia Denise’s Pull Up swells into a subby, discordant groove from the get-go. With the smooth vocals while arpeggiating keyboards, drenched in reverb, create an insistent melody that ultimately brings the hypnosis!. A flam-ing snare spits and stutters across the smooth groove while the thunderous sub-bass underpins everything with warmth and depth. Jamelia Denise is a hip-hop artist, producer, and songwriter who was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Since her early days, she was so passionate about music and writing. 

At first, she started writing personal songs but with the experience over the years, she writes songs for other artists too. As a female artist in the groove, she has created her own identity so she can go on a long journey in this field. What initially seems to be a repeating pattern reveals more layers as you continue to listen; subtle changes in percussion and the addition and subtraction of warming pads, white noise sweeps, and vocal stabs mixed far away in the distance, all adds well to the overall vibe. Artists like ANITA BAKER, MARSHA Ambrosius, SZA, SOLANGE, NICKI MINAJ made her pursue a career in music, and with the quality songs that stay in with the audience, she is on the way to be a great artist. Currently, she is working with artists such as Brash Da Brilliant & Grammy Award-winning Jeff Sjorka with their New Joint Album, “Life Line” with new releases from talented producers as Thrift$tore & Dopeworm. 

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